UK National Police Offshore Sailing Championships
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Updated 17th October, 2013

The first day of racing, started the week with a series of windward to Leeward races to enable the boat crews to reintroduce themselves to the boats equipment and the sea.

The first race started in the Solent just south of Hillhead. This was won by the team from police service of Northern Ireland. Cleveland came in second followed by Met B in third place then Nottinghamshire.

We had an extremely professional race team led by Dermot O'Malley, which kept the waiting between races to an absolute minimum.

The second windward to Leeward race was won by Nottinghamshire closely followed by Met B then Met C came in third.
The third and final race of the day again windward to Leeward was won by Met B, West Midlands came in second closely followed by Nottinghamshire.

Due to anticipated reduction in wind strength throughout the week the racing was held only in the Solent area with the exception of day two which included the passage race to the Nab Tower. There was plenty of wind, to make this race enjoyable. Prior to the commencement of the Nab Tower race we held a mid Solent around the cans race, this was won by Cleveland followed by Met B team and Nottinghamshire came in third place.
The Nab Tower race required commitment and application. After a fairly long haul the winner of this passage race was Nottinghamshire closely followed by Met B and then Met C. Met A came in fourth.

On Wednesday, 15 May we carried out only two races within the Solent the first, 'round the cans' race as Race Six was won by Nottinghamshire followed by Met B and then Met C. The second race was won by Met team B closely followed by Nottinghamshire and then Cleveland.

On Thursday racing was again restricted to mid-Solent area we only managed to complete one race which counted for the championship on this day. The Thursday race was won by team Nottinghamshire followed by Met A in second place and Cleveland came in third.

The hangover cup on the final day of racing on the Friday was abolished due to initial lack of wind.

The Fleet stayed in the Hamble River for the majority of the overnight mooring with the assistance gratefully received from the Royal Southern Yacht Club, arranged by Dermot O'Malley.

The formal prize-giving dinner took place at the Cowes Yacht Haven where an extremely successful raffle was held to raise money for the Ellen McCarthy Trust. We must thank all of our sponsors in relation to this, including Gill Sailing Products who provided some excellent prizes. The formal dinner was attended by the Chief Constables of Hampshire and Thames Valley police with a guest appearance from the head of the College of Policing. Our thanks go out to Sara Thornton, Andy Marsh and Alex Marshall. Particularly Sara Thornton who actually recovered one of the racing marks on the way over from the mainland.

Also our thanks to the Met Sailing Club for chartering us their RIB at an excellent price after ours blew up on the first day!
The ethos behind the 2013 PSUK Offshores held by Hampshire Constabulary, was to be cheap and cheerful.



Police Sport UK National Offshore Sailing Championships

13-17 May, 2013 - Solent
Hosts = Hampshire Police

Sailed: 8, Discards: 2, To count: 6, Entries: 13

Rank Bow No. Force R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 Nett
1st 4034 Met B (3) 2 1 2 2 2 1 (5) 10
2nd 4003 Nottinghamshire (4) 1 3 3 (5) 1 2 1 11
3rd 4035 Cleveland 2 (8) 5 1 1 (9) 3 3 15
4th 4032 PSNI 1 (6) 4 4 (6) 5 5 6 25
5th 4025 Met A 5 5 (6) 5 4 4 (7) 2 25
6th 4019 Met C 6 3 (14/RET) 6 3 3 4 (7) 25
7th 4024 West Midlands (9) 4 2 (9) 8 6 8 8 36
8th 4026 Hampshire (12) 7 7 7 (11) 7 9 4 41
9th 4027 Warwickshire 7 9 8 8 9 8 (10) (10) 49
10th 4023 Sussex 8 (10) 10 (11) 7 10 6 9 50
11th 4029 Kent 11 11 9 10 10 11 (12) (12) 62
12th 4014 Hertfordshire 10 (12) (12) 12 12 12 11 11 68
13th 4007 Met D (13) (13) 11 13 13 13 13 13 76



Minutes of the PSUK Sailing Section Offshore Consultative Meeting 2013

Steve Norcross, MIfL., Dip.RSA.
Criminal Investigation Department
PIP Coordinator and Central Verifier
Crime Skills Training
Southwick Park
02380 745385
or 08450 454545 ext. 75 3807
Mob. 07973 211345



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