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Dateline: 01-12-2010

From Phil Onslow:

Dear All

The AGM has come and gone and there are a few changes to the team of directors for the next year. Most significant is in the post of Vice Commodore which has been held by Roger Glass for the last 5 years. Roger has been a tower of strength during a time of change for the club and has given massive support during this time. Many of you will not be aware of the enormous time and effort he has dedicated to the club over many years and I would certainly like to say a public thank you to him for what he has achieved.
In recognition of his longstanding and exceptional service, Roger has been appointed the clubs first Honorary Vice President.

I have reorganised the working parties so we just have one before Christmas and there are a selection of Saturdays and Sundays in the new year. I donít believe that you can be all booked up for February. Nothing happens then so what could be better than a day spent maintaining the boats and the club will provide lunch. Iíve got fewer days this time but need more help on each. You donít need any special skills as we will organise a team leader.

Dates required are :-

11th December
8th January
15th January
23rd January
29th January
5th February
6th February
19th February
20th February
26th February
27th February

Please let me know in advance if you can make it to any of these as we have to schedule the work to the volunteers available. Make my life so much easier and the eventual condition of the boats that much better if we can plan a bit..Öso Iím poised at the end of the phone awaiting your call and I know youíd hate to see a grown man cry.

Courses, Cruises and Charter for 2011

Details of our courses and cruises for next year is now shown on our internet site and we can now take bookings. Iíve also shown the charter availability of the yachts and RIB. Pride is available all through the winter at the special rate of £100 per day or £250 per weekend. Now thatís a bargain.

There are details of our intensive Day Skipper shorebased programme where there are intensive courses arranged for 2nd to 6th April and 9th to 13th April. There is a Feb course but this was booked up very quickly.

A weekend course in available for anyone wanting to complete the shorebased Coastal skipper/Yachtmaster course.

There are also dates for Sea Survival, SRC Radio and First Aid. Radar and Diesel engine will be available soon.

Contact Details

Itís always a massive and continual task to keep everyoneís contact details up to date, and in particular your email. Retiring from the job should be an ideal time to enjoy some sailing but if you donít tell us youíve gone, your subs wonít get paid and our membership Secretary dresses up as the grim reaper and efficiently culls those whose subs havenít been paid. All that is necessary is a once a year standing order for £45 and you can retain your membership into retirement. Your monthly news mail can be sent to your home email.

If at some stage in the future, you stop getting these mails at the start of each month, then get in touch and we can update things for you.


Dateline: 05-11-2010

From Phil Onslow:

Dear All

We've had some lovely cold crisp weather as well as some pretty warm weather for this time of year although I have to admit that sailing activity is dropping off. See below however for some winter chartering opportunities, some shorebased courses, those necessary working parties and of course the details for the AGM where you can book things.

To ensure fairness, yacht or rib charter, cruises and practical courses will be available to book at the AGM and by phone to the clubline thereafter. We are populating details on the internet site as we get them so that you can view opportunities in advance.

Shorebased courses and winter charters are available for booking now.

Internet            Email           Clubline 020 8643 4292

Winter Charters
With our new boat needing little maintenance this year, we've taken the opportunity to keep 'Pride of Broadway' in the water and available for charter during the winter months. With a few warm clothes, well quite a few actually, and a bit of opportunism with the weather a winter sail can be a rewarding experience especially as we've reduced the charter rates to £100 per day and £250 for a weekend during December, January and February. Now isn't that something to warm the heart?

Shorebased Day Skipper and Yachtmaster Courses
We have arranged Intensive Day Skipper shorebased courses for the spring on dates shown below. These courses are held in our classroom at Hamble and the price includes accommodation in a cabin for the February course and a mobile home for the April courses. The cost is just £255. It helps us enormously if you book early for these as we have to confirm the accommodation before the end of December. Also included is a days free sailing on the Thursday at the end of the course.
19th to 23rd February
2nd to 6th April
9th to 13th April

We have arranged a Yachtmaster shorebased course over 4 weekends in Central London. The cost will be £190 and the dates are:-
5th and 6th Feb
12th and 13th Feb
12th and 13th March
19th and 20th March

SRC Radio Courses
New dates for SRC radio courses have been arranged. Courses will be held on 5th and 6th February 2011 at NSY. This is an essential course if you want to charter our yachts or rib. The cost of the course is £50 with a further £30 payable on the day to the RYA for the grant of your licence.

Offshores 2011
Our offshore racing championships will be held 5th to 7th October 2011.

Sunsail are replacing their fleet of Sunfast 37s with new Farr 40's.The bonus side to this is that these yachts are coded to race with 10 crew although there will still only be 8 berths for sleeping. The Notice of Race, when issued in May will reflect this, and will allow boats to be crewed with 10 members. It may well be that the more hardy of you will be able to sleep on air bags in the saloon area, share a "cosy" berth with 2 crew mates or the more affluent book shoreside accommodation for our overnight stops.

On the minus side it does mean that that the bigger yachts are going to be chartered at a greater cost than this year.

The cost this year was £770. Next year the charter fee will increase to £902 for the regatta, an increase of £132, and £391.50 for practice days. As usual this will include fuel costs and engine hours.

It will mean if you choose to sail with 10 crew then the overall cost of charter is shared by more crew.

The deal offered by Sunsail is that if you book a yacht before 31st November they will give the charterer a 5% discount which equates to £45.10. This would make the cost of yacht charter for the regatta an additional £87 - £11 per crewmember if you sail with 8 - to sail a brand new 40 foot yacht.

Working Parties
Three of our yachts will be lifted out of the water later this month and we're looking for willing hands to help take the kit off of them prior to the lift. The date we've set aside is Saturday 20th November and it's a case of many hands making light work so please help if you can. We'd also like your help on 27th November to put the boats 'to bed' so to speak. If you can help on either of these dates then please give me a ring on the clubline.

