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16th World Police Sailing Championships 2021



Latest  message from Franjo..

Dear friends and colleagues

I hope you are well in these strange times and all your dear ones too. As you know this year I'm planning to organize WPSC and ICCA - both regattas at the same time. Base will be marina Hramina on Murter island and we are planning to visit islands Šolta, Brač and Hvar - but all that depends on weather conditions because distances are quite a factor here. Anyhow, now it is really necessary to know the number of crews which want to participate. That's because we must close the enrolments and close payments as well. So please read info about both events again and please send me your answer if you have any attention to participate. I understand the time is not quite good for final decisions, but it will help a lot to me if I know your decision even if you can't participate. THANK YOU for your answer in advance.


Both regattas will be held from 11th to 18th Sept 2021

9 teams already paid first fee:
-Top Cops
- Cobra
- Lucerne PST
- Hong Kong
- Slovenija PST
- Metropolitan London
- Dorset

Also 5 teams send inquiries or enrolments to ICCA regatta, but that's still unclear what to do with it. Perhaps it is really better to have traditional ICCA in 2022. All depends on Covid situation and teams which want to participate. Question is if only 3 or 5 teams will participate in ICCA - will be that official ? Perhaps it is better to have ICCA in 2022. Think about that too and please give me an answer. *

WPSC 2021:
Bavaria 41 with Gennaker, fee is 4.000,00 € + cca 250 €

ICCA 2021:
Bavaria 46, fee is 3.900,00 € + additional cca 250 € - it could be competition or just "tourist" sailing with WPSC fleet *


5 dinners for 6 persons
organization costs
transit log
final cleaning
parking for 2 cars
WiFi (unlimited)
Mandatory payments at check in:
Tourist tax: 1,35 €/person/day
Deposit or deposit insurance

P.S.: Some teams already sent me an answer saying they can't participate because they don't have a crew, or regarding Covid situation or other reasons.
But still please give me an answer again so I will have all here at one place.


Thank you.

Franjo Stančin
Mobile phone: 00 386 41 715 204





Latest  message from Franjo..

Update to the newsletter on 15.12.2020

Dear friends and colleagues

I wish to inform you that the situation in Croatia is improving, and people are also very positive about everything. After all, Spring is at the gates, and we like to say we see a light at the end of the tunnel. But anyhow, the road to defeat this disease is still unclear. I'm happy that September is "far away" from now so we will have a clear picture before our events. Anyhow I must inform you that the deadline to send IE and first payments are missed. I know we have all problems with everything  about Covid19 situation, but let's think positive here. I need to know the number of crews in the case everything will be OK, so please just send IE if you want to participate, so I can assure the boats. 

Regarding the first payment the new deadline is end of March, I'm sure the charter company will approve that regarding the situation.


 Info about the event:


1. Homeport: marina Hramina on Murter island, Croatia

2. When: 11th September to 18th September 2021

3. Boats: Bavaria 41 C with gennaker only for WPSC, Bavaria 46 c for the ICCA

4. Fee: 4.000,00 € + 250 € on check in

5. Entry: send Initial Enrolment asap and then first payment  2.000,00 € by 31.01.2021. Second payment 2.000,00 € should be sent by 15th August 2021.



1 Top Cops AUT

2 Cobra AUT

3 Lucerne PST SUI

4 SC Kapo Zurich SUI

5 Hong Kong HK



8 Metropolitan London UK

9 Cleveland UK

10 Dorset UK

11 Slovenija PST SLO

12 Europol

13 Pacific

14 Team Vigilant

15 Wish

16 Gourney

17 Girls force 8







11 Sept 2021

Marina Hramina, Murter

13:00 check in on boats

16:00 check in at WPSC desk

12 Sept 2021

Hramina - Rogoznica

skippers meeting

parade of sails / navigation to Jelsa

13 Sept 2021

Jelsa, Hvar

skippers meeting


14 Sept 2021

Jelsa, Hvar

skippers meeting


15 Sept 2021

Bol, Brač

skippers meeting


16 Sept 2021


skippers meeting


17 Sept 2021

Marina Hramina, Murter

skippers meeting


18 Sept 2021

Marina Hramina, Murter

08:00 check out Murter




after dinner


Welcome party, finger food


Don Karlos live music


daily winners ceremony 

to be determined later


daily winners ceremony 

to be determined later


daily winners ceremony

to be determined later

NO DINNER free evening

daily winners ceremony

to be determined later


daily winners ceremony

to be determined later


OVERALL -  prize giving ceremony

Baby Kate live music






Latest  message from Franjo..

