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Dateline: 05-11-2013

From Phil Onslow:

Dear All

I know that Christmas is just around the corner but before you over burden your credit card, why not look at some of our sailing opportunities for next year. Have you thought about any of them as presents for family or friends as well as yourself of course. I know it’s dark at 4 o’clock now but book one of our summer cruises and think on those lovely mornings and evening in a quiet harbour. In less than 2 weeks, the days start getting longer again, in less than 3 weeks, you’ll have opened all your Christmas goodies and in less than 4 weeks it will be the start of a new year and you may even be over your party hangover.

Firstly a bit of an apology as I know that many of you have been trying unsuccessfully to view our internet site. We’ve had a problem with this which is ongoing and at the moment I have no date when it will be back, however, we are running the site from a temporary address of :-

This has all the usual information and we’ll let you know when the normal site is back up and running. Our email and clubline are unchanged. Lots to highlight in this month’s news and I’ve focussed on the training and cruising that available but don’t miss the article below on working parties and discounted boat show tickets.

The site also has a forum there for members to use but of course this is only as good as you the members make it. Whether you want to sell something, buy something, give your views on club activities or recommend a nice place to eat the forum is there so let’s use it and get the best out of what we have. You can even write a short story (up to 300words), maybe add a photo or two. There’s a post on the home page to click and start you off. If you’ve been on one of our cruises, why not tell us about it or suggest other venues.

As always contact us on the mail or phone number below if you have any queries.

Winter Working Parties
As usual at this time of year, we need your help to work on the boats so that they are all in tip top condition when the 2014 season starts. No skills are necessary and we provide you with lunch and if I haven’t sold it to you already, we also give you a small discount on future course, cruise or charter. The working party dates are:- Saturday 18th January and Saturday 8th February so if available, let me know by email or on the clubline.

Day Skipper Shorebased
The shorebased course is an excellent place to start learning about sailing and the pre course knowledge is minimal. Our evening classes are not available until September 2014 but we do have two 5 day intensive courses scheduled from 12th to 16th April and 26th to 30th April. Each of these has a further days free sailing tagged on to the end of the course. We provide accommodation in one of the mobile homes or cabins and the cost including RYA pack with practice charts etc. is just £285.

Yachtmaster Shorebased
This is a more advanced course suitable for the experienced sailor and you should have theory knowledge up to the level of Day Skipper before you start the course. We’re running it over 3 weekends on 1st, 2nd, 15th, 16th Feb and 1st , 2nd March at NSY. The cost of the course including RYA pack is £220.

Yachtmaster Ocean
These courses come around about as often as a blue moon. You need to have your theory knowledge at the level of Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster and the course covers astro navigation, worldwide meteorology and the practices and procedures necessary for an ocean passage. The course will be run over 5 days at weekends on 9th, 22nd, 23rd Feb, 9th & 23rd March. Cost £260

Sea Survival Course
This is the course that you hope you’ll never need but has the potential to save your life. All commercial sailors are obliged to do this course. We’re able to run it in house with our own instructor and I get nothing but positive feedback from previous students. The course includes a 2 hour session in the pool when you do some exercises in the life raft and also gives you an opportunity to fire off some flares. That bits not done in the pool though.

The course is being held on Saturday 5th April in our classroom at Hamble and the cost is £85.

Radar Course
Radar is seen by many as the king of electronics but perhaps more than other aids it requires some skill and understanding to use properly. Poor interpretation can lead to collisions which might not otherwise have occurred. This one day radar course teaches you some of the basics and leads to a greater understanding of what you see on your screen. All out yachts have radar.

The course is being held at NSY on Sunday 19th January and the cost is £65

First Aid Course
Many of us are used to dealing with casualties in the street, however this course is tailored towards dealing with incidents on boats. It’s a 1 day course and is being held at Hamble on Saturday 1st February and the cost is £65.

SRC Radio Course
There are changes to this course in the new year and for most the best way to do it will be the online option. Further information in the January bulletin.

Competent Crew Practical Course
This practical course is suitable for novices and those with little experience of yacht sailing. During the 5 day course you will live aboard the yacht and lean how to be a useful crew member. It’s a very practical course where you learn by doing and have a great time in the process. All the courses start on Sunday evenings at 5pm and finish at 4pm on the following Friday. All safety equipment and waterproofs are included. Apart from any alcohol you may wish to drink in the evening there are no extras.

Day Skipper Practical Course
This practical course is suitable for those with some experience of sailing who have a theory knowledge up to the level of Day Skipper Shorebased. During the 5 day course you will live aboard the yacht and lean how to be a competent yacht skipper. It’s a very practical course where you learn by doing and have a great time in the process. All the courses start on Sunday evenings at 5pm and finish at 4pm on the following Friday. All safety equipment and waterproofs are included. Apart from any alcohol you may wish to drink in the evening there are no extras.

Coastal Skipper – Non Assessed
This practical course is for those who have reached Day Skipper standard and want to progress further and undertake longer coastal passages. You should have a theory knowledge up to the standard of Coastal Skipper Theory.

Yachtmaster Offshore & Yachtmaster Coastal – Exam Prep
This course is designed to prepare you to take the Yachtmaster Coastal or Yachtmaster Offshore practical exam. You’ll spend the first 5 days doing some intensive training and from the Friday you will have the opportunity to be assessed by an independent RYA examiner. If you are interested in doing this course, then please give the clubline a ring to talk it over with us and to make sure that you have the necessary pre course experience.

Cruising Instructor Trainers Course
The RYA are changing some of the procedures for training future instructors and we are fortunate to be able to train yachtmasters who would like to become practical instructors and qualified to train competent Crew and Day Skippers. No dates have yet been set but if we can get 3 or 4 suitable people we can sort dates according to availability. For any member thinking of going down this path it is a great opportunity to learn under the new coaching model being introduced by the RYA and by doing it in house you will gain a significant financial saving. We’re looking at offering this course to suitable candidates at a rate to cover food, fuel and moorings only.

If any of you are interested in this course and qualification then get in touch with the clubline or email me to register your interest. Applicants should hold a Yachtmaster Offshore qualification

Training Modules
We’ve 2 training modules scheduled for next year and these are usually quite popular.

From 13th to 15th April we’re running a close quarters boat handling course. This is ideal for those who want to build up a bit of berthing and unberthing expertise and improve their confidence.

From 8th to 10th June, we’re running a Day Skipper Refresher. This is good for those who may have completed their course but want to brush up on their skills before they charter.

Both of these courses are great fun, and very informative and are priced at £135.