Details of other winter working parties for January and February will be published in the next news broadcast.

Musto Christmas Presents
Is it too early to mention the word 'Christmas'? I hope not so if you need to order any Musto presents then please order early to ensure delivery. Just send your requirements to our club email address for the attention of John Bailey.

Updating Contact Details
Just a little reminder to keep us up to date with your details if you move or change your phone or email address. Also if you retire, let us know so we can send details of events to your home mail which of course will include a form to ensure your subs are paid. Our membership secretary is most efficient at culling those who leave and don't make alternative arrangements for their subs. Retirement is a great time to sail. I speak from many years experience. I send a news mail out at the beginning of every month so if you aren't receiving it either we have incorrect info in relation to your email address or your membership has lapsed for some reason. Give the clubline a ring if you have any queries.

See below for AGM notice

Kind Regards to all

Phil Onslow


The Executive Management Committee hereby gives notice that the Annual General Meeting of Metropolitan Police Sailing Club Ltd. will be held on:
Monday 22nd November 2010 at 6.00pm in the 5th floor briefing room at New Scotland Yard.

The meeting will deal with the usual business of the presentation of annual accounts, review of the past year, plans for the future, election of directors, awards of life membership and club colours and any other business. Importantly it is also your opportunity to ask questions about the way the club is run by the directors and influence planning for the future.

At least seven daysí notice must be given in writing to the company secretary of motions to be included in the agenda of the annual general meeting or of persons wishing to stand for election to the Executive Management Committee.

At the AGM all MPSC directors are required to retire from office on the Executive Management Committee but all are eligible for re-election. At present it is the intention of all current directors to stand for re-election with the exception of Roger Glass (Vice Commodore) and Philip Morrell (Treasurer), who will not be seeking re-election. Michael Wise (current Rear Commodore Offshore) has been nominated as Vice Commodore and John Oldham (current Deputy Treasurer) has been nominated as Treasurer, should Michael Wise be elected as Vice Commodore Mark Heath has been nominated for the post of Rear Commodore Offshore. All will stand for election at the AGM. If there are any other nominations they need to be notified to the company secretary as above.

In order that answers can be properly researched it would be appreciated if any questions to be asked of the Executive Management Committee were also notified to the company secretary with at least seven days notice.

Any notification as above must be sent to the Company Secretary, John Bailey, on or by post to MPSC, PO Box 308, Brockenhurst, SO42 7XR

The minutes of the last AGM are available to view or download from the MPSC intranet site or our website on (on useful documents page). The club accounts to be presented at the meeting will be posted on the intranet and website as above at least seven days before the AGM. Members are encouraged to print their own copies of these documents to bring to the meeting, they will also be available at the meeting.

Following the AGM there will be a free buffet and cash bar available for you to meet informally with your fellow members. It will also be your first opportunity to book charters, practical courses and club cruises for next year, and to get your discounted Musto orders in for Christmas delivery.

Retired members attending and others requiring NSY visitors passes are requested to notify the Company Secretary as above at least 7 days prior to the meeting.


John Bailey 29th September 2010
MPSC Ltd. Company Secretary


Dateline: 05-10-2010

From Phil Onslow:

Dear All

We're approaching the part of the year when the real sailors go out and I know that many of you will be familiar with the phrase that there's no such thing as inclement weather only inappropriate clothing.

As the season winds up there are still some late opportunities for this year and some plans afoot for next. Below is information regarding late availability on a practical course, some urgent working party volunteers, an opportunity for you to have your say on club cruising and other activities in the future, charter and winter sailing availability, shorebased courses, late season cruises, club wet weathers, a most interesting talk by the mountaineering club and of course our own AGM.

Internet        Email           Clubline 020 8643 4292

Comp Crew/Day Skipper/Coastal Skipper Course
If you're looking for a Competent Crew or Day Skipper practical and can act quickly, we still have a couple of spaces on our course starting on 10th October. this is the last opportunity for this year as the course after that looks to be full. It starts at 5pm on the Sunday evening and finishes on the Friday afternoon. The Competent Crew is suitable for a novice or someone with little sailing experience. We may also be able to accommodate a student who is interested in a non assesses Coastal Skipper course. Cost £340

Working Parties
This weekend we need a painting party for our new Portacabins. Tony Moore is coordinating this so if you're able to assist either Saturday or Sunday (or both??) this weekend 9th and 10th October then please give him a ring.

Cruise Ideas and Interests
This is a busy time for the committee with preparations for the AGM and the work needed to put in place a programme for 2011. There is shortly to be an all day strategy meeting for directors to discuss their plans for next year. If you have any ideas then please let me or one of the directors know. We're particularly interested in any ideas you may have for cruises, whether it be different places you feel would be interesting or some change of format. It is your club so don't be afraid to put forward your views.

Charter - Winter Sailing - Pride
There are still some available dates before the boats come out of the water and I've been reliably informed that the heaters all work. We normally take our boats out of the water for the winter and in the main there will be no difference this year, however, we will be keeping 'Pride of Broadway', our new yacht in the water all through the winter so if there are any hardy souls who want a sail on Boxing Day or New Years day or indeed any other time, then do let me know. The heating is wonderful and we can usually sort something out at short notice if there's a favourable forecast.

Shorebased Intensive Classes
If you are looking to improve your sailing and perhaps undertake a day skipper practical next year then one of the things you usually need to do is to complete a Day Skipper shorebased course. Our shorebased evening classes have now started but we still have capacity on our intensive course which runs from 6th to 10th November. We've kept the price of these really low at £255 which includes the course material and accommodation in a cabin at the adjoining site. The course starts on Saturday and runs till Wednesday with a days free sailing afterwards.