Dear friends,

I hope we will overcome this situation with Covid 19 and meet in September 2021. So here are some details about it.
World Police Sailing Championship 2021 will be combined with the ICCA regata, if there will be enough interest of course.

1. Homeport: marina Hramina on Murter island, Croatia
2. When: 11th September to 18th September 2021
3. Boats: Bavaria 41 C with gennaker only for WPSC, Bavaria 46 c for the ICCA
4. Fee: 4.000,00 € + 250 € on check in
5. Entry: send Initial Enrolment asap and then first payment 2.000,00 € by 31.01.2021. Second payment 2.000,00 € should be sent by August 2021.

All prices are calculated for 6 persons. So far we have 11 teams for WPSC:

1. AUT Top Cops
2. AUT Cobra
3. SUI Lucerne PST
4. SUI SC Kapo Zurich
5. HK Hong Kong
8. UK Metropolitan London
9. UK Cleveland UK
10. UK Dorset
11. SLO Slovenija PST

We have also some other teams which confirmed participation, but they are waiting for this newsletter. Please send Initial enrolments as soon as possible so we can ensure the boats. We are 100% sure there will be a huge demand for the boats next year, especially in Autumn.


ICCA/WPSC committee could change the program regarding weather conditions or other significant causes.





Another  message from Franjo..

Dear friends,

These last days I am calculating and calculating expenses to organize WPSC&ICCA 2021. Nobody can tell what will be then in September 2021, but I truly hope and believe we will meet.

So far I can say calculated fee is about 4.000,00 € for WPSC and little less for ICCA + about 250 € additional costs like always, but we will try to get some more discount on the boats - due to all this trouble with Covid 19 and also the fact we/you already paid some additional amount of the fee in advance to the charter. I can't help a lot here - boats are simply much more expensive in September then in October. Anyhow we will see what we could manage to do. Like always I will try to lower the costs as much as I can.

All prices are calculated for 6 persons, 6 dinners in the program on the picture. We will visit at least two more main islands in Dalmatia - Hvar and Brač.

Franjo Stančin

Mobile phone: 00 386 41 715 204




A message from Franjo..

Dear friends and colleagues

Obviously we are living in the hard times. Nobody is safe, nobody is certain what is real and what is not. The fact is Covid 19 has a great influence on our lives, our homes, our families. We can't argue with that. Anyhow I am, and I hope we all are "optimists", and we still see the light at the end of that tunnel. I have been thinking a lot these days, and I want to share some ideas with the whole "ICCA family". This is only an idea, and please be free to share your thoughts.

Let's say ICCA regatta was 2015, 2017, 2019.... and WPSC was 2016, 2018 and finally 2020 postponed. The Idea is simple - to postpone it to 2022. Next year we will need to relax, we will need something really refreshing to forget 2020. So, my idea is to have a new ICCA sailing week 2021 which is an ICCA regatta but a little more fun. Still we will keep it like a Law Enforcement regatta, like always but we will allow exceptions , so also family members or even friends can participate, but only half of their crew - or something like that. I think that rule will facilitate finding members to fulfil the crew.

But the main change is add more routes and more destinations at the Adriatic, so every evening we will moor in another marina/town/island. I have already had meetings with port authorities, restaurants, even majors of some destinations to see what options we have. So far I can say the best response I have from port Rogoznica and islands Hvar (Jelsa, Pakleni otoci, Hvar), Brač (Bol) and Vis (Vis). So possible routes in one week you can see at the map in attachment. But the real route will always depend on the weather of course and safety.

Again, this is just an idea, WPSC/ICCA 2021 is still scheduled for 11-18 Sept 2021.

