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Dateline: 01-12-2009

From Phil Onslow:

Dear All

Winter seems to be finally closing in and we had our final charter last weekend as well as our first working party. We really need your help over the winter to get the boats in good order for the 2010 season and I've shown below the dates we have working parties scheduled for. Please let me know asap if you're able to help on any of the dates and the more notice you give, the more productive we can be. The work schedule has to be set according to the number of volunteers available.

You don't need any special skills to help out. The club provide you with lunch and your name goes into the draw for crew on our club yachts in the Round the Island Race in June.

Of course now is the best time to organise your sailing for next year if you want the widest choice of dates etc. Below are details of some courses and cruises as well as our plans to have 4 boats next year.

There is also an opportunity for an enthusiastic sailor to take part in the Round Britain and Ireland Race.

With Christmas on the horizon, now is the time to order discounted Musto gear. If you can't think of anyone who wants a present then why not buy something for yourself? The Musto catalogue is online with a link from our internet site and John Bailey can order items for delivery to your home address if you give him details in an email to the undermentioned address.

Finally, courtesy of John Goode we again have the opportunity to purchase tickets for the London Boat Show.

We need people to help out at Mercury with working parties on
12th December
9th and 10th January
16th and 17th January
23rd and 24th January
30th and 31st January
6th and 7th February
13th and 14th February
20th and 21st February
27th and 28th February

If you're able to help then give the clubline a ring asap.

Our evening classes are well underway at the moment but we have set up the following intensive and semi intensive courses.

Day Skipper - Weekend Course. 13th, 14th, 27th, 28th January, 10th and 11th February
Venue - NSY
Cost 210

Day Skipper - 5 Day Intensive. Dates are:-
13th to 17th March
17th to 21st April
8th to 12th May
Venue - Hamble Accommodation provided.
Cost 255

Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster - Weekend Course.
4 weekends are needed for this course and the dates are:-
9th, 10th, 23rd, 24th January, 23rd, 24th February, 27th and 28th March

SRC Radio
This is required before you can charter the yachts or RIB. It is a 1 day course and lasts a lifetime. Course dates are:-
16th January
17th January
13th March
14th March
Venue - NSY
Cost 50

Sea Survival
This is so valuable, it's the course that could save your life. You'll remember it for the pool session where you inflate and climb into a raft and you also get the chance to let off some flares, but there's so much more......
Date - 13th March
Venue - West London
Cost 65

First Aid
This course is tailored for yachtsmen (and women). It is 1 day and is an RYA recognised course.
Date 27th February
Venue - NSY
Cost 50

Many will say that Radar is the king of electronics. GPS tells you where you are but radar can avoid a collision. More than any other, it requires some principles to work it and this RYA course gives you the necessary skills.
Date - 18th April
Venue - NSY
Cost - 50


Details of all our practical courses and modules are now published on our internet site.

Spring Exam Prep - Coastal or Yachtmaster
We normally run our exam prep courses in the late summer and early autumn but I have been approached by 2 members to run one in the spring. If there is interest from one or two others I can sort out convenient dates, so if you're interested please let me know asap.

Our new yacht 'Pride of Broadway' will be delivered later this week by road and after a few fitting out and coding points have been sorted out she will be available from early next year. Her main role will be to provide additional charter opportunities for members and I know that many of you will be pleased to hear that she is fitted with wheel steering. I can't wait to sail her myself but if you want a go then she will be undertaking a cruise to London in May where we organise a naming ceremony. (See below for dates)

Blue Spirit was due to be sold, but those of you who attended the AGM will know that we have agreed to purchase her outright and operate with 4 yachts next year.

Charter dates for next year are now available on the internet site.

We have a busy cruising schedule next year with the usual balance of short weekends, extended weekends and weeklong cruises to London, France and the Channel Islands. For those who have spent most of their time in the Solent, there are some opportunities to stretch yourself with mileage building legs to France or along the south coast, the cruise to London and back on the new yacht. These will be on 3rd to 10th May for the outward leg and 11th to 20th May for the return. It's a good opportunity to sail somewhere different with perhaps a visit to France on the way.

