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PSUK Offshore Sailing Championships
Hampshire and Dorset Coast
Hosted by Cleveland Police

18th – 22nd May 2015.

Report & Results...

The 2015 PSUK Offshore Sailing Championships took place in the Coastal Waters of Dorset and Hampshire between, 18th and 22nd May. Cleveland Police were once again very proud to host the event.

The event was a one design event using matched Beneteau Oceanis 37’s from Fairview Sailing at Hamble. The yachts utilised an A-Symmetric spinnaker, rather than the more common Symmetric Spinnaker, making it a little easier for the crews.

The crews gathered in Hamble on Sunday 17th May to collect their yachts and receive the initial briefing outlining the planned itinerary for the week. The plan was to race West from Hamble and set the majority of the races in the Weymouth and Poole waters.

Monday arrived with Gale Force (7-8) winds blowing through the Marina in the very early hours waking everybody up. The forecast was that the winds would blow through by midday, easing to Force 6 and getting lighter as the day went on.

The initial plan was to start racing around Midday off Hill Head, however the Forecast kept changing as the morning moved on.

The yachts eventually left the Marina at Midday with a planned start of 1300. However the winds remained at Gale Force strength and the yachts had to shelter in the lee of Calshot Spit for a further hour until it eased.

The first race got underway at 1400 with some of the yachts still sailing with the full main. Cleveland ‘A’ skippered by Tony Riordan providing the ‘Gate Boat’ for the start. Metropolitan Police ‘A’ skippered by Mason King obtained the best start, followed by Metropolitan ‘B’ skippered by John Oldham hot on their stern.
The course was a long and arduous beat, with strong winds against a very strong tide causing lumpy and uncomfortable sea conditions, to Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight. A triangle was put in at the end of the course to lengthen the race should the wind and sea conditions ease. It didn’t. Met ‘A’ skippered by Mason made it comfortably to 1st place, covering his tack all the way up the beat. He was followed across the line by Met ‘B’ skippered by John. Cleveland ‘A’ came in third followed very closely by Cleveland ‘B’ skippered by Iain Tribbick. Hants, skippered by Andy Buchannan (being in home waters) ensured the fleet got into Yarmouth Harbour before him.

The day started off with potential that no racing would take place, however the patience and determination of the crews, against awful sailing conditions, ensured we got the Championships off to a good start.

Tuesday 19th May arrived with the wind having eased down overnight, the forecast was to have steady winds throughout the day! The initial aim was to get to Weymouth, however the organisers erred on the side of caution (how often are forecasts correct) and settled for the halfway point of Poole instead. The weather and conditions eventually proved this to be the right decision.

Race 2 started just outside of Yarmouth (George Hotel) with Met ‘B’ providing the gate boat. The ideal course was stay in close to the Island keeping out of the strong tide. Again Mason King with Met ‘A’ got an excellent start. The yachts remained in very close contention as they raced toward the entrance of the Solent in ever increasing winds and sea conditions. Those with a little more nerve went really close to shore gaining valuable advantage as the positions constantly changed in the early part of the race. Met ‘A’ broke out of the Solent first, closely followed by the remaining yachts. Between Hurst Point and The Needles, and not content with the rough sea conditions the fleet was already enduring, a few squalls decided to make an appearance. Hailstones in May, fantastic!


The first mark (South West Shingles) after a long and very challenging beat, was to taken to Stbd. This then allowed the crews a more comfortable point of sail (Reach) to the next mark at Christchurch Ledge, however the mark was missing. Mason King, Met ‘A’ who was first to the Latitude and Longitude substituted the missing mark for a bright pink ‘pot’ mark close by. All the yachts located the ‘new’ mark and successfully rounded it.

The fleet raced to the next mark (Needles Fairway) on an almost reciprocal reach. Again Met ‘A’ got to the mark first, quickly followed by Met ‘B’ and Cleveland ‘B’. As Cleveland ‘B’ approached the mark they reefed the main from full to the first reef point in what was an excellent show of seamanship and speed, without losing any position.

As the yachts rounded the mark they were hit with ever mounting seas as the tide changed and the wind speed increased. The additional squalls didn’t help either. Met ‘A’ pulled away from the rest of the fleet at this point. Cleveland ‘B’ and Met ‘B’ then vied with each other for second position along the next leg of the race to Peveril Ledge, near Swanage.

Andy Buchannan, Hants took a tactical decision and took his yacht out of the tide and closer to shore to gain an advantage. On nearing Peveril Ledge his planning was let down when the forestay halyard snapped causing him to retire from the race.

The last leg of the race from Peveril ledge to Poole Bar No1 allowed the yachts to fly the spinnaker for the first time in the event. However the squally weather didn’t allow this for very long with the crews having to wrestle the kites safely to the decks.

Mason King, took line honours, followed by John Oldham and Iain Tribick.

The weather forecast for the rest of the week meant the fleet was never going to be able to make it to Weymouth.

