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This year’s event was blessed with a healthy entry of 15 yachts racing and 70 persons taking part. The  weather was very kind with sunny days and good breeze as well as the stunning scenery.
5 yachts made the trip from Ireland to represent the PSNI, 2 yachts from Lancashire, 1 from North Yorkshire, 1 from Lothian and Borders and 6 from the host force Strathclyde.
Sadly some were unable to attend due to circumstances, but have promised attendance next year.
The yachts gathered at Troon Marina during Saturday, 6th and Sunday, 7th June, 2009 in preparation for the start on Monday.
Corra Linn acted as committee boat for the event with Colin Gilmer the event organiser acting as Race Officer assisted by Arthur Munn and Lynsey Gilmer.

RACE 1. Troon to Kip Marina. Monday, 8th June, 2009.
After the skippers briefing, 13 yachts gathered outside the Marina for the start at 1100hrs. All the yachts made a good clean start across the line and headed off on course 4 around the Cumbraes. The yachts quickly split into 2 groups with some staying close inshore and the others going further out.
The wind was steady around 10 knots from the west with sunshine, kites and chutes were both attempted with little advantage being gained as the wind angle was just too tight.
The wind held steady for the yachts until the west side of Little Cumbrae where some sailed into a hole and those behind sailed around.
The course was shortened and a finish placed near to the Water Sports Centre at Cumbrae.
Contessa Royal (Strathclyde) took the line honours with Esprite (PSNI) winning the race on handicap.
After their finish the yachts motored to Kip marina for their overnight stop.
An excellent buffet was provided in Chartroom restaurant at Kip Marina by the Strathclyde Police Recreation Association, thereafter followed a social evening.

RACE 2. Kip to Rothesay. Tuesday, 9th June, 2009.
The crews awoke to sun and light winds and after the briefing the yachts gathered outside the marina for the start at 1100hrs, Vivi and Sambuca also making their appearance. Another good start saw the yachts head off towards the Gantocks on course 3, in winds around 7 to 10 knots from the west. After rounding the Gantocks to port a number of yachts flew their kites and chutes, some with success and then there was Quay West, who produced a huge yellow cruising chute which, after fishing with it, proved of limited success and was packed away. The yachts made their way around the marks, with all finding someone to race of similar ability and yacht type.
The course was again shortened at Toward Bank with Contessa Royal taking line and race honours.
The yachts then made their way to Rothesay’s excellent new inner harbour for an overnight stop.
The crews were free to enjoy the Rothesay nightlife.

RACE 3. Rothesay to Tarbert. Wednesday, 10th June, 2009.
Another sunny day with light breeze, the decision was made for the fleet to motor to Kames for a start via the Kyle of Bute and a chance to savour the scenery, leaving at 1030hrs.
Some yachts arrived at Kames with time for a quick lunch before the start at 1300hrs off the Kames Hotel.
The yachts started cleanly in 10 knots of wind from the west and some quickly raised their kites and chutes to make best use of the breeze. However the fickle Kyles held a sting with gusts causing some thrills and near spills for the unwary.
On reaching Ardlamount the breeze freshened producing an excellent beat to Tarbert which brought joy to the crews as they revelled in the conditions, which was evident as the yachts crossed the line.
Contessa Royal again took the line and race honours.
The yachts then overnighted at Tarbert, free to sample its hospitality.

RACE 4. Tarbert to Portavadie. Thursday, 11th June, 2009.
Yet another sunny day, however the wind again from the west had stayed fresh 15 to 16 knots with a slight sea. After yet another good start the yachts set off to round islands Sgat Mor and Inchmarnock to starboard. Kites and chutes were again quickly in evidence, one yacht after much argument amongst the crew, but the skipper is the skipper, held out from Sgat Mor taking it to starboard. An error that would cost dearly. On rounding Inchmarnock the yachts faced a long and invigorating beat back to the finish at Portavadie. The crews savoured this and cheered their appreciation as they crossed the line.
Again Contessa Royal took the line honours but sadly realised their course error and the skipper bravely fell on his sword and retired, having sailed the wrong course. Race victory was then taken by Valenor (PSNI).
The yachts after their finish went to a berth at the excellent marina at Portavadie.
Kenny Millar the skipper of Contessa Royal was punished for his error which cost him both the overall and Strathclyde trophies, by the crew, as he wore the course stuck to his forehead for the entire evening.
A truly honourable skipper, definitely not an M.P.

An excellent Barbeque was held at Portavadie provided by the restaurant after which the prize giving was held indoors as the night air chilled.
The event organiser Colin Gilmer addressed the crews and then invited his wife Lynsey to present the prizes.

A few more comic moments and awards were mentioned and made but these would take pages to explain and you really have to be there to understand. So why not come next year.
After all the awards were made, Ricky Gray thanked the organiser and committee boat crew for their efforts in making the event what it was and expressed his and all the participants thanks and further expressed the appreciation of all that the organiser was willing to stay on as organiser. All the crews then gave a standing ovation of some length.

Overall Winner
1. Valenor. Skipper John McVey. PSNI.
2. Dipper. Skipper Ben Frank. North Yorkshire.
3. Leomaris. Skipper Ricky Gray. Strathclyde.

Strathclyde Championship.
Leomaris. Skipper Ricky Gray.
Contessa Royal. Skipper Kenny Millar.
Salamander. Skipper Bob Stone.

Longest Race Troon to Kip. (Porthole)
Esprite. Skipper Matt Jenkins. PSNI

Tarbert Race.(Anchor Hotel Trophy)
Contessa Royal. Skipper Kenny Millar. Strathclyde

Best Irish Yacht.
Valenor. Skipper Bob McVey. PSNI

Best Non Gaelic Yacht.(Lynsey Gilmer Trophy)
Dipper. Skipper Ben Frank.

Invitation Plate
Starkle. Skipper Allan McMillan. Lothian and Borders

Hospitality Plate (Awarded to the yacht that displays the best hospitality during the event.)
Esprite. Skipper Matt Jenkins. PSNI


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