Of course we still have our Easter Cruise, and the Vice Commodores Rally in the first part of the season, and of course there is Cowes Weekend with the splendid firework display at the beginning of August. Full details of dates and costs on our internet site.


Starts 6th June from Plymouth return estimated around 30th June.

I am looking for a serving or retired Police Officer to join me as Co-Skipper in the 2010 Round Britain and Ireland Yacht Race.

"Velocity Girl" is purpose built for short-handed races such as the RBI, OSTAR, Fastnet, RORC and JOG. She has a deep fin and bulb, water ballast, lightweight hull, carbon mast with moderate sail area combined with lots of righting moment. Her stability and safety are exceptionally good for a boat of this (or any size) with an AVS of 151 degrees and a STIX of 46.5, her IRC handicap is 1.035. She has a moderate planning hull and her typical upwind speed is between 6 and 7.2 kts and her downwind speed is between 6 and 14 kts.

We have entered the full RORC 2009 programme including the Fastnet 2 Handed, the Petit Bateau Solo races and the Royal Southampton YC 2 Handed series. Our results have got better each race as we learn how to tune the rig and sails to their best potential; she has more to come.

I competed in the 2006 RBI on Chikara a Tripp 40 with Justin Rowley where we came 4th in class one. Maybe I have rose tinted glasses as to how hard it was at times, but also have great memories of some champagne sailing and the fantastic welcomes and parties in Ireland , Scotland , Shetland, Lowestoft and even the 4am finish at Queen Anne's Battery, Plymouth.

The RBI is a great challenge and will test your racing, seamanship , humour and endurance to the fullest. Velocity Girl is tough enough and built for this type of challenge, we have to add human frailty into the equation and find a way to keep going when cold, wet, hungry, tired and scared. Up to 50 teams will enter in boats between 30 and 50 feet, we will be at the smaller but not necessarily the slower end.

I am looking for an excellent sailor, there are two other VQ32s qualified and entered for this event, both skippers have been lucky enough to have a professional racer as Co Skipper. In the 2009 Fastnet, my partner Sharon and I beat one of these crews (Home of Jazz) by 6 hours, I am very much looking forward to testing ourselves against the whole fleet but particularly HOJ and the 3rd VQ32 Vandal.

The Royal Western Yacht Club in Plymouth run this event and their website will give you a lot more feel for the nature and history of this event.

Apart from being good on the water you will need a lot of commitment to do this as well as an understanding partner as it will take around 5 weeks plus a qualifying sail of 300 miles, training, your share of the costs could be up to 3,500; in fact there is not much to commend this at all. If you are more than just casually interested send me an email or text and I will get back to you and we can discuss this adventure further over a beer or a trial sail.

This is big decision and in order to run an effective campaign in the short time available I aim to have a Co-Skipper selected by Christmas.

Richard Lett

London International Boat Show (8th 17th January 2010)
Website bookings
Telephone bookings 0844 209 0333

December will close in fast and I'm sure that the Christmas spirit will take over our lives. Can I take this opportunity to wish you seasons greeting with fair winds and warm sunshine in 2010.

Good Sailing,



Dateline: 29-10-2009

From Phil Onslow:

Dear All

As usual lots still happening even if the colder and darker evenings are drawing in. Below you will find details of our AGM, winter working parties, Musto gear and our new yacht as well as a few other things of interest....maybe a 4th yacht?

As always if you have any questions then give the clubline a ring or send an email to the club email address.

Clubline 020 8643 4292        Email:                  Internet

There's a lot to do this winter and with demand for the boats continuing during November we have delayed their winter lift. I need lots of help please on the following dates:-
Sunday 29th November!
Saturday 5th December
Sunday 6th December
Saturday 12th December
Saturday 9th January
Sunday 10th January
Saturday 16th January
Sunday 17th January
Saturday 23rd January
Sunday 24th January
Saturday 30th January
Sunday 31st January
Saturday 6th February
Sunday 6th February
Saturday 13th February
Sunday 14th February
Saturday 20th February!
Sunday 21st February!
Saturday 27th February!
Sunday 28th February!