Please let's hear from about this:
1. What do you think about it ?
2. What do you think if we moved the dates to October - regarding the Covid situation is perhaps better to have it later (depends when the vaccine will be discovered)

So talk about it and then please let skippers answer these questions.

Thank you - stay safe, stay optimistic

Best regards

Franjo Stančin

Mobile phone: 00 386 41 715 204




13/07/20 - Latest from Franjo..

Dear friends

As you already might know WPSC 2020 is moving to 2021 regarding Covid 19 situation. Let's hope until then vaccine will be developed and the world & people will change as much as we must to prevail disease.

Anyhow our plan so far is to organize both events at the same time in 2021. More about this in the future. So far we must reserve the dates. We have two possible dates, and some of the teams already voted on our Facebook group . Most of the crews are happier with September, and if the majority of the teams will follow that pattern.... the decision will be clear. At this point I must warn you again that in September boats are much more expensive like in October so we will be forced to raise a fee from 3.600,00 € up to ??? - anyhow I'm expecting we could still lower the price if we gather about 20 crews and raise will not be unacceptable. That's also the reason we will do both events at the same time - to gather as many boats as we can.

Now please to all the crews - answer if you have intention to participate in our events in 2021, be specific on which event and what do you prefer September or October (where the price stays at 3.600,00 + 250,00 balance).

Crews already voted about dates are Dorset, Cobra, Top Cops, Metropolitan, Kiwis & Weeks, PSNI 1, PSNI 2, Hong Kong, Pacific, Lucerne PST, Girls force 8 and Team Vigilant.

So again possible dates are:
• 11th to 18th Sept 2021 or
• 2nd to 9th Oct 2021
Now it's on you my friends ;-)

Best regards

Franjo Stančin
Mobile phone: 00 386 41 715 204




Finally our promo video is here. It's made by video clips taken this year of the ICCA regatta in Murter. Anyhow its dedicated to all the ICCA family. Here is the link on YouTube where you can find it. Enjoy it please..

Watch the video from the Event


And now I wish you all Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, to you and your dear ones.

Franjo Stančin



Franjo already has 10 applications for WPSC 2020. He's hoping that, now there is some separation from the PSUK Champs date, even more entries will come from the UK. A reminder that the Initial Enrolment Form below is available for download and completion. There are also the bank details available below for entering the event.

Further details also available at:-


From Franjo regarding the World Police Sailing Championships, 2020


Dear friends and colleagues,

In newsletter I send you old Initial enrolment which we don't need, so I prepare a new more simple one. (see below)

Again I'm sending you basic info about WPSC 2020. Its 100 € more per team I know, but that's reality, without sponsors we cannot do it "better". About dinners. First day we have Welcome (Bograc) party like in past two events, and one day is free evening without dinner. Please send the IE as soon as you can, because I have 15 boats on reservation, and it will be ended soon.

Here is information about our next event, World Police Sailing Championship 2020:

1. WHEN: WPSC 2020 will be held from 10th to 17th October, 2020
2. WHERE : Marina Hramina, Put Gradine 1, 22243, Murter, Croatia
3. BOATS: Bavaria 41 C (2016/2017) with gennakers, boats are 3 cabins, so 6 berths +1 in the saloon
4. PROGRAM: Saturday - welcome party with bograc and red wine, then we will have races and dinners every evening except one (free evening), one day is possible to sail navigation race (optional) to Kornati islands and have dinner there
- Prepayment 1.600,00 € - deadline is end of November we must cover all boats.
- Second payment 2.000,00 € will be next year somewhere until June.
- At the ICCA registration desk fee balance will be amount of 250 €
- If we decide to go to Kornati,tickets to national park cost cca 25 €
- Insurance-deposit at check in on boats and a tourist tax
6. TRANSFERS and APARTMENTS: if you need help - just ask for it.