We have an active cruising programme next year with some old favourites and some new ideas. We’re running our usual early bird cruise from 28th to 30th March, and an Easter Cruise which unsurprisingly is scheduled for ……Easter. We’re repeating the Bastille cruise and our Cross Channel traditional cruise where we turn all the instruments off and see if we can still find France. We had great fun last time and I’m sure we will again. We’ve also set up the Round the Island Race so that you can book places on our club yachts. Having done this a number of times I can highly recommend it as good fun, great sailing and there is always the Clubs commodores Cup to the first MPSC boat. Wouldn’t it be nice to be a winner!

The Vice Commodores Rally will again be run over the early May bank holiday and this is a great opportunity for members to come along in their own boats to make a real club social event.

As always further details of dates and cost are shown on the internet site.

Our subscriptions have been at the same level for around 4 years now but to keep us financially viable we have had to increase them. The good news is that the increase is just 25p per month.

Discounted Boat Show Tickets
Once again through the assistance of John Goode, we are able to offer tickets for the London Boat Show at a special discounted rate for club members. Details of the offer are contained on our web site

Membership – AGM Resolution
At the AGM the decision was taken to open up the membership of our club to others, primarily other emergency services and the extended police family but also members friends and extended family are now able to join in their own right and make full use of our facilities including courses, cruises and yacht charter. Further details will be circulated shortly.

Can I take this opportunity in the final message of 2013 to wish you all a very happy Christmas. And a happy New Year in 2014 with lots of fun on boats.

Season’s greetings



Dateline: 05-11-2013

From Phil Onslow:

Dear All

Well the sailing seems to be coming to an end this year but we’ve been busy in many other ways. Most importantly it is the AGM later this month and below are details of a resolution which has been proposed. I do urge you to attend and support this resolution. It is a big step to take and I know that some of you might have reservations but sailing is all about having fun and involving other people and membership by selected groups can add a vibrancy and perspective to our club and improve our financial position. There are economies of scale and fresh input will provide more scope to provide even better facilities whilst keeping our costs as low as possible. I know that the directors are determined to ensure that current and future members of the police service are not disadvantaged. I do urge you to attend and support the directors in the best interests of your club.

We’ve also details below of the first two working parties for our regular winter maintenance. Please help if you can and rest assured there will be others.

We’ve put to together an exciting training and cruising programme for next year. Some details are on the site and the rest should be there in a few days so please be patient. Courses and cruises can be booked immediately whilst unless you are looking to book more than one yacht at a time, charter bookings can be taken at the AGM and anytime afterwards but always remember that the earlier you book, the more chance you have of getting your preferred dates.

Training – Shorebased
Our programme for next year includes 5 day intensive classes for Day Skipper, a weekend course for those who want to do their coastal/yachtmaster and in the spring we’re also running a yachtmaster ocean course at weekends. We’ve not yet scheduled a Day Skipper at weekends, but if you’re interested in this then do email me and if I get sufficient support in the next month, I’ll sort out something in the spring.

Other courses include a Sea Survival course on 5th April, a radar course on 19th January and a first aid course on 1st February 2014. We will be putting on a diesel course but won’t have a date available until January for this. Our radio courses are a bit in limbo at the moment with the changes which come into effect on 1st January and we hope to be able to offer this as an online course which will suit many of you.

As always, keep an eye on our internet site for up to date details.

Working Party
We need your help on 2 working parties before Christmas so if you are able to help please give us a ring on the clubline or get in touch by email. The dates are Saturday 23rd November and Saturday 7th December 2013. Date for next year will be published in the next newsletter.

We’ve changed the system slightly for these and instead of offering places on the Round the Island Race, we’ll give you a voucher for a discount off club courses or charter.

AGM Monday 18th November at 6.00pm at NSY - Notice of Special Resolution.

The Executive Committee of the MPSC hereby gives notice that at the forthcoming AGM the following Special Resolution in bold below will be proposed to amend the Memorandum & Articles of Association of MPSC Ltd.

Proposal - To amend the Memorandum and Articles of Association of Metropolitan Police Club Ltd to insert the following new paragraph under Associate Membership:- Any other person or group of persons at the discretion of the Executive Management Committee subject to a maximum number in this category as defined in the Byelaws

Explanatory note
The reason for this proposal is that club membership has been reducing over the past 2 years, the club has also reported a modest operating loss over the same period. The Exec Cttee are considering the suggestion that Associate Membership could be opened up to members of other emergency services, or military sailing clubs (e.g. RAF Yacht Club) or possibly other persons upon strict recommendation, always with the proviso that there is a limit on such additional membership that can be regularly reviewed so that existing members are not disadvantaged. It is envisaged that such new members would be eligible to attend MPSC courses or cruises or charter club boats at a time when club business has been shrinking. Rather than specifically identify the potential groups of new Associate Members the Special Resolution has been couched more generally so that the Exec Cttee can decide on which groups may be invited and regularly review numbers by varying the Club Byelaws as necessary.

The Vice Commodore will introduce this item at the AGM and discuss the proposal in more detail and the ramifications and answer any questions from members attending prior to any vote being taken.

Under company law a special resolution can only be passed with the agreement of 75% of those members present who are eligible to vote at an AGM or EGM. You are reminded that only full members of the MPSC are eligible to vote.

The existing Memorandum & Articles of Association are available to view on our internet site.

If you are unable to attend the AGM but wish to vote on this Special Resolution the procedure for casting a Proxy Vote is explained at Article 18, which you may view via the club website as above. The proxy instrument as described should be sent to the Company Secretary, MPSC Ltd., PO Box 308, Brockenhurst, SO42 7XR to arrive at least 48 hours before the time and date of the AGM.

Practical Training Courses

Next year we’ll be running our usual programme of Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster exam prep courses. Dates will be on the internet site shortly and bookings can be taken from now on. Further details will be published next month.

Membership when Retired
Just a normal periodic reminder for those retiring. Firstly congratulations and welcome to a wonderful time in your life to sail, but do remember to keep your subs up to date. Phone or email to get a form to pay by standing order or from pension. At just £3.75 per month we’re still pretty good value.

On the membership side, our Membership Secretary for almost as long as I can remember has been Andy Gardiner and he’s done a wonderful job. He’s retiring (don’t forget the form Andy) and I’m sure on your behalf I can thank him for all his time and effort. The role is being undertaken by Gareth Granville now and we all wish him the very best.

Good Sailing



Dateline: 17-10-2013

From Nick Mason:

Dates now fixed for the the MPSC Dinghy Open 2014 and the MPSC Yacht Champs 2014 as follows;

Dinghy Open to be held at Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club on Wednesday 18th June 2014.
For this I will need a Race Officer and Rescue Boat Crews plus some help in the galley. Any volunteers who get sight of this email please contact me. There will be Island Barn Club Boats available for Charter for those who wish to join in the racing and don't have their own boat.