I've had some interest from members who are keen to undertake a yachtmaster shorebased course scheduled over weekends in the new year. If anyone else is interested then please let me know and I'll sort out some dates.

Halloween and Other Cruises
There are still places on our Halloween Cruise from Friday 29th to Sunday 31st October. This is usually a great way to end the season and the cost is only £99. It's alright, you don't have to wear a scary outfit. We're also rescheduling on of our newcomers cruises for sometime during the week beginning 17th October. Full details aren't yet known but I'll put them on the web site as soon as I have them.

Club Wet Weathers
We are seeking feedback on whether the current stock of club wet weathers are sufficient for members now that we are operating four yachts & a RIB. If any charterer has experienced difficulty in meeting the wet-weather needs of their crew due to lack of available kit please contact John Bailey on the club email address with details so that we can consider any increase required in our stock.

Metropolitan Police Mountaineering Club
I reproduce below a news item from the Mountaineering Club. By all accounts the speaker is excellent and there are similar problem solving and other issues which are relevant to yachtsmen. Should be a good evening too!! You'll see the normal pricing below but we have agreed a rate of £7 for Sailing Club members. Should be a good evening too!!

The Metropolitan Police Mountaineering Club is happy to announce that Andy Kirkpatrick, will be our guest speaker for the Clubs annual lecture night. This will be held at NSY 5th floor auditorium on 9th November at 7pm. Bar to open at 5.00pm.

Andy is a hugely accomplished mountaineer and an entertaining speaker. He is equally at home on the stage as he is lashed to an ice clad mountain in a 100mph storm. Brought up on a council estate in Hull, Andy suffered from severe dyslexia which went undiagnosed until he was 19.

Today he is a world expert on climbing gear, funding his expeditions through his work as a freelance writer and motivational speaker. In 2008 he published his first book Psychovertical, which received rave reviews and won the Boardman Tasker Prize for mountain literature. His journey from unqualified school-leaver to published writer and internationally acclaimed mountaineer is an inspiration to anyone who ever doubted their ability to succeed.

Andy is currently on a UK tour of his latest exploits entitled ĎOff the wall.í The 9th November will be an exclusive London addition to the tour.
In ĎOff the wallí, Andy charts the last 2 years of his life with a collection of stories including climbing El Capitan in Yosemite with injured serviceman Major Phil Packer, a dramatic rescue from the North Face of the Eiger, a near drowning at Cape Wrath and a trip to number 10!
If interested in attending then please contact the Club Secretary, Jerry Ostrowski. This event is £10.00 for non Club members and £5.00 for all MPMC members, associate or full.


The Executive Management Committee hereby gives notice that the Annual General Meeting of Metropolitan Police Sailing Club Ltd. will be held on:

Monday, 22nd November, 2010 at 6.00pm.

Any notification as above must be sent to the Company Secretary, John Bailey, on or by post to MPSC, PO Box 308, Brockenhurst, SO42 7XR

The minutes of the last AGM are available to view or download from the MPSC intranet site or our website on (on useful documents page). The club accounts to be presented at the meeting will be posted on the intranet and website as above at least seven days before the AGM. Members are encouraged to print their own copies of these documents to bring to the meeting, they will also be available at the meeting.

John Bailey, 29th September, 2010

MPSC Ltd. Company Secretary


Good Sailing to you all




Dateline: 04-09-2010

From Phil Onslow:

Dear All

Well a touch of autumn in the mornings now but hopefully there is still some good sailing weather to take advantage of before the end of the season. Details below of various courses and cruises.

Internet           Email               Clubline 020 8643 4292

There are still some vacancies on our newcomers cruises to be held on 13th to 15th September, 15th to 17th September, 3rd to 5th October and 5th to 7th October. We wind up the season with a Halloween cruise which is 29th to 31st October. All these cruises are just £99 per person

We will shortly need to look at our cruising programme for next year. If you have any ideas or suggestions then please email or phone with your views.

SRC Radio Courses
We have places available on our two radio courses scheduled for 11th and 12th September. This is a requirement if you want to charter the yacht or RIB. The cost of the course is £50. Contact the clubline asap if interested.

Shorebased Classes
Our Day Skipper shorebased classes are scheduled to start at NSY on Tuesday 21st September at 6.30pm. The cost of these is £210 which includes the notes, practice charts, training almanac etc. and a days sailing at the end of the course. It is suitable for those with little or no experience and is a valuable stepping stone for those who may be thinking about developing their practical skills next year.

We also have a few places on our 5 day intensive course running from 6th to 10th November at Hamble. This will cost you £255 but that includes accommodation in a log cabin next door to Mercury.

Our Coastal/Yachtmaster classes start a week later on Wednesday 29th September, and the cost of these is just £190.

Competent Crew/Day Skipper Practical Courses
We've still some places left on these excellent practical courses starting 19th September, 3rd October and 10th October. The Competent Crew course is suitable for novices and those with little experience. The Day Skipper requires some sailing experience and the theory knowledge gained from a shorebased course. The cost of these courses is £340 which includes just about everything except alcohol.

RIB Courses and Charter
After a gearbox replacement, Danny Buoy is now back in service and available for charter. We still have some places on our intermediate courses for those level 2's who want to become more proficient.

Charter Availability
With 4 yachts we now have greater availability so if you fancy an autumn sail then do get back to me. The availability will be shown on the web site. We're looking to leave a yacht complete with a working heater in the water all winter so if you're a hardy soul then do give that some thought. I've had some lovely Boxing Day sails in the past.

Our offshore racing will be held on 30th September and 1st October. Contact Edward Piggin if you have not yet entered and still wish to do so.

I know it's a long way away, but our AGM is scheduled for 22nd November at 6pm at NSY. It's a good opportunity to show support for your club and of course get first choice for next years courses and cruises.

