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This Section is merely to appraise you of what's happening around Police sailing, who's doing what (sailing-wise) and acting as general scuttlebutt.

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January, 2020 onwards
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A note from Ian Campbell, PSUK Secretary:

Further to our suspension of Police Sport (1st June) as a result of the Covid 19 crisis.

PSUK has reluctantly agreed to suspend all police sport for a further period until 31st August.

I know that some events scheduled for September have already been postponed as well.

In the meantime please keep safe, I will update everyone as the lockdown unfolds etc..

Best regards




World Police Sailing Championships 2020

Email from Franjo

I have here really hard time. My first event should start at end of May, but it seems everything will go down, also in June. Hopefully WPSC is in October, so I really hope issues about that virus will be solved by then, and regatta could take place.

Best regards,





Incorporating the PSUK Offshore championships
Currently planned for Sunday 20th to Friday 25th September, 2020


Important latest re NoR..

From Ian Goodman:

I want to update you on the current thinking for the Griffin Regatta in September. As you are all very well aware, marinas are currently closed, sports events cancelled and anything that was due to happen this side of July is not going ahead. I'm sure like me, many of you are sitting at home adapting to a new way of working and longing for the days when you were on deck in a force 6 with the rain lashing down and realizing that was far preferable to being stuck indoor for weeks on end with the family!

Anyway, it is what it is, so to update you on our thinking for the Regatta.

I have been in discussion with both Fairview and The Island Sailing Club over the last week. Many regattas are cancelled or postponed including The IDOR however, with the Griffin regatta still 6 months away we are hoping that we will be back to some sort of normality by then, whatever that looks like, and we are still intending to run the regatta at this time. This will of course be subject to review in a few months time but fingers crossed.

There is however, one important impact of the current COVID 19 situation that is impacting on the regatta. As you may be aware the Round The Island Race which was scheduled for late May, has been postponed until 26th September. This is the biggest event in the ISC calendar and is now scheduled for the Saturday after our regatta finishes. This has significant impact in a number of ways. ISC become very busy towards the end of the week in preparation. Fairview have all their fleet chartered out for this and the Cowes marinas start to fill up with foreign and non local yachts from mid week onward.

Neither ISC or Fairview have asked us to move our regatta as both are very keen that we go ahead as planned and in reality all dates in September - October are now full but after discussions with both and with continued good will to accommodate everyone's changed circumstance,we have come to a tentative agreement. Our current thinking is to run the regatta on the original week but to shorten it by a day. We will still join the boats on Sunday 20th evening as normal and meet for a social. Monday will no longer be a practice day and there will be no practice race. We will likely be doing a passage race from Southampton water to ISC finish line started by Fairview at around mid day. There will then be a second inshore race starting and finishing at ISC line. All Monday races will be scoring races. Tues - Wed will likely be 3 races per day. The regatta dinner and prizes will be on Wednesday evening at ISC. Yachts to be returned to Fairview by mid day Thursday 24th. The charter costs for the yachts will be reduced accordingly but the entry fee will likely remain unchanged as almost all the costs are the same.

None of the above is set in stone and as the situation develops over the next few months we will continue to review. I have yet to give Fairview the entries of which we currently have 13 with a few more still to confirm. I know a couple of crews were doing other things this year but if those plans have changed then there is still availability. If you have any questions about the regatta then please get in touch with me. I will give Fairview the entries in a week or so's time.

Have as good a weekend as you can and let's hope that we get afloat in the not too distant future.

Stay healthy,




Devon & Cornwall Regatta

This year’s Sailing Regatta planned for Saturday, 30th May 2020 at Brixham Yacht Club, South Devon has been cancelled for the time being,



A message from the Organiser of the PSUK Dinghy Championships 2020

Chew Valley Lake Sailing Club made the decision yesterday to cancel all sailing at the club for the foreseeable future. This is clearly a sensible decision in view of both the Government, Medical and RYA advice and one that I'm certain was not taken lightly.

In view of this our Committee have decided to cancel the Nationals that we were hosting in June.

If things improve dramatically we will look at hopefully hosting either it, or our Open later in the year and will make contact as soon as a decision is made.

Could you please pass on our best wishes to all our fellow Police family sailors around the country.

Best regards,




Devon & Cornwall Regatta

There's an invite to this year’s Sailing Regatta to be held at Brixham Yacht Club, South Devon on Saturday, 30th May 2020.

Details appear on the D&C page.


A message from the PSUK Sailing Secretary:

Dear all,

We continue to try to find a way of making the PSUK Dinghy Nationals more sustainable and take the burden off the few forces who have hosted the event over these last few years.

An idea from Avon and Somerset is that we use the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy. The Academy would organise the sailing and accommodation and we just turn up and sail / hold our prize giving. The food also will be arranged.

What are peoples thoughts on this?

Avon and Somerset are kindly hosting this year’s nationals ( details on the website) we will discuss it in full at the committee meeting at this event.

I am still looking into contacting the Civil Service club event - but have run out of contacts - anyone help ?

John Oldham




The Notice of Race for this year's combined NCA/PSUK Offshore regatta is now published on the NCA regatta and PSUK Offshore regatta pages..



The Notice of Race for this year's combined NCA/PSUK Offshore regatta will be available shortly.

A reminder of the date:

20th - 25th September 2020

Further details will appear when available, on the NCA page.

Contact, Ian Goodman
or via the Regatta Office on



Latest from Franjo

Dear friends and colleagues,

Finally our promo video is here. Its made by video clips taken this year of the ICCA regatta in Murter. Anyhow its dedicated to all the ICCA family. Here is the link on YouTube where you can find it. Enjoy it please..

Watch the video from the Event


Regarding World Police Sailing Championships - there is still room - so far we have only 12 boats, I don't know why... Please - I want to hear from you - all of you, your suggestion, your dissatisfaction, anything at all, which could help us to be better and to organize the event which will please you.

Thank you again to all of you who are coming back, especially those who didn't miss any of the events.

And now I wish you all Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, to you and your dear ones.

Franjo Stančin



The PSUK National Dinghy Championships are pencilled in for 17th and 18th June 2020 at CVLSC

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