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Police Regatta & Results for 2013

This regatta is now a PSUK Sailing Section recognised event.




This yearís event our 25th year has been an absolute pleasure to organise and witness from the committee boat crewed by myself as event organiser/race officer, Arthur Munn assistant race officer and my wife Lynsey.

May I take this opportunity to thank all who attended and took part in the event which has now achieved a larger entry than the PSUK for the fourth year in succession?

This was also my 10th and final event as organiser and race officer.

G8 had a major impact on our entries this year with 18 yachts entered, only 2 from Ireland instead of 8, and some call offs from forces south of the border due to G8 involvement. On the plus side we had 4 new entrants to the event and our first international crew members with 2 American retired officers and a Canadian serving officer giving the event an international flavour.

As in past years the yachts and crews gathered in Troon Yacht Haven over the weekend of 8th June, with an impromptu gathering aboard the new committee boat on the Sunday afternoon and evening with most of the crews making an appearance testing out the cockpit and interior capacities along with the liquid supplies.

The fleets were again split into a Fast and Slow fleet to give the differing yachts good competitive racing, which turned out to be the case. No matter the yacht or crew abilities all found someone to race closely with a number of close fought duels occurring during the week.

We also had an extra days racing this year which also proved a great success along with the largest yacht ever entered, the 1959 Americas Cup yacht Sceptre at 60 feet.

She was very special to watch on the windy days.

The crew of Carmen display the concentration needed to sail in light breeze at the start of race 1.


On Monday 10th June, the weather was bright with light wind forecast to increase. The first race was started outside Troon harbour with difficult  light winds becoming less within a very short time and the yachts failing to even reach Ardrossan, a relatively short distance from the start.

Fortunately someone kindly anchored a large tanker nearby, which could be used as a marker to shorten the course. A finish line was quickly set with Salamander XXI taking the line honours at a sedate pace closely followed by Sceptre 15 minutes later.

Ocean Wave took the line for the slow fleet showing skill in keeping the yacht moving in the light and testing airs.

The rest of the fleet was able to finish with the exception of 2 yachts who retired. The final 2 yachts battled to the finish with Te Luath practicing some reversing manoeuvres before crossing the line. There then followed a 4 hr motor to Portavadie Marina where the welcome curry night was held.

All the sailors had a healthy appetite and the curry was much enjoyed.

Sceptre and Salamander XXI chasing the committee boat as she tries to get to the finish line first on race 2


Tuesday 11th June, brought a change in weather with 19 to 25 knot winds and a cloudy sky, making great sailing conditions. The yachts started outside Portavadie Marina, with two races arranged for the day. The start was close fought and clean, all yachts getting away without problems and racing at speed down Loch Fyne, heading for the finish outside the Kames hotel in the Kyles of Bute. Salamander XXI and Sceptre broke away and raced each other closely in the windy conditions, making it difficult for the committee boat to keep up with them, never mind getting in front.

Further down the fleet Pandanova, Makin waves and Carmen were also fighting it out with very close racing and not far behind the leading yachts.

Skua was also thriving in the strong conditions and giving a good account of herself and crew from Cleveland.

The racing yachts were having a great sail while the committee boat was racing hard under engine to get to the finish before Sceptre and as we entered the Kyles the sail also had to be used to allow a finish to be set and carried out. Sceptre took the line honours with Salamander XXI close behind. Skua  took the line for the slow fleet .

The yachts picked up moorings and had a short break for lunch as the other yachts finished.

Once the yachts had all finished they motored through the narrows enjoying the scenery to Colintraive where a start to race 3 would be set.

Blue Orchid helps Sceptre who went aground at Colintraive prior to the start of race 3. All was well and no damage or injury.


Race 3 started in slightly less wind with the odd gusts which is normal in the Kyles, again with all the yachts getting a clean start except Salamander XXI who were slightly early earning a recall. They recovered quickly and got back and over the line. Pandanova had a perfect start.