MPSC Yacht Championships will be held in the Solent using the Port Solent Sunsail Fleet from Sunday, 5th October to Tuesday, 7th October, 2014

I have yet to fix a date for the MPSC Dinghy Social Day which historically we have run at Netley SC.

Dateline: 05-09-2013

From Phil Onslow:

Dear All

Well round about now we’re often complaining of the summer that never was but in truth, we’ve not done badly this year. Our cruises have been well supported although there are a couple of places still available. Do remember that most of our activities are fully available to close family and sometimes we can accommodate friends as well.

Details in this broadcast include how to get your discounted boat show tickets for Southampton, some new training courses including our autumn evening classes as well as a couple of sailing opportunities.

There’s still some charter availability on our yachts and rib. Sovereign has now been sold and I know that there are options to consider in relating to a slightly larger yacht in the future but this will depend to some extent on the usage of our current vessels. I love sailing in the autumn. The weather is acceptable, gives the odd challenge and one isn’t always avoiding the masses. Up to date availability is available on our new website which I hope all are finding helpful.

As always, it you have a question or query, don’t hesitate to give us a ring or mail – we’re here to help.

Day Skipper and Competent Crew Practical Courses
Still some availability this year with places on 6th to 11th October and 13th to 18th October. Competent Crew is suitable for novices or those with little experience, whilst Day Skipper is tailored towards those who are looking to skipper the yacht themselves.

Sailing Opportunity
The club are holding Introduction to Sailing Days on Monday and Tuesday 9th and 10th September (yes that’s next week) and we need a competent person to help crew one of the boats. Ideally you’ll be a Day Skipper but if you’ve done a Competent Crew course in the last 12 months or a fair bit of cruising that would be fine. The days are quite relaxed and there will be an experience skipper so it’s just about making sure the people aboard enjoy themselves and helping the skipper run the boat. If you’re interested get back to the clubline or email asap.

Membership Secretary
Andy Gardiner who has been our membership Secretary for many years is looking to stand down from the post in the near future. Andy has done a magnificent job during his time in office. If anyone is able to take over the role then please do get in touch with us. Full support will be given to any new member willing to support the club and take on this vitally important role.

Southampton Boat Show
Once again we’re able to get discounted tickets for the Southampton Boat Show. One of the benefits is that the tickets are valid on preview day which is a good time to go. For anyone who's not been to the show, it’s one of the best on the calendar and far better and more practical than the London one.

PSP Southampton Boat Show – 13th to 22nd September 2013

RYA Shorebased Classes - Day Skipper
Our Day Skipper shorebased classes will be starting on Tuesday evenings at 6pm with the first class on 24th September at NSY. This course teaches basic navigation and seamanship and is an ideal starting point for most sailors as little previous experience is needed, but it provides the cornerstone for later development. The course will be finished by Christmas, rather than run on until March as in previous years to make it more attractive to members who sometimes have difficulty attending regularly over such a long period but to do this, you will need to attend a couple of days at a weekend to be agreed with the instructor. The price of £225 includes the RYA pack with course notes, practice charts, electronic software plotter etc.

Details of 5 day intensive courses are available on the internet site with dates set for

19th to 24th October

9th to 14th November

RYA Shorebased Classes - Yachtmaster
Similar arrangements will apply for our Yachtmaster shorebased course. This will start on Wednesday 25th September, also at NSY. The price is £200 and also includes the RYA pack.

SRC Radio
A further SRC Radio course has been arranged for Saturday 23rd November. This course is a requirement for anyone who wants to charter our rib or yachts. The good news is that the qualification lasts a lifetime and doesn’t have to be renewed. I know that there are plans to introduce stricter assessments soon so now would be a good time. The cost is £55 although there is also a certificate charge currently £30 which has to be paid to the RYA.

Tall Ship Sailing Opportunity
A member has asked me to highlight the following sailing opportunity which was sent to her..

On Saturday 7th September, TS Royalist will set sail from Falmouth returning on the following Friday 13th September. We will sailing along the Cornish Coast and probably to the Scillies and include stopovers in the local ports.

To sail in TS Royalist is a fantastic experience for both a newcomer and an old hand and you will be surprised how the camaraderie builds up during a week of sailing in her! If you think you might like to be part of the crew do get in touch. Please see more information attached or there is a Booking Form, or call Ed Bird, Secretary on 07962 698648 or Hugh Illingworth, Vice Commodore on 01572 756375 to talk it though.

We hope to see on board!

Nokia Phone Found
We find all sorts of things on the boat from time to time but something which the loser may notice they haven’t got is a Nokia phone. It’s on a T-Mobile network but other than that, it’s locked so we can’t give any other details.

Good Sailing


Dateline: 08-08-2013

From Phil Onslow:

Dear All

Well it’s August the time of holidays, Cowes Week and a great time to be on the water. Personally I prefer a bit off season when I don’t have to fight for every mooring space or place in a restaurant but each to his own.

It’s also a time when we look towards the autumn and the shorebased classes. We hope to be running our evening classes for Day Skipper and Yachtmaster although there is an important difference to these which I’ve outlined below.

Our rib and yacht charter availability is available on our internet site and in connection with this I must pass on my thanks to one of our members, Nigel Verrill, who has made an excellent job of designing the new site which has received very favourable feedback. If you’ve not seen it then do have a look

Shorebased Classes
For many years now, we’ve run a programme of evening classes covering Day Skipper and Yachtmaster which have started in September and run through till the end of March or early April. With current lifestyles, this is a big commitment both for students and instructor. This year, we’re looking to complete the programme in one term so that it’s over by Christmas and hopefully that will make it easier for some to attend. This will involve a slightly longer evening and two full days on Saturday or Sunday during the course. The exact days will be finalised with the students on the first day of the course. The courses are held at New Scotland Yard and will start on Tuesday 24th September and then be on subsequent Tuesdays till Christmas. The cost of this course is just £225 which includes the RYA pack with charts etc. and a days sailing.

The yachtmaster course will be run in a similar format and will start on Wednesday 25th September and will be run on subsequent Wednesdays until Christmas. A day sail in not included in this course and the price is £210.

Practical Sailing Courses
There are still places available on our Competent Crew and Day Skipper practical courses. These courses start at 5pm on Sundays and finish around 3pm on the following Fridays. The Competent Crew is an ideal starter course for those with little or no experience, whilst the Day Skipper is suited to those who have done some sailing and whose theory including chartwork, safety, collision regulations etc. is up to the shorebased standard. The cost is just £360 and that includes food, fuel, moorings, and all safety equipment. Above all, you’ll have a cracking weeks sailing and learn so much.

We’ve places on 15th to 20th September and 6th to 11th October.

If you’re not sure which course is suited to you, then give me a ring on the clubline and I’ll talk it over with you.