Letters doesn't infer that I have been bestowed into any honourable order, but we are getting a number of people sending us correspondence in large envelopes which require additional postage. When this happens, Royal Mail don't deliver them to us but send us a card to arrange collection upon payment of the additional fee and an admin cost. Please when sending things make sure you have the right postage. It saves us so much hassle.

Good Sailing to you all



Dateline: 02-08-2010

From Phil Onslow:

Dear All

So time marches on this year and we're into the pleasures of school holidays, wall to wall summer sunshine and as we get every summer, either floods or a drought.

So everything is normal - we haven't won the world cup, we haven't won Wimbledon although totally out of character, we are doing well in the cricket.

Round the Island race went very well though and we had a successful club dinghy day at Netley.

Below are details of vacancies on a practical course in the near future, our shorebased classes for this autumn, we need your help to paint and decorate the base at Mercury and also to display posters for us. There's a race training module, a reminder of our offshore racing championships, a retirement function, rib training and some autumn cruises.

So lots of things going on and as always more info on our internet site.

Internet:       Email:            Clubline: 020 8643 4292

Day Skipper/Competent Crew Practical course
Our practical training programme continues with course dates shown on the internet site. For anyone who wants to complete a Day Skipper or Competent Crew practical before the days get shorter and colder, we have had a cancellation on 5th to 10th September so there are places available then.

Shorebased Navigation Courses
September is a busy time for our shorebased programme with evening classes starting for Day Skipper and Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster. The Day Skipper is designed for those with minimal sailing experience and teaches the necessary elements of navigation, safety and seamanship necessary to take command of a yacht but also well suited to becoming better all round sailors. If you have completed a Competent Crew course, then this would be a natural next step. Classes will be held at New Scotland Yard Starting Tuesday 21st September at 6.30pm. The cost is £210 which includes the practice charts, practice almanacs, software chart plotter and course notes.

The Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster is designed for the more experienced sailor, and your navigation and general knowledge should be up to the standard of Day Skipper. If you completed the Day Skipper last year then you should consider doing this now whilst the knowledge is still fresh in your mind.

Wives, partners and other close family are eligible to attend these courses.

To book please contact the clubline

Base Working Party
During the last 6 months we have installed some replacement cabins at Hamble and I have to say that they are a significant improvement on the old ones....if only that they don't leak. They do however need some painting and decorating and we are looking for volunteers to help us on 14th, 15th, 21st and 22nd August. If you are able to help on any of these dates (no we're not asking you to do all of them), please contact Tony Moore on 07590819997 or email

Race Training Module
We still have places on our Race training module on 3rd to 5th September. This is an excellent module run by Roger Glass and Mason King who are both knowledgeable and accomplished racers. We run it with 2 boats and are arranging a committee boat so you can practice starts. It's great fun as well.

MPSC Offshore Racing Championships
Our Offshore racing championships are being held on 30th September and 1st October using the Sunsail fleet as in previous years. It is suitable for all standards and there is a white sail fleet as well so if the thought of flying that spinnaker puts you off, that's no excuse now. You could of course do our module. Edward Pigggin is once again the organiser and the notice of race and entry forms are on the yacht racing page of the internet site. Contact the Clubline if you have any difficulties. It's so much easier for us to get the arrangements right if you book early so can I issue my annual pleas to get your entries in as soon as possible please. I know you'd hate to see a grown man cry.

I sent out the following plea last month but received very few replies. Those who did will be sent posters shortly but either there are lots of posters in police buildings or the communications network failed to engage. Please let me know if you can display a poster.

We have a supply of laminated posters which we would like to display at all police buildings. Please have a look at the notice boards where you work and if there is not a poster displayed then email me your dispatch address and I'll send you one for display. Let me know how many you want and whether A4 or A3 is best for you.

Mason King's Retirement
Mason King is shortly to retire from the MPS. Mason has been a member for many years now and has been actively involved in the clubs teaching and racing programmes. He has asked me to circulate the following:-

Dear all,
I am retiring from the MPS during the second week in September and would like to invite you to a retirement drink on Wed 8th September at the Civil Service Club, Great Scotland Yard, London SW1 2HJ.

If you are reading this, it probably means you have worked with me, sailed with me, or otherwise had an influence on my career at some time during the last 30 years.

The function will start at 4pm and there will be free drinks and buffet throughout the afternoon/early evening. Dress code for the Club is not strict, but not too scruffy or disrespectful please due to the nature of the premises.

The Club is very easy to get to by train, being just round the corner from Embankment or Charing Cross tube/train stations. Please see the link below for a map.

It would be great to see some old, and not so old faces there and catch up on some gossip. I've tried to schedule it for a day when at least some people from the teams I have worked with in recent years may be able to make it.

I'd be grateful if you could let me know whether or not you can come along, so that I can cater accordingly.

Mason KING Insp. CO19

Autumn Cruises
I know that it's still the summer but now isn't a bad time to make plans for the autumn. If you are relatively new to sailing, then you are eligible to book on our Newcomers cruises. These are geared to suit novices and those will little experience.
Dates are 13th to 15th September, 15th to 17th September, 3rd to 5th October, 5th to 7th October.

We are also running a Halloween Cruise later in the year from 29th to 31st October which is open to all.

To book either of these cruises, contact the Clubline or email us.

RIB Training
As well as our usual programme of level 2 courses, we have some intermediate courses running in September and October. These provide training for those who want to make slightly longer coastal passages and are a natural progression for those who have completed a level 2 course.

