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January, 2018 onwards

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A summary of previous, recent entries from the end of 2017:

In the absence of an organiser, there will no longer be a North British Police Sailing Championship.

Franjo gives an indication of the take up so far for this year's World Police Sailing Championships in Croatia. Some UK teams have already registered and there are only a few spaces left.

Avon & Somerset Sailing Section have provided the provisional date for their next annual regatta at Chew Valley Lake as Wednesday, 5th September, 2018.

The PSUK Sailing Section secretary has approached the National Crime Agency to run their annual regatta to incorporate The PSUK National Offshore Sailing Championships 2018..

To date, no firm information regarding PSUK National Dinghy Championships for 2018.


The MPSC are in the throes of creating a new website and access to their old site at may also be temporarily problematic.

The 'Clubline' contact - 07920 799270 remains the same and enquiries by email can now be directed via :   or 



The Sussex Police Open Dinghy Regatta event has been suspended for 2018
​and will be reviewed for reinstatement in 2019
at a location and date yet to be determined


The Notice of Race and Entry Form are now available on the PSUK Offshore Championships and the NCA Invitational Regatta pages.
Just to confirm that the new MPSC website is now up and running at .

Efforts are being made to finalise date and venue for this year's PSUK Dinghy Championships. Rob Jones at Hampshire has been liaising with Netley SC with a view to running the two-day event on 11th-12th September. The date and venue have therefore yet to be confirmed.

The main problem in confirming details has been that Netley SC are completely renewing their clubhouse, galley, changing rooms and facilities. However, everything including camping would be available for the suggested date.

The suggested September dates for the PSUK event would affect the proposed date for this year's Avon & Somerset Dinghy Regatta at Chew and A&S are therefore looking to arrange an alternative date which should be confirmed fairly soon.

News from MPSC
Their regatta Organiser, Jason Cranmer retires shortly and his position has been taken up by Lee Giffard. No news yet on their annual dinghy and offshore regattas but it's early days..
The revised date for the Avon & Somerset Open Dinghy Regatta is now confirmed. Further details will be published as available.

No further news to date regarding this year's PSUK Dinghy Championships..

A message from Rob Jones:
I have exchanged e-mails with Netley SC this week and the dates are now confirmed. Their clubhouse build is going well and should be finished by then. It looks like we will probably be their first visitors to the new facilities.

Tuesday-Wednesday, 11-12 September 2018.
at Netley S.C.

 Further updates as and when available



Won't be long to the Avon & Somerset regatta at Chew Valley Lake on Thursday, 7th June. The Notice of Race plus Sailing Instructions can now be viewed on the Avon & Somerset page. There is also an on-line Entry Form submission available. Let them know if you plan to attend beforehand - apart from anything else, it helps with catering...


Results of the Avon & Somerset Dinghy Regatta recently held at Chew Valley Lake can now be viewed on the Avon & Somerset page.

Notice of Race and Entry Form for this year's PSUK Dinghy Championships now published.
International Coppers Cup Adria 2019

A message from Franjo:-

Dear friends and colleagues

As you know next year we will organise the 3rd. ICCA regatta. Venue is still not determined, but it will be somewhere in Dalmatia, Croatia for sure. We are starting to explore possibility to move some of the events into Greece too, but we will see about that. Date will be 21-28 September 2019... not 100 % sure yet.

We just want to have approximately number of the crews to start with negotiations with charter companies and restaurants. So please be so kind to send us confirmation that you are willing to participate on ICCA 2019 - team name and skipper.

Ordinary Initial enrolments you will receive later when we will have venue & date info.

Thank you
Best regards
Franjo Stančin

Results of this year's PSUK National Dinghy Champs are now published.
The Sailing Secretary for Devon & Cornwall is now Ian Tomlinson.
In the absence of any report forthcoming on the Dinghy Champs - some details provided by the PSUK Sailing Secretary.

The Chief Constable of Hampshire, Olivia Pinkney turned out to open the event.

The championship was a two day event of two halves First day was force five and a lumpy sea so quite a few boats did not sail. The second day was light winds .

The new club house at Netley has lots of space and very clean and new. The club hosted us very well lots of rescue cover and help on the beach to launch boats.

The evening was a quiet social evening with a BBQ and general chat around the bar.

Racing was good fun but dominated by the Merlin with Fran and her new crew Christian.

Lots of capsizes on the first day and hairy reaches and gybes but nothing significant happened no collisions or protests

The courses were all triangle sausage courses and the racing well run by Dougal ( who has done it many times)

Turn out low however.

We had an informal consultative meeting and tentatively agreed for Avon and Somerset to run event next year down in Chew awaits their committee ratification



Franjo has forwarded the results of this year's World Police Sailing Championships held in Croatia on 22-28th September.


Congratulations to skipper Henry Scutt , Warwickshire Police, overall winner of the combined PSUK/NCA Offshore regatta and to Andrew Buchanan, Hampshire Police -  First PSUK boat in the event.



International Coppers Cup, 2019

The latest message from Franjo:-

Dear friends

Here is it. I urgently need your IE forms - skippers who already participated in ICCA or WPSC need to complete just first page please. Here is  the info so far. The final venue and date will be provided shortly:

1. Venue: perhaps Biograd na moru
2. Time: 14. - 21.Sept or 21. - 28.Sept 2019
3. Fee will be approx the same, so about 3.500,00 like always + fee balance in cash (this year was 250 per team)
4. No spinnakers or gennakers
5. Yes to karaoke and games in the pool like in 2016
6. And yes to a lot of other improvements.

So are you ready?! Please fill up the IE form asap, and send it to my email. This is the way so we can keep the price on the same amount regarding the number of persons participating on ICCA 2019.

Best regards,
Franjo Stančin

Further detail including Initial Enrolment form appears on the ICCA page.


The Annual General Meeting of Metropolitan Police Sailing Club Ltd. will be held on: Friday, 7th December, 2018 at 6.00pm in the Ground Floor Conference Room at New Scotland Yard, Victoria Embankment

Retired members attending and others requiring visitors passes are requested to notify the Company Secretary as above at least 7 days prior to the meeting.
The AGM of the PSUK Sailing Section was held today. Minutes of the meeting will be available shortly. Meanwhile, there is every possibility that both the Dinghy and Offshore Championships will proceed in 2019; the former hosted by Avon & Somerset; the latter, again combined by the NCA.

Late news: Due to commitments, our current Section Chair, Sara Thornton, who has been such a boon to Police Sailing, will be handing over the reins to another. More detail will follow together with the minutes of the AGM in due course.


 Royal Cork Yacht Clubs 300th Anniversary

A message from Fenton at PSNI..
PSNI have competed in this in 2016 and 2018 (bi-annual event) and can thoroughly recommend it. The first race of the series is a 24hr passage race around the Fastnet Rock which should be on every sailors CV, its an eerie experience rounding it in the dark avoiding the shallows whilst watching your competitors on AIS!

It will likely remain an IRC rated/ruled event so if you are interested youd really need to be looking at charters now as Cork 300 will be a huge event. Your best options may be to charter in the UK and perhaps run a feeder race to Cork for those interested?

Its definitely worth looking at from a PSUK Offshore point of view.

If you go to the menu and click on The Great Gathering Cork Week Beaufort Cup, you will find a few details and a link to register for emails etc.

Here is the link to Royal Cork Yacht Clubs 300th anniversary website for 2020:-


Date & Venue confirmed for the PSUK Dinghy Sailing Championships 2019.

Avon & Somerset Sailing Section recently held their AGM and Jim Shaw was elected Commodore. Also confirmed were the dates for their annual regatta which will be incorporated into their running of the Championship for 2019.

The dates:- Wednesday-Thursday, 12th-13th June, 2019. The venue: Chew Valley Lake Sailing Club. The Race Officer will be the perennial, Keith Harris.

A report on the PSUK Sailing Section Annual General Meeting held recently appears in the 'Reports & Stories' section of this website.

A selection of photos from the PSUK Dinghy Nationals held last September are now available to view.


See the International Coppers Cup page for the latest news regarding the Programme for 2019 and payment.

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