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This Section is merely to appraise you of what's happening around Police sailing, who's doing what (sailing-wise) and acting as general scuttlebutt.

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January, 2018 onwards

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A summary of previous, recent entries from the end of 2017:

In the absence of an organiser, there will no longer be a North British Police Sailing Championship.

Franjo gives an indication of the take up so far for this year's World Police Sailing Championships in Croatia. Some UK teams have already registered and there are only a few spaces left.

Avon & Somerset Sailing Section have provided the provisional date for their next annual regatta at Chew Valley Lake as Wednesday, 5th September, 2018.

The PSUK Sailing Section secretary has approached the National Crime Agency to run their annual regatta to incorporate The PSUK National Offshore Sailing Championships 2018..

To date, no firm information regarding PSUK National Dinghy Championships for 2018.


The MPSC are in the throes of creating a new website and access to their old site at may also be temporarily problematic.

The 'Clubline' contact - 07920 799270 remains the same and enquiries by email can now be directed via :   or 



The Sussex Police Open Dinghy Regatta event has been suspended for 2018
​and will be reviewed for reinstatement in 2019
at a location and date yet to be determined


The Notice of Race and Entry Form are now available on the PSUK Offshore Championships and the NCA Invitational Regatta pages.
Just to confirm that the new MPSC website is now up and running at .

Efforts are being made to finalise date and venue for this year's PSUK Dinghy Championships. Rob Jones at Hampshire has been liaising with Netley SC with a view to running the two-day event on 11th-12th September. The date and venue have therefore yet to be confirmed.

The main problem in confirming details has been that Netley SC are completely renewing their clubhouse, galley, changing rooms and facilities. However, everything including camping would be available for the suggested date.

The suggested September dates for the PSUK event would affect the proposed date for this year's Avon & Somerset Dinghy Regatta at Chew and A&S are therefore looking to arrange an alternative date which should be confirmed fairly soon.

News from MPSC
Their regatta Organiser, Jason Cranmer retires shortly and his position has been taken up by Lee Giffard. No news yet on their annual dinghy and offshore regattas but it's early days..
The revised date for the Avon & Somerset Open Dinghy Regatta is now confirmed. Further details will be published as available.

No further news to date regarding this year's PSUK Dinghy Championships..

A message from Rob Jones:
I have exchanged e-mails with Netley SC this week and the dates are now confirmed. Their clubhouse build is going well and should be finished by then. It looks like we will probably be their first visitors to the new facilities.

Tuesday-Wednesday, 11-12 September 2018.
at Netley S.C.

 Further updates as and when available



Won't be long to the Avon & Somerset regatta at Chew Valley Lake on Thursday, 7th June. The Notice of Race plus Sailing Instructions can now be viewed on the Avon & Somerset page. There is also an on-line Entry Form submission available. Let them know if you plan to attend beforehand - apart from anything else, it helps with catering...


Results of the Avon & Somerset Dinghy Regatta recently held at Chew Valley Lake can now be viewed on the Avon & Somerset page.

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