Barnacle Bill's casual observations from the shore . . . (March - September, 2005)

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This Section is merely to appraise you of what's happening around Police sailing, who's doing what (sailing-wise) and acting as general scuttlebutt.

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March - May, 2005

(This entry to be added to during the period)


The Metropolitan Police Sailing Club is holding its annual 'Introduction to Sailing Days' and due to the overwhelming demand in previous years two (2) additional days have been added.

The first of these are on Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th May and then again on Thursday 18th and Friday 19th August 2005. They are an ideal opportunity to see what the Club is about and to see whether or not sailing is for you.

For the cost of 35 (which includes a light lunch) you get a full days sailing, on the Solent, under the watchful eye of a fully qualified Club Skipper and First Mate.

Further details of courses and charter dates appear in the Met's Section of this website.


In addition to the item above dated 22/01/05, there is now a further update to details of the Police Sport UK Offshore Sailing Championships. The main changes are to the following sections:-

Handicap Band - Sunfast 36 & Sunfast 37  - the handicap is the same.
Racing Itinerary now included is a website address for Admiralty Charts,
Evenings there are more specific details of the Civic Reception, location for AGM, Prize-Winners event,
Yachts for charter; There is an update to the section on Largs;  also the section on Sunsail,
Yachts Attending from the Clyde; there is a new section on catering for arrivals and under 'Airports' there is some information on hiring taxis,
Facilities and Support during the Championships; Now included is a section on connections to Mull by ferry.

You can view all the updates direct on the hosts, 'Lothian & Borders' page.

The incorporation of the Met Police SC continues apace with an Extraordinary General Meeting due to take place on 21st March. If any members haven't yet received details direct, then contact Phil Onslow, toute-de-suite.



An "Accommodation List" for Scaling Dam is now linked via the National Dinghy Champs page. Chris Oyston of Cleveland Police has kindly produced a selection which includes caravan sites for those preferring such locations.

For those who plan to camp, don't forget that there is also facility for camping at the Scaling Dam Sailing Club. The club has grassed areas where camping/caravanning is allowed and the use of club toilets etc., will be available (the area is used for their junior sail camp every year - so it is useable). A cost of 5 will be charged for each tent, that's in total and not per night.

Chris is happy to be contacted should you be struggling over digs; his email address is on the Accommodation List.

National Offshore Champs - further update

Updates to the information on the Police Sport UK National Offshore Sailing Championships in May, continue to arrive. In addition to the updates above (on this page dated 04/03/05), there is now additional information in the "Facilities & Support" section, on Croabh Marina at Crinan, which early arrivals may find useful.

Met members - If you are not on the e-mailing list or haven't received recent details regarding incorporation, you need to be signing the 'Membership Transfer' form and returning to Phil Onslow.

Latest availablility dates for their three yachts, Blue Flame, Blue Spirit & Sapphire are now published on the Met's Cruising page.

If you're not already on the water, sailing - then it's time!. Easter seems to be the popular weekend for getting the boat sorted and in just over the fortnight after, the first police dinghy regatta of the season takes place.

The Metropolitan Police hold their Open Dinghy regatta at Datchet Water S.C. on Thursday, 14th April, by which time any hint of snow and ice should be well gone. Nevertheless, it's time to check if the wetsuit still fits...

For the record, Devon & Cornwall Police Sailing Section now have there own website page which includes details of their current activities. Although tucked away in the south-west,  it was good to see D&C taking part last year in the Dinghy Nationals at Worthing. Like Avon & Somerset and the Met, they appear to have a full season with organising local RYA dinghy courses, yachting courses and the like. It would be nice to see D&C also taking part in the circuit of other force regattas once more.

You can find their page direct at:

The Police Sport UK Sailing Treasurer has recently been involved in setting up the new bank account. All is sorted and any claims can now be addressed to Alex Bissett at Strathclyde.


The organiser of this year's National Offshore, Andy Clark has now produced the final draft of the Sailing Instructions for the information of those taking part and they can be viewed via the Lothian & Borders page.

The "Official" Sailing Instructions will be issued in Crinan on the first day of the Championships.

More news from the Met includes the latest availability dates for their yacht charters and the vacancies for the Electronic Navigation Course.