Enjoy the sunshine and sailing whilst you can

Good Sailing


Dateline: 07-07-2010

From Phil Onslow:

Netley Sailing Club - MPSC Members Open Day on Saturday 24th July 2010
MPSC members are welcome to attend the annual members Open Day at Netley Sailing Club on Southampton Water on 24th July 2010. There will be an opportunity to try dinghy sailing, go for rides on the Club Rib and try out the Yacht. Family members are welcome. The fun will start at 10AM to 4PM. Buoyancy aids will be provided on the day. Just bring a change of clothes and some sun cream. Netley Sailing Club has a field for camping and there will be a BBQ on Saturday evening. For more information please contact Pete Walker on 07990 532105 or email:

Advertising Posters
We have a supply of laminated posters which we would like to display at all police buildings. Please have a look at the notice boards where you work and if there is not a poster displayed then email me your dispatch address and I'll send you one for display. Let me know how many you want and whether A4 or A3 is best for you.

Day Skipper/Competent Crew Place
Due to a cancellation, we now have a space on a Day Skipper or Competent Crew course starting 1st August.

Good Sailing



Dateline: 01-07-2010

From Phil Onslow:

Dear All

The sun is shining gloriously and the more boating we do, the quicker we'll forget all about the South Africa nightmare where a group of highly paid (some say overpaid) Englishmen failed to kick the pigs bladder through the sticks enough times to get anywhere near winning the star prize which was some hollowed out lump of metal. Thankfully as a nation we're more accomplished at sailing than we are at football. (Can't wait for feedback on that line)

As usual I've highlighted below some of the key club activities and events but further details are on our web site.

Below is an important message from Roger Glass who has been our vice Commodore for the last 5 yrs.

We also have important information about shorebased classes, practical training, cruises, RIB training, offshore racing, a crewing opportunity and bookings procedure.

Internet -      Email -     Clubline - 020 8643 4292

Vice Commodore
Dear All,

This year's AGM will take place 22nd November at NSY.

I will have had the honour of serving as your Vice Commodore and Managing Director for 5 years.
I will also have worked for a little over 40 years in the police service.
I know it's hard to believe for someone who looks as young as me!
The Directors, The Committee, The MPSC Staff and Members have enabled those 5 years to be the most successful in the club's history.
Membership has grown from 799 to over 1300.
Our fleet has both expanded and been updated.
Our training courses and cruising opportunities have increased.
Yet we have still managed to successfully maintain our club ethos.
Lifelong friendships continue to be forged amongst members who meet at glamorous events such as winter anti fouling parties or paint the base blue in a day!

I believe it is both healthy and important for any organisation to have gradual management change. This gives a better opportunity for the development of new ideas whilst still maintaining stability. The sailing club is not an exception to this ideal. During my term of office there has always been a gradual change of MPSC Directors.

I am not an exception to that ideal and have decided that it is now time for me not to stand for re-election at the AGM this November.

This means there will be some movement and I anticipate a couple of changes within the MPSC Executive Committee, which consists of 8 Directors each having various areas of responsibility. There will also be changes in the MPSC Committee, which consists other non-executive posts. All the posts referred to are voluntary and non salaried.

If you feel you are able to devote some time to the club, often in an administrative type role, please contact either me, our General Manager John Bailey or any of the club Directors who will discuss opportunities and any time commitment required in more detail.

Thank you

Shorebased Classes
The recent weather will have confirmed that summer is here in all it's glory but one spin-off from that if we want to move forward is that we have to plan for the autumn and winter and that means shorebased classes.

Day Skipper - We are running this course as evening classes and also as a 5 day intensive course.

Our evening classes will start on Tuesday 21st September at 6.30pm at NSY. The cost will be £210. This includes the RYA pack with practice charts, training almanac, course notes and a CD chartplotter which can be loaded onto your laptop.

We have arranged 2 intensive courses running from 2nd to 6th October and from 6th to 10th November. The cost of these courses is ££255 which included accommodation.

All Day Skipper courses include a free day sailing.

Yachtmaster - We are running an evening class starting on Wednesday 22nd 6.30pm. The cost will be £190 which includes the RYA pack of charts etc.

It's sometimes suggested to me by Day Skipper students that they want to gain more experience before they undertake this course. Anyone who has completed the Day Skipper shorebased should be able to complete the yachtmaster, indeed it's better to complete it before you forget what you learned at Day Skipper.

SRC Radio - A new date probably around the end of September or beginning of October will be advertised on the internet site shortly.

Practical Training
We still have a number of dates for our Day Skipper and Competent Crew courses.

We are running a Race Training Module from 3rd to 5th September. This is run by Roger Glass and Mason King who are both accomplished racers and our feedback from previous students of this course is that they have enjoyed it immensely and learned an enormous amount of racing knowledge.

Offshore Racing
Our offshore races will take place on 30th September and 1st October following the usual format on Sunsail boats. Notice of Race and entry form will be available on the internet site shortly, but now is the time to get your booking in. In the past, many of the entrants have left things late in the day and whilst we'll always do our best to accept the entries, it does make the organisers job it bit more ...challenging. Please help us by booking early.

The bulk of our cruises are either booked or finished but we still have places on a couple of short cruises.

The Newcomers cruise is targeted towards those with minimal sailing experience so that everyone on the boat (except the skipper of course) is in the same boat in more ways than one if you see what I mean. Dates are 13th to 15th September, 15th to 17th September 3rd to 5th October and 5th to 7th October.

The Halloween cruise is our final cruise of the year and is always a good way to round off the season. The dates are 29th to 31st October.

Charter Availability
There are still available dates for charter including a few weekends and we still have boats available for the August Bank Holiday. Current availability is available on the internet page which is usually updated each day.

RIB Intermediate & Level 2
Our programme of level 2 courses is available on the internet site. The level 2 is a course teaching boat handling and seamanship and is suitable to people with no previous experience.

Can I also draw your attention to the intermediate courses that we offer. This course builds on the level 2 skills and teaches students how to plan and execute short coastal passages.
Dates - 14th and 15th September, 28th and 29th September, 14th and 15th October
Cost £190

Course, Cruise and Charter Bookings
I know that many of you have difficulties and uncertainties in relation to your booking of club courses, cruises and charters. The club practice in relation to this is that telephone reservations should be made and the place will be held for 7 days pending a written confirmation and payment of the fee or deposit as appropriate.