Please send payment to:

IBAN: HR8524840081107632022.
Jug II 10, 40323 Prelog, Croatia,

Bank details:
Raiffeisen Austria d.d.
Petrinjska 59,
10000 Zagreb,

Best regards

Franjo Stančin

Mobile phone: 00 386 41 715 204


Police World Sailing Championships 2020
Initial Enrolment form





Updated 07/10/18:


15th World Police Sailing Championships

23-28 September, 2018
Hramina, Murter island, Croatia

Overall Results
provided with thanks to Franjo Stančin

Sailed: 10, Discards: 1, To count: 9, Entries: 14, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Skipper Club Country R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10* Total Nett
1st Mitja Vehovec Slovenia PST Slovenia 2.0 2.0 3.0 2.0 4.0 1.0 (5.0) 1.0 3.0 2.0 25.0 20.0
2nd Roger Schumacher Lucerne PST Switzerland 3.0 4.0 (10.0) 1.0 3.0 3.0 1.0 2.0 2.0 4.0 33.0 23.0
3rd John McVae PSNI 2 Northern Ireland 5.0 (6.0) 1.0 3.0 1.0 2.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 6.0 33.0 27.0
4th David Blakemore Pacific Australia 8.0 1.0 4.0 (11.0) 2.0 4.0 7.0 4.0 1.0 10.0 52.0 41.0
5th Rolf Lange German Oldies Germany 1.0 7.0 2.0 6.0 7.0 (9.0) 4.0 5.0 5.0 8.0 54.0 45.0
6th Nick Mason Met Police SC Great Britain 4.0 3.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 6.0 6.0 8.0 (10.0) 16.0 68.0 58.0
7th Andreas Neumann Austria Police Austria 7.0 (15.0 DNF) 8.0 4.0 6.0 10.0 8.0 7.0 6.0 12.0 83.0 68.0
8th Dominique Thurner KaPo Zurich Switzerland 6.0 5.0 9.0 9.0 8.0 8.0 (12.0) 9.0 8.0 14.0 88.0 76.0
9th Justin Shave Hong Kong Hong Kong 10.0 10.0 (14.0) 8.0 9.0 7.0 9.0 6.0 7.0 18.0 98.0 84.0
10th Karl Stefan Holm Go For The Money Sweden (15.0 DSQ) 13.0 6.0 10.0 10.0 5.0 3.0 11.0 11.0 20.0 104.0 89.0
11th Andreas Schroder Schleswig Holstein Germany (13.0) 11.0 12.0 7.0 11.0 11.0 11.0 10.0 13.0 22.0 121.0 108.0
12th Gary Bowers Waterguard Great Britain 9.0 8.0 7.0 (14.0) 14.0 13.0 10.0 13.0 9.0 28.0 125.0 111.0
13th Bryan Tucker Dorset Police Great Britain 11.0 9.0 13.0 13.0 13.0 (14.0) 13.0 12.0 12.0 24.0 134.0 120.0
14th Yohnatan Kach PCV Sailing Team Switzerland 12.0 12.0 11.0 11.5 12.0 12.0 (14.0) 14.0 14.0 26.0 139.0 125.0

* Race 10 counted for double points

For a selection of pictures taken at the event, See:

See our 'Reports & Stories' Section for a short report on the event.

For further details: Contact Franjo Stančin -




14th Police World Sailing Championships, 2016

The 2016 World Police Sailing Championships were held between 10-17th September in Croatia, based in Split and saw 17 crews compete in matched Benetau 35 foot yachts.

The Met were represented by two teams, Met A, skippered by Mason King and Met B skippered by John Oldham. The Met B team were the current holders of the World Title from 2014 and the Met A team are the current National Champions from last year's PSUK event on the Solent. John Oldham had his usual crew from years gone by and Mason King had a changed crew from his usual team, due mainly to annual leave constraints. Both the crews were partly funded by the MPAA but the vast majority of the entry, charter, accommodation and flight costs were paid for by the crews.

Other crews included PSNI, Devon and Cornwall, City of London, Dorset, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, UK Customs, Hong Kong and Slovinia. Out of the 17 boats entered there were 8 from the UK! A really good UK police showing.

The format of racing was to be a standard two and a half lap windward/leeward course and the organisers, from Slovinia, were aiming for 3 races per day with a total of 12 races for the week.

The weather was forecast as scorching hot with very light winds for the whole turned out to be an accurate forecast!

The first day was to be typical of the week, with no wind until lunchtime the boats headed out to the race area about 4 miles away at about midday in the hunt for a steady wind....all week the average wind speed was 7-10 knots....tricky!