Phil Onslow mentions that things are getting quite busy but there are some spaces including weekends so members should book soon to avoid disappointment.

Organising a Police Open Dinghy Regatta?

A small item that might be of use to organisers of open police regattas....

Over the winter I prepared on request, an 'aide memoire' of reminders and suggestions for running an open police dinghy regatta. That's not to say that the current organisers need advice but rather that their advice has gone towards its creation.

It's just possible that the existence of such an aide could inspire further forces to consider hosting events on the police dinghy regatta circuit.

Further updates and suggestions from organisers are always valuable and the 'aide memoire' provides a central point for such advice. The current version is some 18 pages long and is entirely separate from the aide memoire (also available) for organising the National Dinghy event. It is a Word file (approx. 237Kb) and can be forwarded on request via  "Barnacle Bill" .

This year's Police Sport UK Dinghy Sailing organiser, Nick Hunt has produced a "Notice of Race" for the Championships which can be viewed or downloaded via the National Laser & Dinghy Champs page.

You have just one month to register your entry to benefit from the discounted entry fee. Discount offer closes 1st May, 2005.

Ex-Kent PC Charlie Jordan has been in touch again with a story from the early 90's while he served in the Police. It tells of the Disabled Police Officers Association and a journey from Belfast to Cowes in the sail-training yacht "Sally Endeavour" with children from Northern Ireland. His story can be viewed via the 'Reports & Stories ' section.

Chaz remains interested in sailing but more in the line of radio-controlled model yachts. Should anyone be interested in such activity, he recommends - . Details of radio-controlled Lasers can be viewed at .

The April edition of Jibe Ho! is now published via the Met's pages. The MPSC is now officially MPSC Ltd and members should be signing the Transfer of Membership' document to ensure they remain fully entitled to the facilities that the club provides.

The edition also announces a change of Commodore as Carol Howlett has moved on to pastures new. There are also some important messages regarding the chartering of the club's yachts.

The club runs many RYA courses and by and large they are quickly fully booked. Vacancies however do come up and it's always worth letting Phil Onslow know of your interest.

14th April saw the Met's Dinghy Regatta being held at Queen Mother reservoir, Datchet. DWSC always make us welcome and this year was no exception.

However, little could be done about the weather which remained dull with light winds. 15 boats from as far away as Cheshire and Somerset took part but there were still Forces missing from the usual circuit of travellers. Nevertheless a satisfactory turn-out to what is always an enjoyable event.

A report, results and photos of the event also appear via the Met's pages.

At the Met regatta, for the first time in police sailing, a multi-hull took part. The wind that day was not conducive for the Dart 16 to show it's paces and it had more company within the fleet that dashing away into the blue horizon.

It's difficult to accommodate such craft into the police sailing regattas; many stretches of water do not allow multi-hulls - a factor that sometimes affects the Flying Fifteens.

Whilst Flying Fifteen (as mono-hulls) may compete in the National Police regattas, the PSUK Competition Rules do not allow multi-hulls. As far as the other police regattas are concerned, it appears down to the regatta organiser to decide the conditions of entry.

Nevertheless, if there were enough 'cats' being sailed by police personnel, one imagines that they could soon form themselves into group to promote racing among themselves..

After all, it was from such small beginnings that the police offshore racing began. I was there.

So. If you know of other police sailors with multi-hulls why not get them involved together.

The next event in the Police Sailing calendar is at Bartley S.C. when the West Midlands Police host their annual dinghy regatta on Wednesday, 27th April, 2005.

Albeit it's difficult to guarantee attendance what with work commitments but it's always worthwhile letting the organiser know if you plan to attend - it helps with catering and general organising. Last year ten boats took part. This could easily be beaten with just a little effort. It makes it all so worthwhile for the organiser.


It is with some surprise that I find the 'Stats' section of this website constantly looked at. One would have thought that after initial interest, visits would drop off drastically.

Beyond slowly adding previous season's results to Stats, there is little to add. However, some pictures have surfaced from past events and the most recent include a shot from the very first 'official' PAA regatta held at Hayling Island, also one from 1980 & 1981.

Should you have any old photos from the past - do send them to Barnacle Bill. Others may be interested.

Numbers were a little disappointing at the West Midlands dinghy regatta and there were some notable absences. Nevertheless, 10 boats competed, which was the same as last year.

Bartley is an excellent, small friendly club and we were made most welcome - as usual. The reservoir water comes from Wales and one could almost drink it neat, it is so clean and clear. None of that dangerously slippery, green slime was about which can affect so many reservoirs when the weather warms up.

We were lucky with the weather. There was plenty of wind without being too strong. Better than no wind. The following day was a bit of a howler - great for board sailing.

My thanks and appreciation to those who helped to ensure that all boats arriving, got on the water for the delayed first race, despite the best efforts of rush-hour traffic to foul up motorways, what with accidents and vehicle fires all around the Midlands.

The  regatta at Bartley is a perfect location for early season sailing and one would hope that there would be more boats attending in future years.

Many of the competitors at Bartley are also taking part in the National Police Offshore Sailing Championships on 16th - 19th May. This year they are being hosted by Lothian & Borders Police with the regatta being held off the coast of Argyll, on the west coast Scotland. There are well over twenty boats taking part.

The hosts for 2006 will be Warwickshire Police and at the usual AGM of the Police Sport UK Sailing Section which is held during this year's event, they will be looking for a host Force for 2007.

Dorset Police Sailing Section have confirmed the date of their Open Dinghy Regatta as Wednesday, 6th July, 2005.

This is a wonderful venue and hopefully entries will be well up on last year, which was poor, resulting in the regatta now being reduced to a 'One-day' event.

The organiser Rob Gillespie has been busy getting the Committee boat and Rescue sorted. He hopes to produce a Notice of Race shortly.

This is a most enjoyable event and it is worth getting there the previous day, maybe have a quick sail and join others competitors for the evening.


Police Sport UK National Offshore Sailing Championships

The results are now published on the 'Forces & Regattas'/
National Offshore Championships page. All seems to have gone well and the results alone tell quite a story but shortly it is hoped to add a report on the event.

Be in no doubt that the Dorset Police Dinghy regatta is ON. Despite there being lots happening at the beginning of July affecting serving personnel, the organiser Rob Gillespie hopes that there will be a good turnout for this one-day regatta set for Wednesday, 6th July, 2005.

Rob has now changed his working location to Ferndown and his revised details have now been updated on the "Contacts" page.

If you still feel that you need to check before going to Poole, you can email him on or telephone 01202-226210.


The MPSC Ltd.,
Ever mindful of the need to provide new challenges, the sailing club is looking to offer some true ocean sailing during 2006 by providing a passage to the Azores and a passage back. Each of them will take up to 2 weeks and members may do one leg and fly the other or do both legs.

The passages will be on a 44ft steel yacht fully coded and will be an opportunity to gain mileage, have a cruise or undertake a yachtmaster ocean qualifying passage. There will be a yachtmaster ocean and another yachtmaster on board to give instruction if necessary. It's also hoped that there may be a few days to explore the islands on arrival there or prior to departure for the return leg..

As a lead in, the club is also looking to provide a shorebased course for yachtmaster ocean during the winter. Attendance on the course is not required to undertake the cruise, but is intended to provide an opportunity for those who have an interest to complete the shorebased and qualifying passage within a reasonable timeframe.

The timing of the passage is negotiable but it is envisaged to be sometime from mid April to the end of July with June being the preferred option. Final dates will have to be negotiated with the yacht owner.

Before they can commit to this venture, they do need to assess the level of interest to ensure it's success so the club will be looking for a firm decision from those interested by September.

The passages are open to all MPSC members -  a minimum experience level has not been set, but if you are not at Day Skipper practical or equivalent level, then please indicate when applying. It will not be a bar to you going.

If you are interested in:

1. Either or both of the legs and/or
2. Attending a shorebased course

then please email Phil Onslow with your name, contact phone number and which part you are interested in. If you have any dates to avoid at this early stage, then let him know and he will try to fit around them.

If you have any questions then don't hesitate to contact him and he'll do his best to answer them.

Phil looks forward to hearing from those interested.


June, 2005 onwards

(This entry to be added to during the summer period)

Entry details of the Metropolitan Police Yachting Championships next October are now available via their 'Offshore Section' page.

Karoline has provided full details regarding entry plus the Notice of Race and Entry Form for the event which can be downloaded. The event is sailed in Sunsail yachts and chartering forms can be obtained via their website.