The yachts set off beating their way up the Klye towards the finish in Rothesay Bay.

Pandanova and Makin waves enjoyed close quarter racing as did Salamander XXI and Sceptre. In the slow fleet a three way fight between Te Luath, Salamander and Somerled provided interesting racing.  Blue Orchid and Islay were also engaged in close competition.

Sceptre took the line in the fast fleet closely pursued by Salamander XXI after her recovery.

Te Luath took the line in the slow fleet.

The yachts then headed into Rothesay harbour for the night.

Notice the use of bowmen as Salamander and Carmen get serious at the start of race 4.


Wednesday 12th June, arrived with good breeze around 12 to 15 knots and two races set for the day. The start was good with a lot of serious looking faces on the start line and the deployment of bowmen to ensure a tight start. The yachts set off for the course set around marks in the Clyde with the fast fleet doing a longer course. The race fell into the usual pattern in the fast fleet with Sceptre and Salamander XXI going quickly out in front followed by Pandanova and Makin Waves on their heels, their handicaps being hard to beat.

The slow fleet duel at the front between Ocean Wave, Skua and Te Luath making good watching. Blue Orchid excused herself from the racing to take the American crew member on a visit to holy Loch where the American submarine base was located through the cold war days.

Sceptre again took the line honours closely followed by Salamander XXI but Pandanova got them on handicap in the fast fleet.

Skua took the line in the slow fleet followed by Ocean Wave both retaining their positions on handicap.

After all the yachts finished another course was set for race 5 after a short break for lunch.

Sceptre starts race 5 with Kea to port and Starkle just in front.


Again a good clean start with no recalls and the yachts headed out on a short course race. Sceptre and Salamander XXI had slightly late starts giving other yachts the chance to get in front with Pandanova being able to overtake both with judicious use of her spinnaker. This situation did not stay for long as the faster boats got going regaining their front positions.

In the slow fleet the battle of the Jeanneauís was in progress with Ocean Wave, Kea and Skua in a nip and tuck duel with each other.

Salamander, Somerled and Te Luath were engaged in their own three way tussle as was everyone else as all found a sparring partner in the fleets.

Salamander XXI took the line in the fast fleet and  Ocean wave in the slow fleet.

The yachts returned to Rothesay for the night where most took advantage of some prearranged squat lobster deliveries and were cooked and passed amongst the yachts.

The yachts start race 6 heading back round the Kyles.

Race 6

Thursday 13th arrived with lighter wins but still in the 10 to 12 knot range and a decision was taken to race back through the Kyles again with two races rather than going round Bute in the opposite direction, due to possible lighter wind developing.

Another good clean start with the yachts beating their way to the finish at Colintraive again those little personal duels broke out as the fleets set into their running orders with close racing and good sailing being enjoyed by all.

Line honours in the fast fleet fell to Salamander XXI and in the slow fleet to Skua. All yachts ere sent on to the moorings at the Kames hotel as they finished to await the start of race 7 and a bite to eat.

All yachts finished within 42 minutes of the first and the committee boat went to the start for race 7.

Race 7

The wind had freshened some, what rising to 15 to 20 knots and a start was quickly set and the yachts sent cleanly off to the finish outside Tarbert harbour.

The set pattern quickly set amongst the yachts falling into their own battles with similar handicapped yachts and close racing was seen between Sceptre and Salamander XXI, Makin Waves and Carmen, Gaia and Dipper. Pandanova was much on her own during this race just behind the two leading yachts in the fast fleet.

Meanwhile in the slow fleet the same was happening between Skua and Te Luath,kea, Starkle and Ocean Wave.

Salamander took the line for the fast fleet followed a few seconds later by Sceptre.

Blue Orchid took the line for the slow fleet.

The yachts starting at Tarbert in race 8, strong breeze with many reefing.