The first Sunday and the last 4 which I've shown in bold are particularly important!

The AGM will be held on Monday 23rd November 2009 at 6pm in the 5th floor conference room at NSY. Further details are shown on the internet site.

This is the first opportunity for you to book your charter, course or cruise dates. Details of our cruises, courses and charter availability will be published in stages on our internet pages shortly. This is published in advance so that you can arrange duties or leave, in advance and attend the meeting to make your booking. It is strictly on a first come first served basis and to reserve a place, you must be in a position to complete a booking form and place a deposit either by credit card or by cheque. Unconfirmed bookings cannot be taken. In the past, some of the more popular cruises have been sold out at the AGM!

The AGM is also an opportunity to order your Musto gear from John Bailey, which can be delivered in time for Christmas. Now you may be able to think of someone who deserves a Musto present for Christmas or why not treat yourself to something. I'm sure you deserve it.

One of the common queries I get relates to membership status on retirement. In practice this is often the best time to do a bit of sailing and of course you can continue with your membership uninterrupted. All you have to do is to ensure that your subs are paid and this is best done by a standing order which you can set up using online banking or there is a standing order form on the 'Useful Documents' page of our internet site. If you pay by deductions from pay, this does not continue when you switch to an MPS pension so it's essential for you to complete a standing order.

We hope to take delivery of our new yacht in December. She will be named 'Pride of Broadway' and is a Hallberg Rassy 342. Unlike previous years when we've collected her from Sweden and sailed her back, she is being delivered by road and we hope to have her coded and all the paperwork complete for the start of the 2010 season which for me begins at the start of March. She will be put into service as soon as she is ready so there might be a chance of an early season sail at off peak rates before this.

An exciting development which is currently being discussed is the possibility of a fourth yacht and there is a proposal to keep Blue Spirit and run with 4 boats next year. Like all the good things in life much depends on the money side of things and your committee are looking long and hard at the options.

Good sailing in 2010 and keep looking at the internet site over the next few weeks for details of courses and cruises scheduled for next year.

Regards to All..


Dateline: 06-10-2009

From Phil Onslow:

Dear All

Shorebased Classes
As usual our shorebased classes will be starting in September with evening classes for Day Skipper being held on Tuesdays starting 22nd September and Wednesdays starting 30th September. The classes are at NSY and run from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. The cost including RYA training almanac, practice charts, course notes and DVD plotter is 199.

There are also some 5 day intensive courses being held at Hamble from 10th to 14th October and 7th to 11th November. These include accommodation and the price is 240.

Family are allowed to attend these courses and subject to numbers we can sometimes take friends.

SRC Radio
The Radio course to be held on 19th September is now full but further courses have been arranged for 30th January 2010 and 31st January 2010. These will be held at NSY and the cost is 50.

With so many new members we have arranged further Newcomers Cruises. The dates for these are
5pm on 29th September till 4pm on 1st October
5pm on 11th to 4pm on 13th October
5pm on 25th to 4pm on 27th October

The cost is just 95 and they represent a good opportunity for those newer members to do a bit of fun sailing and build up some sailing experience and skills.

MPSC Offshore Racing Championships
The annual racing is approaching and for anyone who wants to enter a team, time is running short. If you're worried about spinnakers, then there is a white sail fleet this year so why not have a go. Further details including the notice of race and entry form are on the web site or contact the clubline.

RIB Courses and Charter
Danny Buoy will be available for charter during the winter at reduced rates. See website for prices and availability. There are places on our level 2 courses being held on 5th and 6th September and 10th and 11th September. These are the last places for the season. Cost 170.

If you've done your level 2 and want to build your skills then there are spaces on our intermediate courses being held on 1st and 2nd October or 17th and 18th October.

Early notification of the AGM which is due to be held at NSY on Monday 23rd November 2009. This will be the first date on which we can accept charter bookings for 2010. Further details will be published in due course.

Good Sailing..