The dates are 5th - 7th October which unfortunately clashes with the Avon & Somerset Dinghy Regatta on 5th October.


 Technical stuff...
It would appear that this website comprises over 600 pages and a mass of pictures. One hopes that most of the content is of interest to someone at sometime.

Having a supportive Website Host has been extremely gratifying but perhaps the time has come to review the website and cut down on the content. I am not thinking of the 'Stats' section which I find to my surprise, continues to be viewed often. I am thinking of the old reports and pictures from earlier regattas, old observations from Barnacle Bill and the like. The word 'bloat' comes to mind.

Hopefully viewers find navigating the website straightforward, also we are now able to monitor the number of visits to all the pages and based on their use, it may be time to consider deleting some past items.

Beyond the current information provided on forthcoming and recent events, I would hope that the website also reflects something of the history of police sailing, so it is with some caution that one gives consideration to reducing the content.

If you have thoughts on the website, either on its expansion or reduction... it's easy enough to drop an email to Barnacle Bill.

It's countdown time for the Police Sport UK National Dinghy Sailing Championship being hosted by Cleveland Police.

Also next week is the North British Offshore Championships being hosted once again by Strathclyde .Police.


The Met's Cruising Section page for their chartered yachts has been updated with the latest dates of availability

Also their Training Courses page, which now incorporates a Course Booking Form for downloading.

Police Sport UK National Offshore Championships.

Since the event, the Lothian & Borders organiser, Andy Clark has been pretty busy, so the official report and pictures of the regatta are still on way..

Meanwhile, the Devon & Cornwall skipper, Chris Jellis has a story to tell of the Championships from the deck of their Sunfast 37. His report totally captures the spirit of the event and can be read in the 'Reports & Stories' section of this website.

My thanks to all the Devon & Cornwall also the West Midlands personnel for providing pictures from the Offshores. In the absence of any official photographs I am currently working on a small picture-gallery. If you have any shots that you would like published, do not hesitate to forward them.


So the Dinghy Nationals came, bursting on us with wind-gusts off the North Yorkshire Moors of Force 6 and leaving most of us on Day Three pretty satisfied as the wind petered out. It has been a very enjoyable regatta.

Lots of lovely prizes stretching down to 8th place with additions for a Gold, Silver & Bronze fleet winner. Just like the old days...

Scaling Dam S.C. made us exceedingly welcome and everything ran without a hitch. At the end of the event, competitors were on the road well before 2.30pm for the long drive home - plus doggy bags for the journey!

The organisation between the sailing club and the host force was excellent from reception to results. Another measurement of that efficiency is reflected by the fact that all the host Cleveland sailors competed in the regatta. Based on previous Nationals - no mean feat.

Pete Walters has been in touch to confirm that next year's Dinghy Nationals will be on 14th-16th June, 2006 at Notts County Sailing Club.

It's early days (the dust hasn't settled on this year yet), but good time to get the dates into your diary.

Tony Britton (Essex) relinquished the post as secretary to the PSUK Dinghy Section a year ago. He retires this year and albeit he missed the Nationals this year, he hopes to return in 2006.

The Essex Police Sailing Section is now taken over by Jim Shaw - for details please see the 'Contacts' page. At this year's dinghy nationals, Jim, more used to sailing in salt water, was one of the unfortunates to end up on the dam at Scaling on the Laser day, splitting his rudder which made further participation too dodgy. Ending up clattering against the dam wall would not be many people's preferred experience. In past year's Essex have held the Dinghy Nationals and who knows, the occasion may arise again in the future.

Since March, I have been able to monitor which website pages are visited the most. It's become evident that Barnacle Bill does have a readership and I must thank you, dear reader, for your continued interest.

However, I was amazed to find that the 'Stats' section was also receiving great attention - in particular  the Police Sport UK dinghy section 'stats' during May and early June. Somebody has been burning the midnight oil - or fighting boredom.. but now I know why.

I am indebted to Roger Glass for the following record.

