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This Section is merely to appraise you of what's happening around Police sailing, who's doing what (sailing-wise) and acting as general scuttlebutt.

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January, 2021 onwards
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The latest update from Franjo Stančin is available to view on the respective WPSC regatta & ICCA regatta pages.


The combined PSUK Offshore Championships & NCA Regatta events will take place on 19th-24th September. 2021.

The Notice of Race has been published on the relevant web pages..



At the recent Avon & Somerset sailing section AGM, it was agreed that - restrictions permitting - they would be prepared to host the PSUK Nationals again this year.

The dates agreed at present are Wed 16th and Thurs 17th June, 2021

The annual Avon & Somerset regatta trophies will be incorporated into the PSUK championships.



Latest  message from Franjo..

Update to the newsletter on 15.12.2020

Dear friends and colleagues

I wish to inform you that the situation in Croatia is improving, and people are also very positive about everything. After all, Spring is at the gates, and we like to say we see a light at the end of the tunnel. But anyhow, the road to defeat this disease is still unclear. I'm happy that September is "far away" from now so we will have a clear picture before our events. Anyhow I must inform you that the deadline to send IE and first payments are missed. I know we have all problems with everything  about Covid19 situation, but let's think positive here. I need to know the number of crews in the case everything will be OK, so please just send IE if you want to participate, so I can assure the boats. 

Regarding the first payment the new deadline is end of March, I'm sure the charter company will approve that regarding the situation.


1 Top Cops AUT

2 Cobra AUT

3 Lucerne PST SUI

4 SC Kapo Zurich SUI

5 Hong Kong HK



8 Metropolitan London UK

9 Cleveland UK

10 Dorset UK

11 Slovenija PST SLO

12 Europol

13 Pacific

14 Team Vigilant

15 Wish

16 Gourney

17 Girls force 8



                                                                         A Happy New Year to all from Barnacle Bill
(Recent entry) 15/12/20

Latest  message from Franjo..

Dear friends,

I hope we will overcome this situation with Covid 19 and meet in September 2021. So here are some details about it.
World Police Sailing Championship 2021 will be combined with the ICCA regata, if there will be enough interest of course.

1. Homeport: marina Hramina on Murter island, Croatia
2. When: 11th September to 18th September 2021
3. Boats: Bavaria 41 C with gennaker only for WPSC, Bavaria 46 c for the ICCA
4. Fee: 4.000,00 + 250 on check in
5. Entry: send Initial Enrolment asap and then first payment 2.000,00 by 31.01.2021. Second payment 2.000,00 should be sent by August 2021.

All prices are calculated for 6 persons. So far we have 11 teams for WPSC:

1. AUT Top Cops
2. AUT Cobra
3. SUI Lucerne PST
4. SUI SC Kapo Zurich
5. HK Hong Kong
8. UK Metropolitan London
9. UK Cleveland UK
10. UK Dorset
11. SLO Slovenija PST

We have also some other teams which confirmed participation, but they are waiting for this newsletter. Please send Initial enrolments as soon as possible so we can ensure the boats. We are 100% sure there will be a huge demand for the boats next year, especially in Autumn.







11 Sept 2021

Marina Hramina, Murter

13:00 check in on boats

16:00 check in at WPSC desk

12 Sept 2021

Hramina - Rogoznica

skippers meeting

parade of sails / navigation to Jelsa

13 Sept 2021

Jelsa, Hvar

skippers meeting


14 Sept 2021

Jelsa, Hvar

skippers meeting


15 Sept 2021

Bol, Brač

skippers meeting


16 Sept 2021


skippers meeting


17 Sept 2021

Marina Hramina, Murter

skippers meeting


18 Sept 2021

Marina Hramina, Murter

08:00 check out Murter




after dinner


Welcome party, finger food


Don Karlos live music


daily winners ceremony 

to be determined later


daily winners ceremony 

to be determined later


daily winners ceremony

to be determined later

NO DINNER free evening

daily winners ceremony

to be determined later


daily winners ceremony

to be determined later


OVERALL -  prize giving ceremony

Baby Kate live music



ICCA/WPSC committee could change the program regarding weather conditions or other significant causes.



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