During September we are running our regular Newcomers cruise which is aimed at those relatively new to sailing. It’s intended to be a gentle sail around the Solent with other likeminded members and is usually great fun. There are places available 24th to 26th September and the cost is just £99.

Later in the year, we have our laying up cruise which is scheduled for a weekend. Don’t worry, you don’t have to work on the boat for this. It’s just another opportunity for a couple of days pleasure sailing and is usually great fun. I sailed in November and February last year and it was great to get away from the masses. The dates are 1st to 3rd November and the cost is £99

To book either of these contact the clubline or email.

Yacht Charter
With just 3 yachts this year, we’ve sometimes been stretched and I know that some members were disappointed and not able to get the dates they wanted. There is availability during August and the rest of the season and we can often facilitate short notice bookings. Up to date information is available on our new internet site.

Rib Charter
Our new rib ‘Hot Pursuit has been generally well received and most importantly it has been reliable. It’s very competitively priced and the fuel usage is much improved with the new 4 stroke engine. Once again, there is availability on our new internet site.

Membership on Retirement
I get frequent enquiries from members who want to continue membership after they retire. That’s easy to do and all you need to do is to ensure continued payment of your subs. The easiest way to do this is to have them paid from your pension and to do this there’s a simple form which we need you to complete. Unfortunately, payment isn’t automatically transferred from pay to pension when you retire so the form is necessary. We will make it available on the internet site but if you need one then do drop me a mail and I’ll send it to you.

Family Participation
I’m often asked about family and friends taking part in sailing and they are always welcome. To restrict activities to members only would be divisive to families so your membership covers your immediate family for all courses and cruises. I like to think we positively encourage family participation. Distant family and friends can often be accommodated subject to there being enough places on the course so everyone can have a great time on the water which is what it’s about really.

SRC Radio
I know that some of you are awaiting a date for a radio course and I’m trying to arrange that at the moment. I will put it on the internet site as soon as the date is confirmed.

Good Sailing and Fair winds




Dateline: 02-07-2013

From Phil Onslow:

Dear All,

Well I've just heard the forecast and at last a period of settled hot weather is predicted. Lovely for sailing - I wont hold my breath though. Not a lot new happening at the moment but there are details below about some cruises and charters and an update on our new internet site which is nearly up and running.

As always don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

Competent Crew and Day Skipper Courses Late Availability
Due to a few cancellations, we have short notice places for Competent Crew and Day Skipper on the following dates:-

· 7th to 12th July (yes that is next week!)

· 14th to 19th July

If you're interested or have any family members who would like to do the course then get on to us asap.

Further dates for September onwards are also available to book now.

New Internet Site
It may not have escaped your attention that we've had a few internet problems of late. For some time, we have been looking at updating our site for something a bit more modern but a spell of consistent unreliability from our ISP has concerned us and we've brought this work forward. We hope that within the next 24hrs, our new site will go live on new servers. The down
side is that we've not got everything we wanted on there yet so please bear with us. Hopefully the important and time sensitive stuff will be there.

Cruise Vacancies
Our cruises have generally been well supported this year and my feedback from those who have been on them has been good.

We have a series of Newcomers cruises scheduled for September. These are ideal for those with little experience especially those who may have joined after attending one of our sailaway days. Dates are 22nd to 24th September and 24th to 26th September. And the cost is just £99.

Charter Opportunities
There are still some charter dates available including the August bank holiday for those who want to partake of some summer sunshine. We try to keep the availability up to date on the internet site and it is current as I speak.

For those who are retiring shortly, you need to remember 2 things. Firstly, retirement is a great opportunity to do some more sailing and secondly, your membership subs do not automatically transfer over from your pay to your pension. You need to get a form from us or from the internet site to get things transferred across. Any queries then don' hesitate to contact us by
phone or email.

Booking Confirmations
A bit of a plea on this one. When making bookings the procedure is to phone or email us to ensure that the place or dates are free and then I hold it for you pending receipt of the form. Problems arise when people change their minds but don't tell us and places go to waste or courses are cancelled unnecessarily so please either send in a form to confirm or let us know if circumstances change. We try to be as flexible as possible.

I feel so much better for getting that off my chest.

Good Sailing and enjoy the sun whilst it lasts.



Dateline: 05-06-2013

From Phil Onslow:

Dear All,

Well at last we have some sunshine and having just spent 9 days around the Channel Islands, how good is that. We’ve still a number of sailing opportunities for this year with courses, cruises and of course charter dates. Don’t forget the new rib as well. We try to update the internet site as much as possible although there have been some technical issues and we hope to have a new site up and running soon. The forum has crashed and won’t be replaced until the new site comes online.

As always, contact us by phone or mail if you have any queries. We’re here to help.

Practical Training Courses
We’ve vacancies on a number of our practical courses at Competent Crew and Day Skipper levels.

The Competent Crew course is for the newcomer to sailing or for someone who has a little dinghy sailing experience. It’s ideal for the novice and it’s always good to learn things the right way if you’re new to sailing. The Day Skipper Practical is a beginners course in skippering a yacht and focusses on the two most important aspects of pilotage and boat handling.

Both courses last for 5 days during which time you’ll live on a boat, visiting the local harbours and learn by doing. Most of all, you’ll have great fun and probably come back with a sun tan as a bonus.

We even have a couple of vacancies later this month with a full list of dates on the ‘Practical Training’ page together with a link to some frequently asked questions.

We keep a list of boat availability on our internet site and this is updated most days. If the dates you want aren’t there and you can’t find others suitable, it’s always worth giving us a ring as we can sometimes reschedule our maintenance or other club programmes to accommodate. With some improvements to our maintenance this year, we hope to keep the yachts in good condition.

If you’re a last minute person, we even have boats available for this weekend and also for next weekend, and I think you’ll find that the forecast is good! It’s in your hands.

The early season cruises went very well, in fact we had to lay on extra boats. We’ve still got places for the Cowes Firework cruise from 9th to 11th August which is usually quite good. No previous experience is necessary for this cruise.

Later in the year, we have some cruises tailored for newcomers or those will little experience. The idea is that you’re all in the same boat (bit of a play on words there) so you won’t be intimidated by lots of people who have loads of sailing. They’re great fun and an opportunity to learn some sailing skills, visit some lovely harbours and meet some new people.

RIB Activities
Our new rib is in service now and reports are generally favourable. We’ve a number of level 2 courses which are designed for those with little or no experience and once you’ve completed one and a 1 day radio course, you can charter it yourself.

If you want to develop your skills then we are also running some intermediate courses. See internet for details.

For those who like to get out on it a lot, we’re doing a deal of £5 days for £500. If you’re interested in this or a single days charter then do give us a ring. Again, if the weather is good, we can often do something for you at short notice.

Yacht Racing
Congratulations go to Stuart Jenkins and his crew on their magnificent victory in the PSUK Championships. It was becoming a bit monotonous with Notts winning every year but now that run has been broken so well done to all those involved.

Dinghy Day
The club are again holding a dinghy day on Saturday 6th July. For further information contact Nick.Mason@met.police,uk

Retirement and Subscriptions
On retiring from the MPS, your subscriptions and probably your membership will lapse unless you make alternative arrangements. All you need to do is to complete a new mandate and let us know your home email and your sailing opportunities can continue. Retirement is a great time to sail.

Good Sailing and may the sunshine continue.



Dateline: 02-05-2013

From Phil Onslow:

Dear All

Well the sun has finally come out and I for one am looking to get some more time on the water and things are looking good for our Vice Commodores Rally this weekend.. There’s lots of information below about sailing opportunities and a few requests for help in promoting the club. Please respond if you are able to offer help at our jobs fair or in relation to our mentoring scheme.

I know that we’ve had some problems lately with our internet site. Please try to bear with us on this as there’s no easy fix. We are hoping to get a significant upgrade before not too long which will be great. Why not have a look at our new forum.

One of our biggest challenges is to match our sailing programme to your wishes and it’s always good if you can give us as much notice of bookings etc. We’ve a busy programme of training but still plenty of scope for you to charter. If you’re not sure about anything then if you can’t find the information on our internet site then do phone. We don’t bite – unless it’s 3am in the morning.

Do have a look at our rib discount scheme. That’s exceptional value.

Yacht Charter
Some extra dates have been put on and it’s always worth giving us a ring if you can’t see the dates you want as we can often move around our maintenance programme.

Plenty of availability for our yachts including the late May bank holiday and a number of weekends in June. The sun is shining so why not make a booking. Availability is shown on the internet site, the form is available there and we’ll even take it by email now so you don’t have to post it.

Practical Training
Our regular programme of practical courses for Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper and exam prep courses is well under way. They’re excellent value at only £360 for the Competent Crew and Day Skipper. If you want to know more about them, see the links on the practical training page or give us a ring on the clubline. Due to a couple of cancellations, we even have places for 19th to 24th May!!

Shorebased Training – SRC Radio
Our navigation classes are finishing shortly as we like to sail during the summer, but we have laid on an SRC radio course for Saturday 8th June at NSY.

Despite the weather we’ve had some excellent early season cruises. We’ve one place left on the Bastille Cruise 11th to 16th July due to a cancellation. At just £250 this should be a good trip with a couple of channel crossings and fireworks in France and hopefully an opportunity to show the French how to party!

In response to demand from members, we laid on an additional mid-summer cruise from 26th to 28th July. This is very informal and is basically a weekend of relaxing cruising which will probably include some eating and drinking. The cost is £130 and I’ve 2 places left.

Cowes Week is always the highpoint for many people who enjoy their racing. It usually concludes with an excellent fireworks display on the Friday evening and we normally arrange a cruise around this. The dates are 9th to 11th August and the cost is £140.

RIB Charters – Discount Scheme
Our new rib has been delivered and put into service and initial feedback is good. Fuel consumption seems more frugal than Danny Buoy which is always welcome.

For those who regularly charter, we’re offering a discount scheme. If you book and pay for 5 days charter, you get a discounted rate of just £100 per day (weekend rate normally £130). The days can be taken whenever you want and don’t necessarily have to be specified when you make the first booking, but they must be used within this calendar year. For this year only, we’re offering those who have already made booking the opportunity to use the scheme with any existing booking. If you’re interested and want to book or find out more information then give the clubline a ring.

Jobs Fair
The MPSC have a stall at the upcoming Jobs Fair being held on the 09th and 10th May on the 27th Floor of ESB. The stall will be open between 10.00 and 16.00 and we want to use the event to try and recruit new members to the sailing club. If you can volunteer to help staff the stall even if it's only for an hour please contact Peter Cox at Thank you.

The club has experimented with providing mentors to encourage new Day Skippers to make that first charter. We all remember it as a terrifying first step. The new skipper goes from sailing with three other competent crew and an Instructor to three mates off the relief or the family. We have had a few great success stories but nowhere near the numbers we would have hoped for. Unfortunately as the uptake wasn't that high and our list of intrepid volunteers is now not that current. (We thank those who volunteered last time) we now need to update our volunteers. Mentors are not instructors but club members who have completed a few of their own charters and would be prepared to help a club member by either advising them what next or even coming out on that first charter to assist. Are you at least a Day Skipper and confident on your own charters? Would you be happy to contact new skippers and see if there is any way we can help them make that step from Day Skipper to regular charterer! Would you go out with them as crew to act as their safety valve. If this is you (even if you were on the last list) please contact Thanks.

For Information of those wishing to Charter MPSC Club Dinghies at Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club.
Payment for Rental of RS Vision.

As you know we have an RS Vision Sailing Dinghy based at IBRSC and as of the beginning of May we will have another one arriving so we will have two good quality Dinghies for you to use.

If you wish to use the RS Vision the following rates apply.

Half Day - £5.

Full Day - £10.

Extended Rental - Please email me your request and we can agree a suitable fee.

A morning booking is from when the club opens until 1pm.

An afternoon booking is from 1pm until the club closes.

Please remember you cannot go on the water unless the Duty Office is flying the Green Flag on the shoreline.

If you haven't launched by 4pm then you are to late. If you are out on the water please remember that you must be ashore by 4.30pm and that the changing rooms and Club House will be locked at 5pm. After this time you can remain on the Club site but you won't have access to changing facilities. Remember when leaving the club it is a requirement of the lease that both sets of gates are locked - That’s the gates at the club house side and those on the other side of the field near the river. Contact me for the Gate combination…….But do not disclose this to anyone else, this combination is only for use of paying members.

To make a payment for use of the Vision(s) you will need to credit the MPSC Bank Account. The account details are available from Nick Mason and you will be given them at the time you make your booking. When paying into the account please include in the reference your name and the word Vision. For example, if I am booking the Vision I will use the reference 'N Mason - Vision'.

And Finally………If you are unsure how to rig the boats ask one of the club members, they are a good bunch and willing to help. If the boats do incur some damage PLEASE send me an email to let me know. If you can repair any damage caused that would be a great help, but if you can't then let me know and I will make the necessary arrangements. We all have a responsibility to make sure the boats remain in good working order for all members.

Hopefully the weathers going to brighten up and we can look forward to a good season Dinghy Sailing at IBRSC.