Dateline: 25-08-09

From Phil Onslow:

Dear All

Lots of sailing to be done this season - if the summer ever returns......or even if it doesn't. Details below include the arrangements for our shorebased classes which have been arranged over the autumn and winter. Every year I receive calls from disappointed members who didn't book in time so please make our job and your life easier by booking places asap. Always remember that family members are able to attend these courses and if there is anyone in your office or borough/department who may be interested then please pass on details to them.

Some practical courses still available including RYA courses and race training modules as well as details of discounted tickets to the Southampton Boat Show. You have a chance to win a bottle of bubbly by suggesting a name for our new yacht and don't forget to enter the offshore racing in October

As always see MPSC internet site for full details.

Internet:    Email;         Clubline: 0208643 4292

Race Training Module - 4th to 6th September
Roger and Mason are once again running their masterclass on racing. It's a 2 day module and will be invaluable if you're looking to get into a bit of racing or even if you've done it before. It you're thinking of entering the offshores this October this is a real must whether both for skipper and crew.
Cost 120

Module - Electronic Navigation - 27th to 29th September
With electronics becoming more popular on yachts, getting the best out of them is essential. This module will make you familiar with navigation using plotters and give an introduction to radar.
Cost 120

Module - Blind Navigation - 29th September to 1st October
No we don't poke your eyes out or get you to wear a blindfold. One of the more potential dangers at sea is fog and this will equip you to tackle it safely.
Cost 120

Night Sailing - 23rd to 25th October
What seems so easy at times is a bit more challenging after dark but should hold no fear for you. Coastal and Yachtmaster exams usually have some of the tests carried out at night as it is an important tool to have. You won't sail all night but this is deliberately run late in the season as the evenings draw in.
Cost 120

Day Skipper and Competent Crew Practical
We have a few vacancies on these 5 day practical RYA courses. Competent Crew is suitable for a complete novice or someone with limited sailing. To complete a Day Skipper practical, it is recommended that you have completed the shorebased course or have equivalent seatime and knowledge. Current available dates are 18th to 23rd October and 25th to 30th October. Any queries then phone the clubline.

Day Skipper Shorebased Courses
We are running 2 evening classes at NSY starting on Tuesday 22nd September or Wednesday 30th September. These are only run once a year so don't 'miss the boat'. We are also running 5 day intensive courses at Hamble which include accommodation. Dates for these are 10th to 14th October or 7th to 11th November.

Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Shorebased Courses
These evening classes will be held at NSY starting on 23rd September

Boat Name
We're approaching decision time for the new yacht which arrives in December and of course she will need a name. If your suggestion is used, you'll get a bottle of Bubbly for your efforts. Please send any suggestions by return email to arrive not later than 16th August 2009.

MPSC Offshore Racing Championships - 9th to 11th October
Time is ticking on and there are only 8 weeks to go to our offshore racing championships which are being held in a similar format to previous years using the Sunsail fleet. this year there will be a white sail fleet, with a trophy, for those who don't feel confident with spinnakers. Further details are on the 'News' page of the internet site together with links to the notice of race and entry forms.

Telephone bookings: 0844 209 0333
Website bookings via:

RIB Courses
We still have places on some of our RIB level 2 and intermediate courses this year. Our new RIB 'Danny Buoy' has been well received and well used this year. You never know I may yet be converted to the 'dark side'............ Seriously though it's loads of fun for the day and can be chartered by members after a 2 day course.

Good Sailing



Dateline: 30-06-09

From Phil Onslow:

A recent circulation contained information on:

Open Day
The club are holding open days at Netley on 25th and 26th July. This is a good opportunity to try out dinghies, powerboats or yachts if you haven't tried them. Further details including a link to a poster are on the News page of the (MPSC) web site.

Racing Modules
Roger Glass and Mason King are once again holding their race training module in September which provides invaluable knowledge especially if you are entering the Offshore Championships in October. We always get good feedback from these modules so why not improve your racing skills.

Shorebased Courses
Our programme of shorebased navigation classes has now been sorted. For those wanting to do a Day Skipper there will be a class on Tuesdays and a class on Wednesdays at NSY. There are also two intensive courses at Hamble. For those wanting a Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster course I'm afraid it's Wednesday evening only. Booking early ensures you have a place and also enables us to organise the classes a bit better so why not help both of us.