We have always adopted a flexible approach to this, particularly when there are uncertainties in relation to leave etc, but sadly many members have taken advantage of this flexibility and quite frankly messed us around.

As far as possible, we will continue to be flexible, and I will endeavour to send out email remainders where no confirmation has been received but if a booking has not been confirmed within a week of a telephone reservation then there is no guarantee that it can be kept when there are others wanting the place.

Crew Wanted
Andy Rooke is looking for crew for a yacht delivery. See the 'News' page of the internet for further details.

Good Sailing



Dateline: 03-06-2010

From Phil Onslow:

Well after such promise in April the weather was at times anti social during May but as I always say, "There's no such thing as inclement weather, only inappropriate clothing".

Now I know that there's some football competition or the like on soon and I'm sure many couch potatoes will be following every game but there's places on courses and charter for both RIB and yachts in the near future and as often happens, some new dates where people have cancelled.

Internet -               Email          Clubline 020 8643 4292

As always full details are on the web site but if you've any queries then don't hesitate to give the clubline a ring. First regrettably there is some sad news.

Bernie Browne
It is with great sadness that I learned of the sudden death of Bernie Browne who suffered an unexpected heart attack whilst in Spain on 23rd May. I'm sure all who knew him would wish to send their condolences to his family at this time. Bernie was a popular club member for many years and was an accomplished yachtmaster instructor who trained many people who undertook their RYA courses within the club.

He is to be flown back to England and arrangements are in hand for his funeral in the Ascot area later in June.

Day Skipper/Competent Crew
We still have places on :-
11th to 16th July
18th to 23rd July

After that, we're fully booked till September so if you're interested get in quick. If you want a course but can't make these dates, then do email or phone because if I have a few enquiries I can sometimes lay on extra courses.

Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Coastal Exam Prep
The coastal course is suitable for those who have completed their Day Skipper practical and want to progress and make longer passages. It will also enable you to take our club yachts further afield.
Dates are 11th to 16th July

The exam prep course is an intensive brush up on those skills needed before you submit yourself for examination. It's not as daunting as it may seem and though hard work it will improve both your skills and your confidence in boat handling.
Dates are 5th to 12th September and 19th to 24th September.

Race Training
We have arranged a race training module for those interested in improving their racing skills. This will be especially useful if you are thinking of entering into our Offshore championships at the end of September. The course is run by Roger Glass and Mason King who are both accomplished racing yachtsmen and will be held on 3rd to 5th September.

Yacht Charter
Due to some cancellations we still have availability for June. Have a look at the web site for full details but there are even two boats now available for the weekend of 18th to 20th June when the Round the Island Race is being held.We've still one boat available for the weekends of 4th to 6th June and 11th to 13th June, as well as some midweek capacity.

RIB Level 2 Courses
We have the following availability
17th and 18th June - 2 places
23rd and 24th June - 1 place
1st and 2nd July - 3 places

RIB Charter
Some spare capacity during June including the weekend of 12th and 13th June as well as 19th June for the Round the Island Race.

SRC Radio Course
Spaces still available on the next radio course to be held on 26th June

Good Sailing



Dateline: 28-04-2010

From Phil Onslow:

Dear All

Oh what glorious sunshine. Have sympathy with me though as I've been at the seaside for the last 9 days.

Below are details of charter, cruising and training opportunities as well as a painting party! As always further information is available on the web site.

Internet -             Email -        Clubline - 020 8643 4292

Practical Courses
Still space left on the Day Skipper or Competent Crew course from 9th to 14th May and 6th to 11th June.

We have Coastal Skipper Courses from 6th to 11th June and 11th to 16th July.

I know it's only April so perhaps a bit early to talk about September, but this is the time when we look to our Yachtmaster Coastal and Yachtmaster Offshore exam prep courses. It's really helpful to me if you can let me know in good time if you're interested in these as soon as possible as we have to make early decisions in relation to the courses and of course book the best examiners. If you're interested in one of these then please let me know as soon as possible.

Shorebased Courses
There is one more Day Skipper Shorebased course left for this session and that's 8th to 12th May. If you want something this side of winter then best you get your skates on and let me know asap.

SRC Radio
A further radio course has been arranged for 26th June. A radio licence is a requirement before you can charter the yachts or RIB. Bookings to the clubline in the normal way.

Cruising Opportunities
for those wishing to build up a few more miles or do some real sailing that's out of the Solent area, we still have places available on our mileage builder from 16th to 21st May and St Malo to Hamble 17th to 25th July.

Painting Party
Our two new cabins are in place and need some fitting out and painting and of course they have to be painted in our best corporate blue. We've scheduled a working party for 22nd and 23rd May in order to do this so if you're able to help on either day then please get in touch on the clubline or drop me an email.

Kind Regards and Good Sailing to you all.

Phil Onslow


Dateline: 02-04-2010

From Phil Onslow:

Dear All

As I write this the sun is shining and I long to be out on the water. But I've seen the forecast and heavy rain will be here shortly and I've just come back from 5 days some of which was in 50 knots of wind. The boat as always took it well and the clocks have gone forward so Spring has now started - it's official and if you had any doubts ask my dahlias which have just poked their heads above the soil.

A big thanks to those who have helped out on the maintenance this year but we do need a bit more help at the base. The courses and cruises have started to fill but we've had a few cancellations so check out the current availability. Some weekend charter is still up for grabs and I know that Spring has arrived because people have started booking the RIB. For full details on these and other topical items, see below.