Nick Mason
Rear Commodore Dinghies and Racing

Club Forum
We’re just setting up an online club forum to improve communication and interaction with members. If you’re looking for a skipper or crew, just know of a good place to visit or want to ask questions, it provides an east avenue to do so. Topics can be added according to demand or if you have any suggestions then do let us know – it is your club. It’s still under build but fully functional.

You can find the forum at A bit longwinded I know but there is a link on our internet site, although till our proposed site upgrade this doesn’t display quite so well. Why not put the link in as a favourite and check it from time to time. There’s an excellent opportunity for you to feedback your ideas to our committee. You have to register but then you’re free to post (responsibly) as you like. Ask what you want and let us know what you think.

Good Sailing



Dateline: 02-04-2013

From Phil Onslow:

Dear All

Surely summer is just around the corner although this corner seems to be more of a downward spiral staircase. Let’s be optimistic and plan for some good weather. I’ve repeated a couple of items from last month in particular the club evening at NSY which looks really good. I’ll be there with a number of guests. It would also be good to get as many boat owners to the Vice Commodores Rally over the early May Bank Holiday.

Oh – and don’t miss out on the working parties. We still need a few volunteers to cover with antifoul etc…….

As always there’s further information on our internet site or phone the clubline if you want a real (I use the term loosely) person to speak with.

We’ve a small problem with the site at the moment which I’m hoping will be fixed shortly so bear with us.

Club Evening - In the Wake of Shackleton
In December 1993 explorer Chris Smith set off with three others to sail in a replica of Ernst Shackleton’s famous life boat the 'James Caird' from Elephant Island to South Georgia. The four crew completed the journey sailing the southern seas in the 6.9m long life raft without any support craft or means of rescue. On the 25th April 2013 in the 5th Floor meeting room at NSY Chris will tell the story of this adventure to the Metropolitan Police Sailing Club.

The doors will open from 18.00 with the presentation starting at 19.00. If you would like to attend please tickets are available from Peter Cox at Non-Members welcome.

Charter Information
Well I’ve had my fingers, toes and everything else crossed that the weather would improve for my two recent trips on the water but in the end it was cold both times. But I had such a great time on both occasions and it’s a great reminder to me that time on the water with a group of friends can we fun whatever else is occurring. So be bold and get those charter dates sorted. When it comes, I reckon spring will come with a bang. Things have started to pick up next month but there’s availability for April still but we are running with one less boat for this year so it would help us both if you planned ahead. As usual, available dates are on our internet site and are usually updated daily.

Day Skipper or Competent Crew Practical
After a slow start these courses have now started to fill. The Competent Crew is suitable for novices or those with little sailing experience, whilst the Day Skipper Practical is aimed at those who want to learn how to skipper a small yacht. The most important feature is that they’re both great fun! They run from 5pm on Sundays to 4pm on Fridays with dates shown on the internet.

Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster Exam
For those who have reached Day Skipper and want to develop their skills, the likely route would involve a Coastal/Yachtmaster shorebased followed by the Coastal Skipper Practical. This is a non-assessed course where you’ll learn about being skipper of a yacht on a slightly longer passage. It’s ideal for those who have completed the shorebased course.

We run the Exam Prep courses, for Coastal or Yachtmaster in the autumn but most people work towards the qualification during the season. If you’re interested in doing this course, it would help us, and you if you can let us know of your requirements in good time.

Day Skipper Refresher Course
Quite a few members do their Day Skipper with us but never charter our yachts and this is often due to a lack of confidence or a bit of rustiness in sailing skills. In an effort to help, we’ve laid on a 2 day module giving you the opportunity to brush up on your skills without the formality of an RYA course. The dates for this are 16th to 18th June and the cost is £125

Day Skipper Shorebased
We’ve still a couple of places on our last intensive shorebased course of the spring. These courses are held at Hamble and run from Saturday morning to Wednesday afternoon and complete all the required topics of the scheme. We then add in a day’s sailing from Wednesday evening to Thursday afternoon to put some of the lessons into practice but most of all to have a great time. We provide accommodation at the nearby mobile home park and always receive favourable reports about this. The cost of the complete package is only £275.

Working Party Dates
We spent the winter months sorting out Sovereign (for sale) and Pride and Sapphire in readiness for the 2013 season. They’re launched now and back in service. We’re lifting Blue Spirit for an intensive makeover and antifoul. If you’re able to help on any day from 20th to 28th April we’d love to hear from you.

Rib News
Our new RIB has now been called 'HOT PURSUIT ' with the official naming ceremony set for 24th April 2013 outside ESB
This is a new and exciting time for the club with lots of events involving the RIB being planned throughout the year for you to get involved in.

We will be running RIB experience days for those of you who have always wanted a go but didn't want to take on a Level 2 course just yet.

For those of you that have passed their Level 2 or more but are looking to refresh their knowledge or would just like some company on an outing we will have something for you too.

Please feel free to get in touch for more information or any ideas for our new craft. Any suggestions to
We are also looking into a discount for bulk bookings of 5 charters to be used at any point throughout the year. If this would be of interest to you please let us know so we can get support for such a scheme up and running.

Don't forget our RIB, DANNY BUOY is for sale. If you would be interested in purchasing her please make contact with Steve Stevens. The highest bid so far is £10,500. Full details are available on the following link:-

Vice Commodore's Rally
Just 4 weeks to go now to our Vice Commodores Rally which is the one occasion during the year when we lay on an event which involves members yachts. It would be nice to see as many there as possible.

All three of our club yachts will be there and the places on these have been filled but we’d welcome as many members yachts as are able. The itinerary usually starts with a bbq at Mercury and finishes up on the last night at the Folly with plenty of opportunities to have fun in between including a visit to Sparks marina.

With his impending retirement from the MPS, our Vice Commodore is personally organising the event, although rumours that there will be coach transport, operational feeding, a briefing on the 5th floor, shield serials and TSG in reserve are exaggerated. I’m sure it will be good though.

If you’re interested in bringing a boat and crew contact us by email or contact Mike Wise direct at

Cruise Places
Support for our early season short cruises was good and in response I’m looking to arrange a short mid-season weekend cruise on 26th to 28th July with a likely cost of £125. I’m not I a position to confirm these dates but we hope to get a couple of yachts out for an enjoyable and social weekend. If you’re interested then do let me know and you’ll get first refusal as and when it’s confirmed. It’s a great opportunity to do a bit of fun sailing as well as building experience.

We’ve also plenty of places on our Cowes Fireworks cruise from 9th to 11th August. There is scheduled to be an impressive firework display on the Friday evening and this is followed by a pleasant weekend of boozing and cruising. Well Summer has to start sometime doesn’t it.