Friday 14th June, bright and breezy with 20 to 25 knot winds again a clean and uneventful start as the yachts headed of to Ardlamount buoy and the a finish at Portavadie Marina.In this wind Sceptre was in her element and the powerful yacht was clearly having fun. Salamander XXI was likewise doing her best to catch Sceptre.

Sceptre in full flight.

Meanwhile in the slow fleet Skua and Ocean Wave were enjoying close racing and so were many others in both fleets as they paired up with someone to do battle in the excellent conditions.

The yachts were given their heads and good speed was had by all.

Sceptre took the line in the fast and Skua in the slow but as in all the races the handicaps changed order.

The yachts then entered Portavadie Marina, where later the traditional prize giving buffet was held, followed by entertainment from the Wherries folk and comedy band.

A great night was had by all with much emotion in evidence as the event organiser and race officer stood down after 10 years.

The presentations were made as per the following list.





ENTERTAINTMENT PLATE.  (Most hospitable yacht)   Lynsey Gilmer. Worthy Friend. Scottish Police

INVITATION PLATE. ( Best International crew USA)    Paul Common. Blue Orchid. Northumbria/USA

PORTHOLE. (Troon Race)                                                 Stevie Andrews. Pandanova. PSNI

ANCHOR TROPHY.(Tarbert Races)                                  Stevie Andrews. Pandanova. PSNI

PORTAVADIE TROPHY(Most improved on last year)   John Milligan. Inspirt . PSNI

BELL TROPHY. (Performance of the week)                    Mick Caukwell. Sceptre. North Yorks

PSNI TROPHY. (Best serving team)                                 John Morgan. Somerled. Scottish Police

LYNSEY GILMER WHEEL. (Best non Gaelic team)        Graham Higginson. Makin Waves. Devon & Cornwall


RESOURCE SLOW FLEET.                                                 1. John Morgan. Somerled. Scottish Police

                                                                                             2. Bob Stone. Salamander. Scottish Police

                                                                                             3. Ian Tribick. Skua Cleveland Police


RESOURCE FAST FLEET.                                                    1. Stevie Andrews. Pandanova. PSNI

                                                                                              2. John Corson. Salamander XXI. Scottish Police

                                                                                              3. Graham Higginson. Makin Waves. Devon & Cornwall


STRATHCLYDE BOWL.                                                       1. John Morgan. Somerled. Scottish Police

                                                                                              2.Bob Stone. Salamander. Scottish Police

                                                                                              3. John Corson. Salamander XXI. Scottish Police


NORTH BRITISH SHEILD.                                                   1. Stevie Andrews. Pandanova. PSNI

                                                                                              2. John Morgan. Somerled. Scottish Police

                                                                                              3. Bob Stone. Salamander. Scottish Police


                                                                                                  Graham Higginson. Makin Waves. Devon & Cornwall

Now the last bit..

I have to thank all who attended and have made the event so much fun to do and organise for the past 10 years, I consider you all personal friends.

Thanks to Arthur and my dear wife who assist me during the event.

I would also like to thank The resource group as generous sponsor of their two Trophies and who part funded the closing buffet supper for all who attended.

My thanks must also go to the Scottish Police Recreation Association for their assistance with funding for the event.

I hope all who attended had a good time and enjoyed the sailing, comradely, meals supplied and the entertainment on the final night, I know the committee boat crew certainly did.

The search is on to find a new event organiser and I hope this is successful and the event continues, I will certainly be available to help if required.

This event is unique and caters for hardened racers and anyone who wishes to give it a go or just come along and enjoy without being serious in a friendly and relaxed manner, without the cut throat atmosphere which can cloud some sailing events.

We are all friends and remain so at the events end and thatís what itís all about.

May I wish you all the best for the future and I hope to see you all again.

Keep well and stay safe our love and best wishes to you all Colin and Lynsey.

Colin  Gilmer event Organiser/Race officer (Retired)

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