No. of PAA/PSUK  trophies won up to 2004

Helm Force No.
Alan Husk Essex 25
Gareth Owen Merseyside 18
John Pierce Metropolitan 17
Simon Hawkes Avon & Somerset 17
Pete Walters Nottinghamshire 15
Richard Mansfield Metropolitan 14
Graham Cook Metropolitan 14
Dave Sinnock Kent 12
John Burbeck Metropolitan 11
Roger Glass Metropolitan 11
Tony Critchley Lancashire 11
Stan Laurenson-Batten Metropolitan 10
John Allen  Nottinghamshire 8
Dan Glen Metropolitan 7
Ross Elliston  Metropolitan 7
Jon Hill Metropolitan 6
Alex Ross Metropolitan 6
Len Gooch Metropolitan 6
Dave Burrows  Cheshire 5
Chaz Jordan Kent 4
Gary Walters Metropolitan 3
John Neaverson Nottinghamshire 3
Tim Mercer  Gtr Manchester 3
Derek Westall South Wales 3
Dick Sivers Northants 2

Roger, Alan Husk & Dave Burrows can now add another mark to their record. Well done to all. Having looked after the Lancon Bell for a year - there being no winner in 2004 - I miss it. Maybe it's time to give Dave some opposition in a GP14.


09/07/05. My apologies if you have been trying to view the PSUK Dinghy pictures this last week - and failed. Dashing to get everything published prior to Dorset, the Dinghy Champs picture link was not correct. Now it is. The Lasers picture link was OK.

The National Offshore Regatta pictures also arrived from Scotland and are published, though there may still be a few more that could be added from the teams taking part.

There are still some pictures to arrive from Cleveland but our local Post Office workers are currently on strike (again) and Dinghy photo-gallery updates could be a while longer....


It's been a busy period what with the recent PSUK Dinghy Champs and the Dorset Police Regatta. Now there's a lull until August 24th when the annual Sussex Police Regatta takes place at Bexhill-on-Sea.

Sussex were sadly missed at the Nationals, having had to pull out at the eleventh hour. Nevertheless, they provided two boats to support the Dorset event which , in G8 week was no mean feat. Pressure on personnel from all over the UK meant that Dorset could have been well down again on numbers. As it was 13 boats took part and among them were some new faces to the police sailing dinghy scene.


Dorset Regatta nearly blew everyone off the water. As it was, 13 boats left the safety of Poole Yacht Club marina, broad-reaching at high speed to compete in the first race. Capsizing seemed to be the most popular activity of the day and there was a moment when only two boats were upright.

This was an unfortunate introduction for some new faces. With such strong wind - which recorded 22 knots (Force 6 - just) on the committee boat - one Laser Radial lightweight really needed 20 more kilos to survive while another Laser snapped the mast ripping his sail from luff to leach.

Thus the Rescue Boat with Bryan Tucker on board was pretty busy:

50 metres from the finish line Ken Daniels in the Phantom was forced to make a quick tack and capsized, digging the mast into the mud. It took a long time to get back up. Heard in the wind.....

Bryan to Ken: Everything alright?

Ken to Brian: I'm completely knackered!

Bryan: Don't worry, I'll look after you. I'm the Coroner's Officer...

Be that as it may, for some the conditions at times were exhilarating - if you survived the downwind legs. By lunch many had called it a day and just two boats made the third race. Winds had barely eased. Respec' to both for sticking it out to the end.

Poole Harbour is a splendid venue and the Dorset Regatta a most enjoyable event. The club, despite being a large and very professional organisation, is notably friendly. With this year being just a One Day event and nearly triple the attendance of last year's two-day regatta, it begs the question, should the Dorset Regatta be One day or Two? Was the number high because it was just one day?

The organiser Rob Gillespie is happy to run a two-day event as is the club, but the answer lays with competitors. Rob is compiling a list of returns from prospective competitors so don't be surprised if you receive an email asking for your view - with no commitment.

Last year one competitor came for just one day and enjoyed the event - and that's really what it's all about.

Bosuns 1

Shortly after the Police National Dinghy Champs, The Metropolitan Police SC were off to Portsmouth to take part in a 'team racing' event against the Royal Navy. The event was sailed in Bosuns.

It appears to have been a highly successful regatta and you can read about the event via the 'Reports & Stories' section.

Bosuns 2

Had a quick chat with Kevin Reed from Devon & Cornwall. Those who view this website may have noticed that although we see little of D&C on the dinghy circuit these days, they do have a very successful in-force regatta which is sailed in Bosuns with the support of the Royal Navy/Royal Marines Sailing Centre, Plymouth.