Yacht Skipper Required
Arrangements are being made for the club to hold a dinghy day on Saturday 6th July at Netley. The arrangements will include using one of our yachts and Nick Mason who is organising this event is looking for a member to skipper the yacht for him. If you are able and willing to do so then please contact him direct at

Club Forum
We’re just setting up an online club forum to improve communication and interaction with members. If you’re looking for a skipper or crew, just know of a good place to visit or want to ask questions or give feedback to your committee, it provides an east avenue to do so. Topics can be added according to demand or if you have any suggestions then do let us know – it is your club. It’s still under build but fully functional.

You can find the forum at A bit longwinded I know but a link will be on the internet site shortly. You have to register but then you’re free to post (responsibly) as you like. Ask what you want and let us know what you think.

Good Sailing for all.



Dateline: 01-03-2013

From Phil Onslow:

Dear All,

It’s now March and I can’t believe how much I’m looking forward to the coming year and I hope you are too and that you are looking forward to plenty of time out on the water. Below you’ll find my usual summary of forthcoming opportunities and I particularly like what promises to be a most interesting talk at NSY in the wake of Shackleton. I Hope to see you there – I wouldn’t miss it.

As usual, have a look at the internet site, send us a mail or pick up the phone if you want to know more. It’s your club and we’re here to help. You never know, we may even get a forum and Facebook page soon……..

In the Wake of Shackleton
In December 1993 explorer Chris Smith set off with three others to sail in a replica of Ernst Shackleton’s famous life boat the 'James Caird' from Elephant Island to South Georgia. The four crew completed the journey sailing the southern seas in the 6.9m long life raft without any support craft or means of rescue. On the 25th April 2013 in the 5th Floor meeting room at NSY Chris will tell the story of this adventure to the Metropolitan Police Sailing Club.

The doors will open from 18.00 with the presentation starting at 19.00. If you would like to attend please tickets are available from Peter Cox at Non-Members welcome.

Chart Corrections – Volunteer Wanted
Each of our yachts have around 16 charts and when you add in our cruising folio this makes up….well lots. We have to keep these up to date with chart corrections and this is normally done annually by a chart agent. Unfortunately, if there are more than 6 corrections on a chart, they won’t correct it and the only option is to buy a new chart.

If there is anyone with sufficient knowledge who would be willing to undertake some chart corrections for us, then please get back to me and I’ll bring the pile to you.

Vice Commodore's Rally
Our Vice Commodores Rally is the one occasion during the year when we lay on an event which involves members yachts. All three of our club yachts will be there and the places on these have been filled but we’d welcome as many members yachts as are able. The itinerary usually starts with a bbq at Mercury and finishes up on the last night at the Folly with plenty of opportunities to have fun in between including a visit to Sparks marina.

With his impending retirement from the MPS, our Vice Commodore is personally organising the event, although rumours that there will be coach transport, operational feeding, a briefing on the 5th floor, shield serials and TSG in reserve are exaggerated. I’m sure it will be good though.

If you’re interested in bringing a boat and crew contact us by email or contact Mike Wise direct at

Day Skipper Shorebased
Whilst the programme of evening classes is coming to an end now, we do have places on two of our intensive Day Skipper shorebased courses. These courses are designed to teach you the theory needed to skipper or act as watch leader of a yacht. It includes navigation and seamanship, collision regulations and a bit of meteorology. It’s 5 days duration at Hamble and costs just £275 including accommodation in a very nice cabin or mobile home. Dates are :-

13th to 17th April
11th to 15th May

If you want further information then do give us a ring.

Day Skipper/Competent Crew Practical
There are still early season opportunities for Competent Crew and Day skipper practical courses with vacancies on the following dates:-

7th to 12th April
21st to 26th April

There has been no price increase on these courses since last year so they represent good value at £360 which includes all food, fuel and safety equipment

Practical Sailing Modules
I know that there are many of you who have done a Day Skipper practical and would welcome a bit of a brush up or a reminder of what you did. We have vacancies on our 2 day Day Skipper refresher from 16th to 18th June. The cost is £125.

Yacht Charter
The boats were launched earlier this week and should be fully kitted out and in service in a few days. I was out last weekend at the last of the really cheap weekends which works out at only £50 per person. It’s still a great deal especially if you sail outside of the peak summer and the harbours and other moorings are far less crowded. The current availability is shown on our internet site

Dinghy Sailing Update
For the last 8 years the MPSC has had membership of Netley Sailing Club and have stored the two club dinghies at this location. This has serviced our needs in respect of our annual Dinghy day but raised other issues. In the last year there has been little or no take up on the dinghy usage. Last year a number of members made enquiries about how to either get involved in Dinghy sailing or undertake formal RYA training. In the case of the Dinghy sailors who want a day’s sailing Netley has been there but the distance has deterred people.

The dinghies at Netley are now in a poor condition. This is because they are too far away for them to be regularly serviced and looked after. Historically this has always been a difficult area for us. We have only ever owned 2 dinghies (aside from a couple of old Wayfarers at our base on the Hamble River in the 1990’s). These boats have always been underused and if you’ll forgive the term, policing their use has always been difficult.

The MPSC Committee has been looking at ways to improve this area for our members. We needed to identify a secure venue to store the boats where they can be looked after properly, some where our members can Dinghy Sail in a safe environment and offers RYA training.

We have now reached a solution and the MPSC is now an affiliated Member of Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club. This is located in Ray Road, West Molesey, KT8 2LF, near Hampton Court and behind Imber Court Police Sports Club.

As an MPSC member you can;

We are in the process of updating the MPSC Dinghy Fleet and at the moment have an RS Vision that can be used at the club. Rental prices are £10 per day or £5 per half day. If you wish to take the Dinghy away for a longer period of time and away from the club then rates can be negotiated. For all booking details please contact Nick Mason - Rear Commodore Dinghies and Racing via email -

For more information on IBRSC go to

Membership on Retirement
Finally a reminder that if you retire you must contact us to keep your membership going. Your subscription will not automatically transfer to your pension at a time when many have most time on their hands for a bit of sailing. We also need to know to update your email address if you only have things sent to the MPS one.

If you’ve queries about any of the above don’t hesitate to phone us on the club line or visit our web site for further details. We’re here to help.

Kind Regards



Dateline: 01-02-2013

From Phil Onslow:

Dear All,

It’s the first of February and summer may be just round the corner. Trust me I know and for those who like to feed on trivial information, the days are already 1hr 19mins longer than the end of December and the sun is 6 degrees higher in the sky. I sometimes think I should get out more….

Anyway, some of us are sailing later this month but for those who aren’t it’s a good time to book now for later in the year to avoid disappointment as some of the cruises and courses are already filled. I’ve highlighted here some information on charter and cruises which may be of interest and as usual, further details are on the internet site or give the clubline a ring.

