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This Section is merely to appraise you of what's happening around Police sailing, who's doing what (sailing-wise) and acting as general scuttlebutt.

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Happy New Year to you all..

Apart from the PSUK Dinghy Champs, only the North Brits have confirmed dates for events in 2016.

No Dinghy regatta dates known...

Meanwhile one police regatta this year has already declared that their Entries are almost complete. The 14th running of the Police World Sailing Championship js to be held on the Adriatic on 10th-17th September, 2016 - Venue: Marina Kaštela, near Split, Croatia.

There being no UK host for the PSUK Offshore Champs this year, a number of UK Forces are heading for Croatia to join teams from Hong Kong, Holland, Switzerland, Germany and Ireland... To date the UK will be represented by Devon & Cornwall, the Dorset Police, PSNI and the Met.


The organisers have a website showing details of the event including the current list of entries at: which is also the website for the International Coppers Cup. Latest info from Franjo Stancin indicates that the Coppers Cup will continue to be held on the Adriatic in 2017 and 2019...

Franjo tells me that a dedicated website for the WPSC 2016 is a 'work in progress'.


North British Police Sailing Championships 2016
Laura has been unable to get to her work email for a while - so apologises if you have tried to contact her and have not received a reply.

She sends the following message:
'Happy New Year'

For the time being Neil Chessell has agreed to handle any queries regarding this years event - he can be contacted on or 07891626776.

Planning is still progressing and I hope to see you all there

Best wishes Laura.


The Metropolitan Police Service Offshore Championships, 2016:
Planned dates for this year's regatta: Monday/Tuesday, 3rd &4th October, 2016, Port Solent. Further details follow shortly.


Proposed Itinerary and Charter details now available on the Metropolitan Police Offshore Championships page.


The date for the Avon & Somerset Police regatta is Wednesday, 7th September, 2016 at the usual venue - Chew Valley Lake Sailing Club.

My thanks to Owen Poplett (Sussex) for the selection of pictures from the PSUK Dinghy Championships, 2015 - now received and published.

The Notice of Race and Entry Form for the Met Police Dinghy Regatta on Monday, 11th July, 2016 can be viewed on the Metropolitan Police Dinghy Regatta page.
The Notice of Race is now published for the PSUK Dinghy Championships on 21-23 June, 2016 at Poole Y.C.
The Sailing Instructions, Programme and Entry Form can now be downloaded for the PSUK Dinghy Championships 2016

Here is the programme of events for the Championships:

Tuesday 21 June 2016 - Laser and Single-handed Championship

Gates open 8.00am. Registration open from 8.30am. Competitors briefing 10.00am

Club galley open 8.30 – 10.00am for breakfast bacon / sausage rolls.

Three races to be sailed “back-to-back”. Warning signal for the first race not before 11.15am.

Complimentary tea / coffee and cakes available after racing.

Normal club bar service available 11.00am – 11.00pm. Evening meals from 7.00pm. 

(N.B – from 6.30pm – at Poole YC – Tuesday Cruiser Racing Series)


Wednesday 22 June – Day 1 National Dinghy Sailing Championship

Gates open 8.00am. Registration open from 8.30am. Competitors briefing 10.00am

Club galley open 8.30 – 10.00am for breakfast bacon / sausage rolls.

Three races to be sailed “back-to-back”. Warning signal for the first race not before 11.15am.

Complimentary tea / coffee and cakes available after racing.

Normal club bar service available 11.00am – 11.00pm.

PSUK Dinghy Sailing Consultation Meeting – 4.30pm (approx) - Poole Yacht Club Committee Room (South)

(N.B – from 6.00pm – at Poole YC -Youth & Junior Training Evening)

Social Event – 6.30pm

The Brewhouse & Kitchen, 3 Dear Hay Lane, Poole BH15 1NZ (10 mins walk from Poole YC)

Beer Master Class B&K Tasting Experience (with optional “gourmet burger” afterwards)

The B&K Tasting Experience takes approximately 90 minutes. Please book places in advance on the Entry Form.

See website for further details:


Thursday 23 June – Day 2 National Dinghy Sailing Championship

Gates open 8.00am.

Club galley open 8.30 – 10.00am for breakfast bacon / sausage rolls.

Two races to be sailed “back-to-back”. Warning signal for the first race not before 11.00am.

Complimentary tea / coffee and cakes available after racing.

Normal club bar service available 11.00am – 11.00pm.

Prize-giving to be held as soon as possible after the last race. 

The Event Description and Entry Form for the NORTH BRITISH POLICE SAILING CHAMPIONSHIP 2016 are now available via the Strathclyde Police Recreation Association page
The date for this year's Sussex Police Dinghy Regatta is Wednesday, 10th August, 2016 at Lancing Sailing Club.