Wednesday 20th May saw Race 3 starting outside of Poole and sailing East with a finishing line at NE Gurnard outside of Cowes on the Isle of Wight. Again Met ‘B’ provided the gate boat at the start. On this occasion it appeared to be to their advantage.
After a very short beat each yacht hoisted its Spinnaker, Cleveland ‘B’ and Hants got into a little difficulty with the hoist and allowed, Met ‘A’, Met ‘B’ and Cleveland ‘A’ to take advantage and put some distance between themselves. As the three yachts sailed away with Met ‘A’ once again stealing the lead from ‘Met ‘B’ it appeared to be a choice of which one of these would get to the line first. However Cleveland ‘B’ and Hants had other ideas. Quickly sorting out their Spinnakers and catching back up to the lead yachts and putting pressure on them with the following wind.

All the yachts had to make it through the entrance to The Solent before 1300 otherwise they would face a battle against the increasing tide flowing out.
All the yachts managed to get through the entrance in time. Mason King and John Oldham battled it out for 1st and 2nd position. Cleveland ‘A’ were quite content that they had took the correct tactical decision to sail close into Hurst Castle and dropping the Spinnaker to gain tidal advantage, however Hants battling against what was supposed to be the stronger tide (having also dropped their Spinnaker) in the middle of the Channel went ahead as they neared the mark Dunford. Cleveland ‘B’ were falling further behind as the tide was pushing against them. At Dunford, Cleveland ‘A’ were the quicker crew at hoisting their Spinnaker and managed to overhaul Hants.

Up ahead Met ‘B’ had overhauled Met ‘A’ and taken 1st position.

It was now a race for the finish. Met ‘B’ skippered by John Oldham having now gained 1st Position wasn’t going to allow Mason King in Met ‘A’ get his third race in a row. John pulled gradually way from Mason, who unfortunately had also managed to lose the use of his Spinnaker.

Between the mark at Salt Mead and the finishing line Cleveland ‘A’ Tony Riordan with the advantage of still flying the Spinnaker began to gain on Mason King, however he managed to hold on to taking 2nd place. John Oldham took line honours after he and his crew sailed an excellent and very close race with Mason.
Cleveland ‘A’ took third, followed by Hants. Cleveland ‘B’ followed home the fleet.

Thursday 21st May arrived with no wind in sight. The start was delayed for several hours until sufficient wind arrived. When it arrived it provide exciting and exhilarating racing conditions.

Race 4 got underway with Met ‘A’ providing the gate boat. The course was a series of Marks in the Solent covering all points of sail. The first mark was a beat to NE Gurnard with the teams undertaking a series of very short tacks to gain advantage in the shallow waters outside of Cowes and at the same time keeping away from the strong tidal current further out that would cause disadvantage.

Everyone except Met ‘B’ judged the windward mark correctly, causing them to go from second position until last around it. Not to be downhearted Met ‘B’ hoisted their Spinnaker with speed and precision and within a mile had regained second position.

Cleveland ‘A’ were having a nightmare of a downwind sail with gybing causing a series of mishaps.

Met ‘A’ once again stormed away from the rest of the fleet finishing the race well ahead. Met ‘B’ finished second with Hants getting their first podium finish of the week with a well-deserved third.

Race 5 got underway shortly after, again around a series of marks in the Solent. Met ‘B’ once again provided the gate boat for the start. This was a longer race than the previous one and once again catered for all points of sail. The tide was now at its fullest strength and the crews needed to take it into full consideration when deciding upon their tactics.

After the first few marks a beat of approximately 5 miles took the yachts to the final windward mark, East Lepe, Met ’A’ were once again showing their pedigree by steadily moving away from the fleet. Cleveland ‘A’ determined to make good of their disaster in the previous race got their act together and sailed a good race, covering their position from the following yachts, aware of Andy Buchannan’s knowledge of the local waters being at the forefront of their thinking. Met ‘B’ decided to take an inshore tack much to the puzzlement of the other teams and went from a definite third position to last.

Met ‘A’ once again took line honours, followed by Cleveland ‘A’ and Hants.

That concluded the racing and the Championships for 2015. No racing took place on Friday 22nd due to lack of wind.

The presentation of prizes took place at Hamble on Friday, 22nd May

Mason King and his team Met ‘A’ sailed fantastically all week, displaying excellent levels of seamanship, tactics and team work to take 1st Place.

John Oldham and his team Met ‘B’ pushed Mason all week to try and retain their title of PSUK Offshore Sailing Champions, but unfortunately had to hand over their title to Mason.

Tony Riordan and his team Cleveland ‘A’ finished third.

Hants and Cleveland ‘B’ finished on the same points total and final positions had to take account of the last race position with Hants just pipping Cleveland ‘B’ for fourth.

Cleveland Police would like to thank all the crews who participated in this year’s event and helped make good a very competitive week of racing.

PSUK Offshore Sailing Championships 2015 - Results

    Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Total pts Position
Met A   1 1 2 1 1 4 1st
Met B   2 2 1 2 5 7 2nd
Cleveland A 3 4 3 5 2 12 3rd
Hants   5 DNF 4 3 3 15 4th
Cleveland B 4 3 5 4 4 15 5th
    (Hants take 4th after taking 2 x 3rd places)    

Minutes of the PSUK Sailing Section Offshore Consultative Meeting 2015

Tony Riordan
Cleveland Police Sailing Section
Tel: 07895-016798





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