SRC - Radio Course
A further radio course has been arranged for 19th September. It is a requirement of our charter conditions for the yachts and RIB that you have this licence (as it is with outside charterers). It lasts a lifetime once you've got it.

Laser Dinghies for Sale
The club are selling two Laser dinghies on Ebay. If you are interested you should make a bid on the site in the normal way. Bids close in 5 days time. Details are:-
Item No 190317848196
Item No 190317860140

Boat Name Suggestions
Many of you will be aware that we are buying a new yacht of course she will need a name. Wouldn't you all like to have our new yacht named with your choice of name. Can you please forward any suggestion to me and you never know, there may be a prize.

MPAA Lottery
Much of our funding comes from the MPAA who have been very supportive over many years now. They depend heavily on income from the Football lottery and I would urge members to join. You might of course win some money. Whether you're retired or still serving, you are able to join and the forms to do so are on the useful documents page of the internet site.

Dateline: 26-02-09

From Phil Onslow:

A recent circulation contained information on:

Our new boat (yes I did say 'new boat')
Courses, cruises and charter including something for boat owners
Dinghy and trailer for sale
Oilies for sale
Vice Commodores Rally
Our next club evening.
Property clearout at Mercury
As always more information is available on our MPSC web pages

If you are a member and not already on the Email Circulation list - which contains up-to-date info on MPSC's activities - contact the MPSC via: or the Clubline - 020 8643 4292

Dateline: 08-10-08

From Phil Onslow:

The Annual General Meeting takes place on Monday, 10th November, 2008 at 6.00pm in the 5th floor briefing room at New Scotland Yard. The Company Secretary requests that you attend to play a part in shaping the future of the club. Importantly it is also your opportunity to ask questions about the way the club is run by the directors and influence planning for the future.

Winter Working Party
We haven't yet set all the dates for the working parties, but we do need help on Saturday and Sunday 22nd and 23rd November. Please let me know on the clubline if you are able to help. No special skills are required other than the ability to push a trolley and if you can't, full coaching will be given.

Shorebased Courses
We have arranged a shorebased Coastal Skipper/yachtmaster course over the weekends of
24th & 25th January
7th & 8th February
28th February & 1st March
21st & 22nd March
We have an SRC course arranged for 31st January and another on 1st February.
We are looking to arrange dates for further Day Skipper shorebased courses, both intensive (5 days at Hamble) and if there is the demand, we will arrange a weekend course in London. These will be held around March or April 2009. If you are interested in either of these courses, please let me know so that I can gauge demand.

Practical Courses and Modules
Due to cancellations, we have a few late vacancies for anyone interested in a 5 day practical Day Skipper or Competent Crew Course.
Dates are 5pm on 19th to 4pm on 24th October.

Dateline: 05-03-08

There has been a strong take up on most of our cruises this year so only a few opportunities exist.

Our Easter cruise runs from the evening of 20th March to the afternoon of 24th March. There are places available and the cost is 125.

Our Spring cruise runs from 3rd to 6th April and costs just 99.

Due to demand, we have arranged another Falmouth to Falmouth cruise with a view to visiting the Isles of Scilly. This will run from 20th to 27th July and will cost 275 for the 7 days.

Sovereign has had a makeover and a fresh start this year. We've been working hard with the manufacturers to sort out the problems of last year and indications are that she is now in good order. She's had a professional valet and is ready to go for the season.

Blue Spirit and Sapphire are launched and kitted out and also ready to go. Availability is shown on our internet site including some new dates only just available.

There are new dates for radio and radar courses on the website, as well as the full range of our practical courses.

Club Survey
Response to our survey has been disappointing so far but if you're quick you still have time to give us your views. The questionnaire is available for download on the 'Useful Documents' page of our site ( and it is important that the committee take the club in the direction you want to go so please take a few minutes to complete the survey.

Dinghy Day at Datchet Water
A fun day out and a chance to sail a dinghy. Our Dinghy Day will be held on 19th March at Datchet Water. See the dinghy page of our website for details.