Details can be viewed at

Sussex have a new secretary - see the Contact page for detail.

Congratulations to Simon Hawkes and Fran Gifford with Pete Walker; respective winners of this year's PSUK Dinghy Championship regattas at Poole. Results of the two events can be viewed via the PSUK Dinghy Championships page.

Now includes 'Pictures of the Event'

While other Sailing Sections struggle, Leicestershire remain steadfast. Good to see them as supporting crew at the PSUK Dinghy Championships. Updated details of Leicestershire Police Sailing Section can now be viewed via the 'Contacts' page.

International Coppers Cup Adria 2017

A message from Franjo:

Dear skippers and contacts,

We must decide about the date for ICCA 2017 regatta.

Possible dates are:

a) 09-16 September, 2017
b) 16 - 23 September, 2017
C) 23-30 September, 2017

Poll is active on Facebook ICCADRIA secret group - if someone is not a member yet, but want to be, please find me over Facebook, I will add you...

Please let me know about your decision,

Franjo Stancin

P.S.: Also in the answer please mark in which team you are/were on former ICC, so I'm sure who is who ...


The event has its own website and can now be viewed at:



Bob Bruce, B.E.M.

From Clive Bishop - Sad news from Dover, our contemporary Bob Bruce died yesterday.

Bob took part in many police regattas representing Kent Police during the 1980's; often as crew with Charlie Jordan and later sailing his Laser. The above picture taken in 2006 at the Metropolitan Police Dinghy Regatta, Datchet.

The Met Dinghy Regatta scheduled for 11th July, 2016 has been cancelled due to lack of support..
The Provisional dates for next year's NORTH BRITISH POLICE SAILING CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 are 12th - 16th June with a proposed start and finish at Troon.
Minutes of the PSUK Dinghy Consultative Meeting 2016 held at Poole Y.C. are now available via the 'Reports & Stories' section.

Met Police Offshore Regatta, 2016

A reminder from Jason Cranmer.
"You are cordially invited to the Met Police Sailing Club regatta on the 3rd and 4th October, 2016.
We will be chartering the F40 fleet from Sunsail at Port Solent in Hampshire.

I'd be very grateful if you would drop me an email if you wish to enter the event, to allow me to gauge initial numbers.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Jason "


Documents including Notice of Race, Entry Form and outline details of the event are available via the Met Offshore page.


Notice of Race, SI's and Entry Form are now available for the Avon & Somerset Dinghy Regatta, 2016.

Results of the North Brits held in June are now available on the "S.P.R.A." page.

Laura tells me that the dates for the event in 2017 should be available shortly

International Coppers Cup Adria 2017


A newsletter from Franjo:

Dear friends and colleagues.

It seems there will be no resting here while the last preparations for WPSC 2016 are in progress and we must ensure there are boats for ICCA 2017. Almost all "regatta fleet" in Croatia is taken for 2017, so we have to act quickly. Well, we already did, and here is the first short newsletter about ICCA 2017.

International Coppers Cup Adria 2017 will be held from 23 - 30. September, 2017 in Marina Hramina – Murter Island, Croatia. The boats are already "under the option", so we are almost sure the date will not change. We will sail on the same Bavaria 46 as on ICCA 2015 . Practically we will not change much from ICCA 2015, so for new crews - check our homepage  to get a picture.

So far we have 30 boats "booked" so please send us Initial enrolments quick ;-). The price will be like on WPSC 2016 - 3.500 included boats rental, 5 dinners, and something new... If about 30 crews will participate on the event there will be two classes, and overall too of course - more prices, more winners, but only one real ICCA Champion.

About ICCA 2017:

  • technical races ( 2 - 3/day)
  • at least one navigation race...
  • which will continue to Slo/Cro evening (let's just say top gourmet event, I mean really TOP)
  • and more, and more ... (in Croatian "more" means "sea " ;-)...

Please fill the Initial enrolment form and send it to us.

Franjo Stančin
ICCA committee


Many thanks to Lancing Sailing Club who provided the results for the Sussex Police Open Dinghy Regatta held on 10th August, 2016.

Met Police Offshore Regatta, 2016
3rd-4th October, 2016

Regatta cancelled

A message from Jason,

As MPSC, RC Racing, it is with regret that I am cancelling the MPSC regatta for 2016. Despite emailing all the police sailing contacts and advertising on the websites, we only have three confirmed entries which does not make for a meaningful event.


As winner of last year's PSUK Dinghy Nationals, Frances Gifford represented the Police in the following regatta:-

Merlin Rocket National Championships, Penzance, August 2016

From Fran:
The Merlin Nationals was my choice of championship to represent Police Sailing UK.

Hosted by Penzance Sailing Club in mid August we had a fantastic week with a wide range of conditions. The week started with an extremely light wind race, my helm Dan Alsop and I crossed the finish line we think about 9th but due to some interesting race management, no meaningful results were ever produced and the race was abandoned following a flurry of requests for redress, protest forms and general disgruntlement.

Things got better for the regatta after that, but it was still a relatively light week. Until "big Friday". Big Friday had waves the size of houses and regular gusts in excess of 25 knots. Over half of the fleet elected to watch from the harbour wall. My helm being in his seventies and therefore very wise, combined with my relative youthfulness excelled in keeping the rig above the hull but didn't technically win, getting round in a respectable 21st.

Overall we came 25th in a fleet packed with Olympic medallists and former National and World Champions from a number of classes. Our best result was a 13th and we had a fantastic week.

Fran Gifford

 Overall Results of this year's Merlin Nationals



North Brits 2017

A message from Laura:
Please find the proposed event description for the North British Police and Invitation Sailing Championship 2017.

This is just a draft description as I am still awaiting confirmation on a few details, however, I wanted to get something out to you early. I hope to confirm the final details shortly and get entry forms out to you before November. There seems to be good buzz around the event next year with whispers of a few international teams possibly attending!! This year we are ending the event in Troon in order to give our Irish colleagues a - slightly - shorter journey home with the hope they can enjoy the Friday night more.

As always, any questions please get in touch.

Best wishes



Congratulations to Simon Hawkes for his performance representing the British Police in Italy this summer. You can read his report on in the 'Reports & Stories' section:

P.S.U.K. at the D-One Gold Cup 2016 World Championship .


News from Croatia regarding the International Coppers Cup Adria 2017. The deadline for Initial Enrolment is swiftly approaching.  The Organiser, Franjo Stančin has provided important details including a list of those already interested in taking part in next year's regatta.

There are still a few vacancies.

The latest news can be viewed on the International Coppers Cup page



Avon & Somerset Constabulary Sailing Section had their AGM on Tuesday and they will be holding their next Open Dinghy Regatta at Chew Valley Lake Sailing Club on Wednesday, 6th September, 2017. Further details to follow in due course.


News from Scotland..
The PSUK National Offshore Sailing Championships 2017 are to be held in conjunction with the North Brits. The organiser Laura Davison has kindly offered to host the event in 2017 and further details will follow in due course.


News from the Met
The PSUK National Dinghy Sailing Championships 2017 are being hosted by the Metropolitan Police Sailing Club at Stokes Bay Sailing Club.

The dates are now confirmed - Tuesday to Thursday, 20th – 22nd June, 2017.

Details and Notice of Race to follow. 

For 2017, the MPSC Annual Dinghy Regatta will be incorporated into the PSUK National Dinghy Sailing Championships.


More News from the Met
The 'Metropolitan Police Service Offshore Championships' are planned for Monday/Tuesday, 2nd & 3rd October, 2017 at Port Solent.


Event  Description and Entry Form are now available for the Combined Event -- the PSUK National Offshore Sailing Championships 2017 and the North British Police Sailing Championships 2017.

International Coppers Cup Adria 2017


Latest from Franjo:

Some news for you about ICCA 2017. Details of which you can find at .
I still have some boats waiting for crews. Perhaps some of the UK teams will join us, no matter that the deadline is over.
I booked 30 ships, and still have option on whole fleet, and I will keep it that way for a little longer, but can't wait forever.  So far we have 25 teams of 30 possible.

Best regards,
Franjo Stančin


Police Sailing 2016: The number of Police Sailing regattas this year remained fairly similar to 2015. Avon & Somerset and Sussex ran their annual dinghy regattas with Dorset hosting this year's Dinghy Nationals. The Offshore activity was limited to the regatta in Croatia plus the North Brits which, in 2017 will combine with the PSUK Yachting Championships. This should help the Clyde regatta to increase numbers above those in 2016.

Congratulations to Ellie Katusniak who was the first police boat in the Sussex regatta and to Shaun Welsh who won the Avon & Somerset regatta. Both are new faces on the police sailing scene.

Both the Met regattas failed to take place due to lack of initial support forthcoming. Nevertheless they are hosting the Dinghy Nationals in 2017 at Stokes Bay and plan to run the Met Offshores at the usual time in 2017.

The World Police Sailing Championship 2016 in Croatia attracted a respectable17 teams with John Oldham representing the Met coming third overall.

Avon & Somerset have announced the date for their dinghy regatta and Dorset are just figuring out a date to coincide with suitable tides at Poole.

A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year
from Barnacle Bill..


More follows as available...


If you have a tale to tell, or news to circulate - anything which you feel is suitable for this column - please contact me..

Barnacle Bill
Barnacle Bill