Plymouth is a fair way down from anywhere and it could a little while yet, but maybe D&C can run a Police Open Regatta in Bosuns - which would save carting boats down to the South-west. All you would need to bring is your wet gear. One wonders what the 'catchment' area would be for Forces to make the effort to take part. Bosuns are steady old boats. Four in a car plus luggage sounds easy to me.

There is brief information available on the 2006 Police Sport UK Offshore Sailing Championships being planned to take place on the Solent in Sunsail yachts. So far the dates of 22nd to 26th May, 2006 have been posted; the hosts are Warwickshire and the contact is Chris Edmond.


The July, 2005 edition of the Metropolitan Police SC "Jibe Ho!" newsletter is now out, containing a number of articles including the Met's participation in this year's 'Round the Island Race', the club's support of 'Sailability', an update from the 'Power' section, details of October's MPSC Yachting Championships '05 in October and much, much more.

The editor includes a reminder:
'With over 830 members, the distribution of Jibe Ho and other information by paper would be a daunting task were it not for electronic mail. Can any member, who still receives a paper version and is willing to have it sent my email in the future, forward details of their email address to Those on the existing email distribution list need take no action.'

This latest edition is, as usual, viewable from the Met's section of this website.

South Wales Police YC
is a recent addition to the 'Contacts' section of this website.

South Wales have been involved in Police Sailing in various ways for many years, at Offshore and Dinghy level. Although they haven't been to the Offshore nationals for a few years, they have hosted the Dinghy Nationals and wanted to host the Offshore nationals, but their organisation would only let them do that in home waters - and there aren't the boats or ports available.

They have now decided to try another venture. Cardiff Bay is an excellent venue for Sports Boat racing, and a charter firm has been set up with four J80's available. South Wales propose to run a match racing event in late March 2006 utilising these facilities. The plan is for 8 teams to assemble Thursday Lunchtime for a briefing, then have practise sessions for the afternoon. A full round-robin series of match races would take place throughout Friday and the early part of Saturday morning, followed by a race-off round-robin between the top four teams. The event would end mid-afternoon, Saturday.

South Wales Police YC aim to use the facilities of Cardiff Bay Yacht Club, of which many of them are members, and offer accommodation at a local hotel. Lunches would be provided and some sort of entertainment in Cardiff is planned for the evenings.

The event will be for teams of 4, and the cost estimated at 1,000 per team inclusive. If teams want to bring a reserve or supporters they will try and facilitate that at their expense.

Peter Pope is liaising with the race officer and plans to publish a notice of race in due course. At this stage it in envisaged that the other teams will be selected on a first come, first served basis after the race is posted.

No doubt South Wales, having already done a lot of planning and preparation, would welcome any comments. This is a totally new event  for the Police Sailing calendar and in order to get some idea of support for such an event it is important to get early feedback from you.

The Sailing Secretary at South Wales is Police Sergeant Geoffrey Parr.

Dusty Miller has also been in contact and confirms that everything is still set and going ahead for this year's Sussex Police Open regatta at Bexhill on Wednesday, 24th August.

Cowes Week, 2005

Winning the Police Sport UK National Offshore Championships last year, Nottinghamshire Police Sailing Section represented the British Police at Cowes Week this year.

Sailing in the Sunsail 37 Fleet, they had to retire from the first race having passed a buoy incorrectly. Spending the rest of the week playing catch-up, they managed placings above sixth throughout the rest of the week. Pretty good - out of 54 yachts!

The Sunsail 37 Class was the biggest fleet at Cowes and you can read all about their success in the 'Reports & Stories' section of this website.

Well done to Pete Walters and the Notts crew. A brilliant performance.


Gurney Sailing

I heard from Bryan Tucker recently. Bryan was a serving officer in The Dorset Police, retiring in 1996 after 30 years service. During the earlier part of his service he regularly travelled to take part in Police dinghy open meetings mainly using an OK dinghy.

For many year's the Police Gurney Charity has supported sailing for teenagers of police families who have been affected in some way by a family trauma. Bryan has been involved in  the Gurney Fund Sailing as one of the adult members as Skipper or crew ever since the early 90's,

In the 'Reports & Stories' section you can read about this year's activity when the fleet met Ellen McArthur...