Internet           Email        Clubline 020 8643 4292

Urgent Working Party
The club are replacing two of our cabins at Hamble with 2 larger ones. This is a massive job and is being project managed for us but we do need some willing volunteers to help out with some general moving of kit and site clearance. The bad news is that you don't need any special skills so you've no reason not to volunteer. The timescale has been a bit flexible up to now but we're ready to go so please get back to me on the clubline asap if you're able to help. The contractor is

The date we need you is Saturday, 10th April!!!!

The contractor starts the following week so we're up the creek if we don't get enough volunteers.

Summer Cruising
We've had a few cancellations here so some of the cruises which were full now have vacancies, in particular the following:-
Vice Commodores Rally - 30th April to 3rd May
Mileage Builder - 16th to 21st May
St Malo to Hamble 17th to 25th July

Practical Training
We've also had a few cancellations so short notice places are available for Day Skipper or Competent Crew on the following dates:-
11th to 16th April
18th to 23rd April
9th to 14th May

There are also places on the Day Skipper refresher module from 28th to 30th April. That's great for brushing up on some skills. Details of other courses, dates and prices are shown on the internet site.

Shorebased Training
The last chances to do a Day Skipper course before the autumn will be on the following dates:-
17th to 21st April
8th to 12th May

We have arranged a new date for the SRC Radio course of 26th June at NSY. Anyone wanting to charter a yacht or RIB has to hold this qualification and this is likely to be the last before the autumn.

Yacht Charter
The internet site carries current availability for charter for each of the yachts. May is now pretty full but the weekend of 21st to 23rd is free. There are spaces from June onwards although the weekends are heavily subscribed. If you have any queries then do get back to me on the clubline. I try to keep the site updated.

Internet v Intranet
Being retired the Aware system is just a name to me although I understand it's just had a most professional update. We try to keep the Intranet focussed towards that information which is less time sensitive.

Our external internet site I usually try to update in the morning whilst still in my dressing gown en route to breakfast (just don't try to picture it as it's not a pretty site). It does mean that it should be your first port of call in relation to dates for courses, cruises and charter availability.

With an increasing membership there are a growing number of retired members. For many this is a wonderful opportunity to do more sailing but please remember that you must make arrangements to pay your subs by standing order as they do not transfer automatically from your pension. Our membership secretary has an efficient culling programme to remove those who haven't paid, and it's a braver man than me who would get on the wrong side of that one. I normally send out a news around the start of every month so if you don't receive one, you need to get back to me as either your membership has lapsed for some reason or there is a problem with your email.

Good Sailing


Dateline: 09-03-2010

From Phil Onslow:

Dear All

Well the season has now started. I know that cause I was on the water last weekend in the lovely sunshine although I have to admit to needing my thermals. The boats are launched and ready to go and you have until the end of March to take advantage of the winter rates, and things are still a bit cheaper in April so why not think about an early season charter. Many thanks to those who helped out during the winter with work on the boats and can you all please see below about some urgent help wanted this weekend.!

Internet         Email -       Clubline 020 8643 4202

Below you will find some information about cruise places, training courses, charter, Internet information, yet still more working parties, RIB courses and of course our new boat.

Club Cruises

Easter - Places are still available on the Easter Cruise from 1st to 5th April. This is a relaxed cruise not covering any great distances but is an opportunity to get out on the water. It is suitable for all levels of experience including beginners.

Vice Commodores Rally - Still a couple of places available on the Vice Commodores Rally. This is always a very sociable event and as well as the club yachts we welcome boat owners and their crews. Some members get a crew together and charter. To book places on club yachts, telephone the clubline. If you are interested in bringing a yacht then contact the organiser who is Vic George on 07785386314

London To Hamble - Our cruise to London and back has been organised on the new boat and the dates are either side of her naming ceremony which is to take place in London on 11th May with the Commissioners wife. The cruise back to Hamble will be from 12th to 20th May and is an ideal opportunity to sail on the new boat and to build up some miles and experience.

Mileage Builder - This will be cross channel or along the coast according to conditions and the wishes of the skipper and crew. It's an ideal opportunity to get some experience away from the Solent and to build the miles and experience.

St Malo to Hamble - This cruise was filled early as there was a lot of interest. Unfortunately we have had a couple of cancellations so there are still opportunities to complete this leg which will include the French coast and the Channel Islands. I'm just jealous I'm not doing it myself as I would highly recommend it.

Full details of all the above are on the cruising page of the Internet site

Training Courses
Spring is a busy time with the shorebased classes overlapping the practical season. We rarely run shorebased into the summer so if you are intending to do Day Skipper shorebased, SRC Radio, Radar don't miss the boat. the radio course is a requirement for charterers of the RIB or yachts and lasts your lifetime so if you have a practical course booked you may want to consider the radio as well.

Day Skipper Shorebased - 17th to 21st April or 8th to 12th May. If you're quick, there is a weekend class starting this weekend!
SRC Radio - Saturday 13th or Sunday 14th March. You need to hurry
Radar - 18th April

Our practical courses will start soon as well as our training modules. Of note is a Day skipper refresher course from 28th to 30th April which is suitable for anyone who has completed the Day Skipper Practical but is looking to improve their skills or relearn and gain confidence before sailing again.

Charter Information
Bookings are starting to fill now and anyone who wants a weekend in particular is best advised to sort out dates ASAP. Up to date information is on the website but the following are highlighted:-
Easter Period - Blue Spirit, Sapphire and Pride are all available
9th to 11th April - Blue Spirit and Sapphire are available
16th to 18th April - Sapphire is available
21st to 23rd May - Sovereign and Blue Spirit are available

Working Parties - New Cabins
We're getting two new cabins delivered to Mercury and these are currently at Wood Green. Before they're moved, there is some clearing our, cleaning and general remedial work so that they are in good condition once they arrive at Hamble. We're looking for your help for a working party at Wood Green on Saturday 13th March - that's this Saturday!! If you're able to assist then contact Tony Moore who is our Rear Commodore Works on 07881 858656 ASAP please

RIB Courses
Our full programme of RIB courses is available on the internet site but there are currently vacancies on the following courses
Level 2 - 1st and 2nd April
Level 2 - 1st and 2nd May
Intermediate - 12th and 13th April

New Yacht
'Pride of Broadway' has now been coded and having sailed her last weekend she is magnificent. We're awaiting a few bits of extra work but if you're interested in chartering her then the earlier you get in the greater chance you have of getting your choice of dates. The heating makes even early March sailing positively balmy.