On day 1 the Swiss team, who had been in Croatia with the Hong Kong team the previous week for some practice, put down their marker as the dominant team for the week with a 1st and 2nd place and racing was drawn to a close after two races due to the wind dying. The two Met teams scored a 3rd and a 7th place and a 4th and 7th. Both teams tried to get the hang of the boats and the tricky conditions.

Day two saw John Oldham's Met B crew showing consistency, putting in two top 3 places. Not so the Met A crew, who put in a disappointing performance with some average starts and a slight lack of experience across the crew, which cost them dearly.

Determined to show an improvement the Met A team pulled their socks up on day 3 with a 3rd place in the only race of the day, as the wind died completely halfway through race 2 which was abandoned as a result. Met B scored a 4th.

Although the crews all set off slightly earlier on day 4 in the hope and hunt for wind, it just did not happen and all racing on day 4 was abandoned, with the championships finishing with only 5 races having been sailed, all in very light wind. Slightly disappointing to say the least.

The overall results were Swiss 1st place, Dutch 2nd place and John Oldham's Met B crew winning a well deserved podium place with 3rd. The Met A team finished in a below par 7th place overall.

Met 'A' team

It was a great week though and we couldn't complain about the amount of sunshine, racing in shorts and T shirts all week, but more and varying wind strengths would have been welcome! Many thanks to Frenk from Slovenia who did a fantastic job organising the event which was superbly run. Kastela Marina in Split were also fantastic hosts.

The next World Championships are scheduled for the September 2018, also to be held in Croatia. The Met offshore racing fraternity are always looking for crews to race with them, mostly in the UK, so if you are interested, please contact the club or John or Mason direct.


See Regatta Results at:


'Metropolitan B' team acknowledge the race finish

'Met B' team celebrate with the overall Swiss winner - and Franjo..

The full Metropolitan Police B team comprised:
Nick Mason, Stu Jenkins, Fran Gifford. Andy Taverner, Tim Bewick,
Pete Walker, Andy Rowell, John Oldham.


Organiser/Contact: Franjo Stančin -







13th Police World Sailing Championships
incorporating the PSUK Yacht Racing Championships 2014
held on 18th -23rd May, 2014

The annual P.S.U.K. Offshore Sailing Championships this year took on an international flavour. The Metropolitan Police Sailing Club (M.P.S.C.) had previously taken on responsibility for staging the 2014 UK Championships. Then, during the early stages of planning this event, the club was approached and asked if they would consider staging the Worlds. Australia had previously indicated an intention to stage the Worlds but retracted their offer after not finding a suitable charter fleet.

The World Police Sailing Championships is a bi-annual event and this year was the 13th. The 2010 Worlds took place in Phuket, Thailand and the 2012 event in Hong Kong.

The M.P.S.C. Committee agreed to stage the 2014 Worlds and it was decided that the UK and Worlds could be combined and run in tandem. This meant that all UK teams taking part in the UK Championships would also be eligible to compete in the Worlds.

At the close of entries twelve UK teams had entered and Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands and Hong Kong had signed up to compete in the Worlds.

The Championships were staged in the Solent and Sunsail’s 40 foot Beneteau fleet were chartered. The Sunsail race officer was none other than Pete Walters, retired Nottingham officer and helm of the Nottingham team that has won on numerous occasions over previous years.

Teams assembled at Port Solent on Sunday, 18th May to take over their yachts in preparation for the five day event. The foreign teams had made strenuous efforts to prepare themselves; the Hong Kong Team had chartered an identical yacht in Greece the previous week for race practice. The Swiss team had taken a two day Sunsail course in order to equip themselves to deal with the strong Solent tides, an element they were hitherto unfamiliar with.

From the Monday to Friday a total of twelve races took place, all in the Solent, except for a ‘Round the island’ race on the Thursday. Weather conditions during the week were variable with teams experiencing winds from force two to five. Thursday’s 'Round the island' produced some "interesting" weather with crews subjected to a violent thunder storm and hail stones whilst racing south of the island.

The UK Championships were won by The Metropolitan ‘B’ team skippered by Stuart Jenkins. The Met team achieved no less than six wins from the twelve races. The Metropolitan ‘A’ team were second with four wins and Hampshire were placed third overall. Full results of all races are published elsewhere on this website.

The Worlds overall positions were Met ‘B’ first, Met ‘A’ second, Switzerland third and Hong Kong fourth.

During the week yachts were berthed at The U.K. Sailing Academy in Cowes where meals and bar facilities were made available for crews. On the Tuesday evening a dinner was held at Royal Corinthian Yacht Club, Cowes. This function was attended by Sara Thornton, Thames Valley Chief Constable and chairman of the PSUK Sailing Section. The guest speaker was Nick Craig, six times winner of the Endeavour Trophy. Nick is one of the greatest amateur dinghy sailors of all time with seven world championship titles in a variety of dinghy classes attained over the past decade.

The chosen charity for this year’s event was The Ellen McArthur Trust, and a short presentation was given on the work of the trust, a charity raffle run during the dinner raised Ł1,054.

Next year’s UK Championships will be run by Cleveland Police, no doubt using the Solent venue. The 2016 Worlds venue has yet to be decided, but Germany have already volunteered to host the 2018 Championships.



Report by: Bryan Tucker




View photos from the Event

with thanks to Stuart Regler


Final Results.

Police World Sailing Championships 2014
Boat No. Skipper Mate Team Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7 Race 8 Race 9 Race 10 Race 11 Race 12 Subtotal Discard Discard Total Points Final
4014 Stuart Jenkins Nick Mason Met Police 2 1 5 3 2 1 1 1 1 3 1 5 26 5 5 16 1
4006 Mason King Bob Mahoney Met Police 1 2 17 1 1 4 9 2 5 6 5 1 54 9 17 28 2
4029 Roger Schumacher Franz Vogal Switzerland 4 5 1 2 8 2 2 3 4 2 17 8 58 17 8 33 3
4031 Justin Shave Paul Stripp Hong Kong 6 3 4 7 6 5 8 9 2 1 2 2 55 9 8 38 4
4022 Andrew Buchanan Richard Griffiths Hampshire Police 5 4 3 6 11 8 5 8 6 4 10 6 76 10 11 55 5
4008 Alan Beckett John Snowden National Crime Agency 9 10 9 5 5 12 7 6 3 5 6 4 81 10 12 59 6
4011 Philip Quinn Clive Patterson Northern Ireland 7 12 10 17 3 6 3 7 10 9 3 12 99 12 17 70 7
4027 Ian Ingram Andrew Carter West Midlands Police 3 8 11 17 4 11 4 11 14 7 9 7 106 14 17 75 8
4019 Jason Crammer Lee Mosscrop Met Police 8 15 7 4 17 9 17 4 12 10 11 3 117 17 17 83 9
4003 Rolfe Lange Kurt Haarmeyer Germany 10 7 2 12 9 15 10 13 8 12 4 11 113 13 15 85 10
4026 Marcel Migchelsen Arthur de Rijk Netherlands 11 6 6 8 7 3 12 10 9 14 13 17 116 14 17 85 11
4016 Henry Scutt Andrew Barker Warwickshire Police 13 9 14 10 10 7 6 5 13 15 8 17 127 15 14 98 12
4028 Tony Riordan Iain Tribick Cleveland Police 12 13 11 9 14 14 11 12 7 14 7 17 141 17 14 110 13
4013 Dave Frey Kevin Wallis Sussex Police 16 11 12 11 12 10 13 15 11 8 12 10 141 15 16 110 14
4001 Graham Higginson Charles Pitman Devon and Cornwall 14 14 13 13 15 13 15 16 16 13 14 9 165 16 16 133 15
4023 Stan Thingsaker John Walsh Herts Police 15 16 15 14 13 16 14 14 15 16 15 13 176 16 16 144 16


Organiser/Contact Nick Mason.

For all the results see also:
PSUK Yacht Championships incorporating the Police World Yacht Championships, 2014


Sailing at the 2013 World Police and Fire Games in Northern Ireland.

The WPFG Dinghy Regatta took place on 2nd-4th August, 2013 at Ballyholme Yacht Club.






12th Police World Sailing Championship 2012
21st-27th October, 2012

The 12th Police World Sailing Championships were held in Hong Kong on 21st-27th October, 2012.

For further information, please contact Mr. Joe Tsang, Secretary General IPA Hong Kong by email.

Over the years the IPA sailing fraternity have taken an interest in many international police sailing events and an information document (an Adobe .pdf file) regarding the history and current plans is now available for viewing.

Further detail at: Hong Kong Police Sailing Club .




11th Police World Sailing Championship 2010
11th-18th September, 2010 at Lake Constance

Update: 28th September, 2010

Final Results of the Championships

11th Police World Sailing Championship homepage:  

Orga-Team Email:

Next Championship is Hong Kong, 2012




10th Police World Sailing Championship 2008


10th Police World Sailing Championship 2008

The 10th Police World Sailing Championship was held in Koudum, Freisland, in the Netherlands from 13th until 21st September 2008.

10 teams took part representing police teams from Germany, Croatia, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Norway and Holland. The United Kingdom was not represented..

The event was won by 'Switzerland 1'. 2nd: 'Hong Kong 1', 3rd 'Germany 2'. Detailed Race Results can viewed at:


The event was organised by the Friesland Holland Police Sailing Team, contactable via Email to: or to Nico Nuyen .

The regatta used Fox yachts



9th Police World Sailing Championship 2006


9th Police World Sailing Championship
Phuket, Thailand.

28th October
to 4th November, 2006.

The 9th World Police Championships held in Phuket, Thailand drew teams from  Europe, Asia and Australasia - with competitors arriving to practise in the previous week before embarking on the hard fought race series in the second week.

The Hong Kong Police Sailing Team emerged as the overall winners of the 10-race series after beating teams from Holland, Australia, Switzerland and England.

During the week, winds were variable but averaged about 6 knots, rising to about 10 towards the end of the week. The lighter winds disadvantaged crews using SO 40s - Switzerland and UK. The boats were allocated by a draw with the majority of the skippers voting to retain the boat drawn on day one. The disparity in the boats resulted in a decision by the skippers that future events will only be held where sufficient boats of the same design are available.

The bulk of the fleet were using SO 350s that were fairly evenly matched. As can be seen from the results the racing was very competitive and the final result was only determined on the final day.

9th Police World Sailing Championship
9 races to count - 1 discard
Team R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 Pts Pos
Hong Kong
1 1 1 1 1 2 3 4 1 3 14 1st
Amsterdam 2 2 4 3 2 1 2 1 2 1 16 2nd
Friesland 3 3 6 2 4 3 1 2 8 2 26 3rd
Australia 5 4 3 6 3 5 9 3 4 4 37 4th
Out of T'Blue 4 5 2 4 6 4 4 5 6 5 39 5th
Switzerland 7 7 7 5 5 7 7 8 3 6 54 6th
Hong Kong
6 6 5 7 7 6 5 6 7 7 55 7th
Dorset, UK 8 8 8 8 8 8 6 7 5 8 66 8th

A further page on the race appears via the Hong Kong Police website.

2006 Organiser: Chief Superintendent David Madoc-Jones   -

The next World Championships will be hosted by the Dutch Police at Freisland in Holland in September 2008, where a significantly larger fleet will be made available.



The Police World Sailing Championships have been held since 1991:

Year Location Organiser
1991 Solent UK
1993 Baltic Germany
1995 Adriatic Austria
1997 Adriatic Croatia
1999 Adriatic Slovenia
2000 Adriatic Croatia
2002 Adriatic Croatia
2004 Phuket, Thailand Hong Kong
2006 Phuket, Thailand Hong Kong
2008 Koudum, Freisland, Holland Friesland Police Sailing Team




IPA Adriatic Cup 2009

9th - 16th May, 2009
Venue: Waters of Šibenik-Knin County, Croatia

More information is available on , by e-mail: 
From Aug 2009, Ana's new email address is:
or by phone call:  +00 385 99 312 0181 (Miss Ana Gojceta)





IPA Adriatic Cup
10th-17th May, 2008.

See 'Reports & Stories' section of this website for results etc., of this event