Met - recent updates

The club how have 'Level 2' RIB courses available for the following dates:
19th to 20th August
31st Aug to 1st September
11th to 12th September
Cost 150. Phone the clubline 020 8643 4292 to book your place.

Also for club members, Karoline has details of next year's Antigua Week
Antigua Sailing Week 2006
24th April '06 to 10th May '06 (inc a few days before and after)
Virgin airlines 477.00. Cost pp 1000 euro for sailing - add usual nominal costs of entry fee/vitals/marina etc. To retain cheap flight deal you need to put deposits down within next few days....

8 spaces left...- just the opportunity to get an early tan.


MPSC - Shorebased Navigation Courses

The Met Sailing Club is recognised by the Royal Yachting Association to teach practical and shore-based courses. They provide quality instruction on our three offshore yachts catering for the complete beginner to Yachtmaster Offshore and Ocean.

This year the Club is again running the popular Day Skipper and Coastal Skipper shore-based courses. Both are offered as evening classes or condensed weekend classes at very favourable rates.

Day Skipper is an elementary course in basic seamanship & navigation, suitable for beginners and those with little experience in yachts. The cost of 190 includes a study pack with a CD chart plotter and two days sailing on one of our club yachts.

Coastal Skipper is a more advanced course in navigation & meteorology. Suitable for experienced students or those who have already completed the elementary course. The cost of 170 includes the study pack with a CD chart plotter.

Contact details appear on the Met's pages of this website.

Sussex Police Regatta, 24/8/05
As the tide came in early morning at Bexhill with big white horses and rolling waves, those that were present last year could see that conditions were going to be at least as difficult this year - and the wind had yet to arrive in full force. The club anemometer continued to read well above 20 knots and by 10am, the Race Officer had decided that racing could not take place.

Some eight plus helms had decided to make the journey and chance the conditions. Besides Sussex - Hampshire, Northants and the Met turned out to support the event. As it was, competitors went away early to make of the day as best they could. Not a lot.

Eventually the rain arrived making for a thoroughly miserable day. The day's weather statistics at Bexhill S.C. justified the Race Officer's decision. Throughout the day the wind rarely blew below 30 mph and at 16.43hrs the club recorded gusts of over 40 mph. So what was it out to sea?

Karoline George has been in touch. The good news is that 24 teams have so far entered this year's Met Offshore Championships in the Solent on 6th/7th October.

It's the same week is this year's Avon & Somerset Police Dinghy regatta and Bob Lowrie tells me that he reckons on some 20 boats turning out on the Wednesday, 5th October.

So, despite the two events clashing, good numbers are expected to attend both events.

Bob reckons to consider a different date for 2006.

Before all that, there is the Cheshire Constabulary Dinghy regatta. Always a most enjoyable event, Paul Meeson may email a reminder to contacts to be at Winsford Flash for Tuesday, 20th September.

It's most useful for catering if you let him know you plan to attend.

The Police Sport UK Sailing AGM takes place at Warwickshire HQ at 10.30am on Monday, 21st November, 2005.

Any item for the agenda or report for the committee - please forward to Mike Corrigan before the meeting.

More news from South Wales of the brand new event. In March, 2006 at Cardiff Bay, it is proposed to hold a Match Racing Regatta in J80 yachts.

The Notice of Race is now available to view on this website.

Invitations have already been circulated to a number of potential competitors and if you want to raise a team of four to be considered, get your application in now.

Geoffrey Parr, The South Wales Contact is the Event Organiser and the Notice of Race plus an 'Application for Invitation' form can be viewed via the new South Wales Police link.

If you are interested, it's fairly important to get in touch pronto in order to guarantee a place.

The Cheshire Police dinghy regatta went swimmingly - that is to say there was just half a capsize all day in conditions that varied between 0 and Force 2.

A record turnout and, as has become the norm at Cheshire, excellent food at an event where everyone came away with a prize. How do you do it Paul?

It was good to see Nick Hunt  and Chris Oyston from Cleveland now recovered from running this year's Dinghy Nationals, also a new face Alex Piggott from Nottinghamshire. Alex is in 'early service' and plans to do the police sailing circuit next year. Based on his performance at Cheshire, he will be formidable competition. At last some new sailing blood joins the Service.

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