We’ve all three boats set aside for the Early Bird cruise from 22nd to 24th March. More than 2 are already full so why not take the opportunity to grab one of the last places for a bit of early season sailing and shaking out the cobwebs of winter.

The Vice Commodores Rally is one of the best events of the year. We have all three club boats set aside and I know of at least 2 other members yachts who are attending. If you want to book one of the few remaining places then give us a ring soon, and if you are a boat owner or want to get a charter boat and crew together then send us an email and we’ll give you more details. We try to mix a bit of evening festivities whilst still allowing you to do your own thing during the day. All are welcome so let’s see how many boats we can get. It’s the only event where members can bring their own yachts so lets make it as big as possible.

The Bastille day Cruise is full but if you are interested in putting your name on a reserve list then drop me a mail.

All these events are open to any member and there are no minimum skills required save being able to put the kettle on from time to time.

Practical Training
We’ve our usual programme of practical RYA courses scheduled from the beginning of April. The Competent Crew is suitable for novices and those with little experience, whilst the Day Skipper gives you the necessary skills to charter one of our yachts yourself and take your friends. Dates for each are shown on our internet site and if you want advice on training, I’m happy to help either by email or by phone.

Shorebased Training
Our evening classes will come to an end shortly but there is still the opportunity to do the Day Skipper shorebased on one of our intensive courses. Dates are :-

13th to 17th April

11th to 15th May

These courses are held in our classroom at Hamble and for an all-inclusive fee of £275, we also provide accommodation in one of the large mobile homes or cabins at the site next door to the classroom. Feedback on these classes is really good and they’re superb value.

SRC Radio
The February course is full but I’ve just arranged a new course date of 6th April at NSY. This qualification lasts a lifetime and is essential if you’re looking to charter a yacht or rib. Now is a time to get in quick as there are plans in hand by the RYA to increase the length of the course to 2 days as well as changing some of the administrative arrangements which will make it significantly more expensive. Now’s a good time to do it and save a bit of money in the long run.

Yacht Charter
With only 3 yachts, charter dates will be a little more in demand and the earlier you book, the greater chance you have of getting your chosen dates. Charter fees have been frozen for a 2nd year so are great value. I’ve got my dates in early!

The internet site is regularly updates, usually daily and I’ve just released some further availability which was set aside for uses which have now been cancelled. We’ve even some availability over the late May bank holiday!

Membership in Retirement
When a member retires, their membership of the club may continue in fact for many it’s a wonderful opportunity to spend a bit more time on the water. Subs are not automatically transferred over to pension though. To continue membership all that is necessary is the completion of a standing order or a form for an annual payment or completion of the form to enable subs to be taken from pension and both of these are on the useful documents page of our internet site. Any queries then don’t hesitate to phone or mail and we’ll gladly help. Always remember that if you don’t get a monthly update from me, either there’s a problem with your subs, or your email has changed..

Last month I mentioned that after 12 years I had decided to stand down as Principal of our sailing school activities. I received some truly wonderful and gracious messages from many members and was very touched by the sincerity of the sentiments expressed and strength of support so many of you have shown. I have been approached by the directors and asked to stay on for a while and have agreed to do so. Here’s to a successful 2013.

Good Sailing



Dateline: 09-01-2013

From Phil Onslow:

Dear All

I hope you all had a great Christmas and a fantastic new year but believe it or not the days are now getting longer and that means it’s time to get the sailing sorted for later this year. Whether you’re into power boating, cruising, chartering or want some more training, we hope that we’ve got something to suit.

For the second year in a row, our yacht charter prices have been capped so represent excellent value.

As always full details of all our activities are on our internet site, but if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to give our clubline a ring. We’re here to help.

Maintenance Days
We’ve only two boats out of the water at the moment but we still need your help at the maintenance days. You get a free lunch at the Waters Edge and entry into the draw for crewing on the round the island race. Dates when help is required are:-

13th January

19th January

27th January

2nd February

10th February

16th February

22nd February

2nd March

If you’re able to help then please give the clubline a ring or email

Yacht Charter
We only have three yachts this year as Sovereign is advertised for sale and not available to members (unless you want to buy her). That leaves us with the 3 Hallberg Rassys and for those of a hardy nature, Blue Spirit is still in the water and the heating is working. I’ve tested it myself. Up to date availability is shown on our internet site and all you have to do to reserve the dates you want is to phone the clubline or drop me an email. There has been no price increase so we are still operating on 2011 prices which are excellent value.

Club Cruises
These represent what sailing is all about – the achievement of getting to where you want to go and a meal and a few bears with some good friends. A good way to kick off the season is the Early Bird cruise which runs over the weekend of 22nd to 24th March. No previous experience is needed, just bring a sense of humour and a willingness to enjoy yourself. After that there is an Easter Cruise and the 4 days away enable you to go a bit further.

From 11th to 16th July we have organised a Bastille Day Cruise and set aside 2 boats. The purpose of the cruise is to sail to Cherbourg, show the French how to really celebrate and then sail back. It’s a very sociable event with the opportunity to build on experience and miles.

Further details are now available on the internet site

Shorebased Training
We’ve a number of opportunities here. Those interested in the Day Skipper navigation course, we have courses arranged for 9th to 13th March, 13th to 17th April and 11th to 15th May. They are all held at Hamble and we provide accommodation. The cost including the accommodation is only £275.

An RYA Radar Course has been organised for 19th January. This is an excellent course which teaches how to get the best out of the radar on your yacht or indeed the club yachts.

An SRC Radio Course has been arranged for 17th February. Once you have this certificate, you have it for life and it’s an essential requirement if you intend to charter the yachts or rib and of course don’t forget that being able to operate it in a distress situation could save your life!!

Practical Training
We’ve our usual mix of RYA courses covering the whole syllabus from Competent Crew to Yachtmaster. A summary of some of these courses is shown below.

Competent Crew – this course is for the newcomer to sailing of for someone who has a little dinghy sailing but no cruising experience. If you are a novice or nearly novice, it’s the course for you.

Day Skipper Practical – This is a beginners skippering course which does for skippers what the Competent Crew does for crews. It concentrates on the two most difficult aspects of skippering a yacht for the beginner: passage planning and boat handling.

Dates for these courses are shown on our internet site.

In addition to our programme of RYA courses, we supplement them with some additional modules including Close Quarters Boat Handling, from 24th to 26th April, and Day Skipper Refresher from 16th to 18th June which is designed to build the confidence and ability of those who have done the Day Skipper course but want a bit of practice and improvement to their skills.

Do remember that it’s your club and details of the work carried out by your committee is contained in the Committee minutes which are published on the useful documents page.

I hope you all have an enjoyable 2013 and manage to get out on the water as much as you want.

Good Sailing


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