Internet v Intranet
I speak to many people on the phone about charter and course availability and sometimes there is a bit of confusion with dates and information. The most up to date published information will be on the external internet site and the address is shown at the top of this message. This is because I can update what's available whilst still in my dressing gown en route to breakfast. (Sorry if the thought of me in my dressing gown creates unpleasant pictures in your mind). We try to keep the internal intranet for information of a general nature which is not time sensitive. Unfortunately I can't reach that from the breakfast table. Most up to date of course is the clubline so don't be afraid to give me a ring although if you could avoid night duty I will be very grateful!!

Good Sailing



Dateline: 08-02-2010

From Phil Onslow:

Dear All

Well now is the time to get sailing organised for a promising season. We're running with 4 boats this year and just as well the way the early season bookings are going. We're having a lot of work done on Sovereign to sort out some of her persistent problems and we currently have the engine out to get things sorted. Further details on her progress next month.

Below are details of our 2010 training and cruising programme, a club evening and much more. As always further details can be obtained via the internet, clubline or club email.

Internet: . Email: . Clubline: 020 8643 3292

Club Evening
The club have arranged a social evening on Thursday 25th March at 1830hrs at NSY. The speaker will be Graham Sutherland. Graham is a Cowes based professional navigator and tactician with over 22yrs of Grand Prix racing experience in the Solent including numerous Admirals Cups and Commodores Cup campaigns. He is a former triple National Match Racing champion and holds the record for the fastest ever time for Round the Island set in 2001. He also masterminded the two year Winning Tides project, producing the most detailed tidal stream information available for the Solent.

The evening will consist of two parts, a talk on Solent tides focussing on specific hazards and tips to negotiate them safely. After a short intermission, Graham will talk about racing round the island. There will also be an opportunity to book courses and cruises. Tickets are free to MPSC members and £5 for non members.

Please contact Claire Lisgo ( for tickets and further details.

Charter Availability
Work is progressing on 'Pride of Broadway' to get her into service. Having been on her, she really is quite magnificent. There's been a lot of interest in chartering her, particularly at weekends so if you want to get your first choice dates, then it's a good time to get your diary out now. As always the charter dates are on the internet and I try to keep them as up to date as I can. There are some new dates as well as I've had a couple of cancellations.

Shorebased Courses Day Skipper
Our shorebased courses start to scale down as the days get longer. There are opportunities for Day Skipper shorebased over 3 weekends or 5 day intensive courses.
Weekends - 13th, 14th, 27th, 28th March, 10th & 11th April in Central London

13th to 17th March
17th to 21st April
8th to 12th May
These are all based at Hamble and accommodation is provided.

Shorebased Courses - Coastal/Yachtmaster
There is also a rare opportunity to do the Coastal/Yachtmaster shorebased over 4 weekends based in Central London. These will be
27th, 28th March, 10th, 11th, 24th, 25th April, 15th, 16th May.

Shorebased Courses - Other
We've also dates for the following:-

SRC Radio -13th March and 14th March
Radar - 18th April
Small Craft First Aid - 27th February
Sea Survival - 14th March

Practical Courses
We have a full range of RYA practical courses including Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper non assessed, Yachtmaster Coastal and Yachtmaster Offshore practical. See internet site for dates and prices. We also have the following 2 day modules.
28th to 30th April - Close Quarters Boat Handling
28th to 30th April - Day Skipper Refresher

The Creek Crawling is already fully booked. There will be a Race training module in September.

Whilst some of our cruises have been booked very quickly, there are others with spaces so hopefully everyone will have some opportunities. I would highlight the following, but full details, including dates and prices are on the internet page.

Season Starter - This is a good way to start the season and there are a number of places. It runs from 19th to 21st March, costs £99 and we have 2 boats reserved.
Easter Cruise - A chance to get out over Easter with a bit of light cruising. It runs from 1st to 5th April,costs £170, and again we have 2 boats reserved.
Vice Commodores Rally - Just one place remaining on this cruising extravaganza. See further details below.
Hamble to London - 1 place available
London to Hamble - 2 places available - Both of these are on the new yacht and are opportunities to cruise in an area we rarely visit by boat.
Mileage Builder - This may go cross channel, but may do some extended coastal passages. An ideal opportunity to build some miles and experience.
St Malo to Hamble - 1 place available

Lifeguard Required
It is a requirement that a qualified lifeguard is in attendance when we run our sea survival courses. If anyone is qualified and able to help for a couple of hours on Sunday 14th March, could they contact Karoline George.

Vice Commodores Rally
Our Vice Commodores Rally will be held as usual over the early May bank holiday. One of the key features of this cruise is that we try to encourage members to bring their own boats along or even to charter locally. I have to say that it's one of our major club events and VERY sociable. If you're interested in booking a place then contact the clubline. If you're interested in bringing your own boat or getting a group together on a charter boat for the event, then contact Vic George .

RIB Courses
Full details of our RIB courses are on the internet including dates for a number of Level 2 courses, some intermediate courses and an advanced course on 19th and 20th March which still has a place available.

Day Skipper Power
We still have an opportunity to conduct Day Skipper Power courses at very competitive prices. If you're interested in doing this then please contact the clubline. We can only run these if we get sufficient support.


Club hotline: 020 8643 4292              Email: