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This regatta is now a PSUK Sailing Section recognised event.




This year’s event has again been an absolute pleasure to organise and witness from the committee boat crewed by myself as event organiser/race officer, Arthur Munn assistant race officer and my wife Lynsey.

May I take this opportunity to thank all who attended and took part in the event which has now achieved a larger entry than the PSUK for a third year.

This year we had an entry of 20 yachts, sadly, the Olympics have had an effect on our attendance due to time off difficulties. The European football championship also prevented Ricky Gray from attending and Kenny Millar was unable to attend due to his ongoing health issues, but the outlook is good and he will return fully competitive next year.

All yachts gathered at Troon over the weekend of 9th June, 2012 sampling the hospitality of the Marina and surrounding town.

The racing has been very close with the fleet being split into fast and slow fleets from the onset as last year. The committee has witnessed some very skilful sailing; indeed the light airs on Tuesday and Wednesday would have challenged a Saint.

We again lost a yacht due to mast breakage on Thursday. Dyonisis skippered by Alex Bisset suffered the damage whilst cruising in company with the event , assistance was rendered by Somerled, Starkle and Triffic 2 who left the race to help before returning to the race once all was safe. Alex and his crew were unhurt. We look forward to their return next year.

Disc Drive, Salamander XXI and Freebird in the background in close order at the start of the Troon race.

Monday, 11th June dawned bright with some breeze the course was set and the yachts set off through the start line. The racing started very close with most yachts heading close inshore. Freebird and Disc Drive quickly became embroiled in close nip and tuck racing. Carmen, the Devon and Cornwall boat who are new to the event, appeared to have some problems with their chartered Sigma 33 but recovered as the race went on.

The yachts stayed fairly close together until the passage between the Cumbraes where wind changes caused them to split up.

This kept up through the Largs Channel and into the Clyde where some yachts took advantage of the wind shifts and lifts managing to keep to the Kip side of the Clyde. Freebird and Disc Drive were so engrossed in their own private battle held to the Cowal side and failed to notice the huge gains made by some of the other yachts costing them dear. John Corson's Salamander XXI took the line honours followed by Stevie Andrews' Pandanova.

The yachts then made their way to Inverkip Marina to their overnight berths and a welcome buffet in the Chartroom. The crews then had the chance to meet friends old and new, a good night was had by all.

Freebird and Disc Drive duel it out along the Aryshire coast on their way to Kip.

Tuesday, 12th June was grey and cloudy with little breeze although the sun was trying to get through. The yachts started and headed off up towards Dunoon, tacking back and forth in the light airs. The yachts kept pretty much together except for Salamander XXI which stole away from the fleet. The yachts slowed in the light conditions and it was decided to shorten the course at Toward Bank buoy. The committee boat anchored to await the fleet with Salamander XXI well in front rounding the buoy before the finish line, only to find a hole in the breeze as the others caught up. The fleet was well spread out. Triffic 2 even had time to fish as they found a windless hole. Steve Martell bravely tried to fly his Cornish flag cruising chute to make best speed in Final Fling. Meanwhile Salamander XXI had got going again slowly making her way to the line. The Cal Mac ferry passed and the wake stopped the boat dead. Once they got going again another ferry passed doing the same again and affecting the rest of the fleet.

Slowly but surely Salamander made the Line and took the honours again followed by Freebird and Carmen.
Te Luath took the line for the slow fleet followed by the other Salamander.

The fleet then made its way to Rothesay for an overnight stay and enjoy the town.

Stevie Corson guides the skipper to a perfect start on the Rothesay race, Avocet close behind with Somerled off to port.

Wednesday, 13th June dawned bright and with good breeze, the yachts gathered in Rothesay Bay and started the race to Tarbert. However the wind quickly began to disappear and become very patchy making sailing challenging.

The committee boat stayed a short distance ahead of the fleet. Racing was close if very difficult and it was evident a shortened course would again be the order of the day. Salamander XXI was some distance ahead and a finish was set at the Burnt Island narrows with Salamander XXI again taking the line followed almost an hour later by Dipper and her Lancaster crew also new to the event.

Bob Stones Salamander took the line for the slow fleet.

The yachts motored to Tarbert for the night, most were entertained by a Dolphin which has taken up residence at the Ardlamount buoy, who kindly put on a show for the crews.

Somerled off to a good start in Rothesay Bay on the Tarbert race.

Thursday, 14th June dawned brisk and breezy with high winds forecast for later. The start line was made and the yachts started; Salamander XXI retired due to other commitments. The yachts quickly made off down Loch Fyne enjoying the brisk conditions, giving good boat speed. The two fleets split up sailing slightly different courses.

Good close racing was enjoyed by all after the challenges of the last two races.

Freebird and Pandanova enjoyed close racing with Disc Drive and Carmen snapping at their heels all finishing within 14 minutes of each other. The smile on the crews faces told the story better than words can as they crossed the finish line.
The thrills amongst the slow fleet were by no means any less with three yachts going to the assistance of Dyonisis skippered by Alex Bisset who was dismasted near Ardlamount whilst following the event. Starkle, Somerled and Triffic 2 gave assistance before rejoining the race and were given redress.

Final Fling took the line honours for the slow fleet followed by his close rival Te Luath.

The yachts then went to Portavadie marina for the prize giving event.

Breezy conditions as the yachts manoeuvre for the start of the race to Portavadie


Entertainment  Plate. Quay West John O’Hagan PSNI
Invitation Plate. Popamatic 2 Murray Simm Strathclyde
Portavadie Trophy Final Fling Steve Martell Lancashire Constabulary
Porthole  Pandanova Stevie Andrews PSNI
Anchor Trophy Salamander XXI John Corson Strathclyde
Galbraith Trophy Freebird Keith Addy PSNI
Lynsey Gilmer Wheel Carmen Jon Bancroft  Devon & Cornwall
PSNI Trophy Carmen Jon Bancroft  Devon & Cornwall
Bell Trophy Rainbow Matt Jenkins PSNI
Resource Fast Handicap 1. Pandanova Stevie Andrews PSNI
  2. Salamander XXI John Corson Strathclyde
  3. Carmen Jon Bancroft  Devon & Cornwall
Resource Slow Handicap 1.  Somerled John Morgan Strathclyde
  2. Final Fling Steve Martell Lancashire Constabulary
  3. Starkle  Alan MacMillan Loth & Borders
Strathclyde Championship 1. Somerled John Morgan Strathclyde
  2. Salamander XXI John Corson Strathclyde
  3. Salamander Bob Stone Strathclyde
North British Shield. 1. Pandanova  Stevie Andrews PSNI
  2. Somerled John Morgan Strathclyde
  3. Final Fling Steve Martell Lancashire Constabulary
     Carmen Jon Bancroft Devon & Cornwall

The crew of Somerled receive the Strathclyde Sailing Championship trophy.

May I end this report by again thanking everyone who attended, you make the event a pleasure to organise and run.
I would also like to thank the Resource Group for the engraved glasses presented to the recipients of the Resource trophies.

I would also like to say to those who couldn’t attend, you missed very a good event and I hope to see you all next year along with some new faces. If you have never entered please contact me and I am sure I can convince you to come along and enjoy a great week of sailing and friendly competition.

The organisation for next year’s event is already under way as it will be the 25 anniversary of the event you can expect something special.

Goodbye and best wishes, until next year.

Colin Gilmer. Event organiser.

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Dates for next year are the week: Monday, 10th to Friday,14th June, 2013, the event will have racing over 5 days and a gala final night at Portavadie.


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