Dateline: 04-01-08

From Phil Onslow:

Club Evening - Talk by Tom Cunliffe
On 6th March 2008 there is a club evening at NSY which starts at 6pm. At 7pm there will be a talk by Tom Cunliffe entitled 'From Grandfathers Pocket Watch to Digital Chart Plotter'. Tom is an icon amongst sailors and I know from hearing him in the past that the talk will be interesting, informative and entertaining.

Half Price Boat Show Tickets!!
Time is running out for you to take advantage of our opportunity, for half price tickets for the Boat Show.  A single transaction fee of 1.25 applies whether a member orders one ticket or any greater number. Please allow approx 7 days for them to arrive by post.

Day Skipper Shorebased Courses
There are spaces available on our weekend Day Skipper shore-based courses starting on 2nd February and on our 5 day intensive courses at Hamble (accommodation included) starting on 15th March and 19th April. These are the last courses till after the summer.

Working Parties
We still need volunteers for our winter working parties. If you are able to give a day then contact me on the clubline of email and I'll remember you in my will. (I won't leave you anything but I'll remember you)

Practical Training Courses
Dates for all our Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper and RIB training are now on our internet site.

Charter Dates
As one would expect at this time, there are still plenty of opportunities to charter but last year, peak times and weekends filled very quickly in the new year. The available dates are shown on the web site and are regularly updated. Booking early avoids you being disappointed and enables us to manage boat time more easily and cheaply.

Our internet site has a news page on which I'm hoping to update more regularly. If you are selling anything, want to buy anything, want crew or a skipper, or can recommend services, favourite harbours, restaurants, pubs or have any information beneficial to members then why not go to the news page, follow the link and send us details for publication.

Dateline: 02-10-07

From Phil Onslow:

A few vacancies on Courses over the coming months including Shorebased and Practical courses.

Dateline: 31-5-07

From Phil Onslow:

We'll I'm off to sail to the Azores and back shortly with a few other club members. If you're so inclined you can follow our progress at the following site:-

Provided the satellite communications work, we hope to give you a daily update of where we are and events on board. (Those suitable for publication anyway. The best bits will stay secret.........unless you buy me alcohol when I get back)

Last year I had to abort the trip following 67knots of wind (on the nose) and a few problems with the boat. Here's hoping that things are a little better this year and the 1381 miles each way will include some pleasant cruising.

Graeme Walker and Edward Piggin will be covering the club line whilst I'm gone and will be able to reserve your places on courses and charter, but please bear in mind that as far as I know they don't have access to my home email or post so corres to these will lay dormant for about 5 weeks. Messages to the mpsc hotmail address will still be actioned as far as possible.

If you just dial the club line as normal 020 8643 4292, with the wonders of modern technology, one of them should answer.

Below are a few updates of what is currently available.

Day Skipper Competent Crew Practical Courses
1st to 6th July - 1 place
15th to 20th July - 1 place
16th to 21st September - 2 places
7th to 12th October - 3 places

SRC Radio Course
Two new courses have been arranged for 4th and 5th of August in central London. This qualification is required if you want to charter our yachts or RIB (or anyone else's for that matter). It lasts for you lifetime and costs just 45 plus the RYA certificate fee currently 22.

Diesel Engine Course
We have a diesel engine course on Saturday 7th July at Hamble. Did you know that the majority of callouts by yachts to the lifeboat are due to mechanical breakdown and often there is a simple solution. This is a recognised RYA course. It doesn't teach you to be a mechanic but it does give some invaluable guidance on how to overcome those situations when something simple goes wrong which can be easily fixed and could save your embarrassment and the valuable work of the rescue services.
Cost including an RYA pack is only 45

Sea Survival Course
We don't run these courses very often but they are invaluable to sailors. Do you know what a liferaft is like to get into or have you ever let off a flare or smoke signal. This is a practical hands on day where you learn lots of things which you hope will never be needed but might just save you and your crews lives. Most remember it for the swimming pool session but there's far more to it than that.
Date - 28th October 2007
Cost - 60

Dinghy Days and Open Weekend
Once again we have a dinghy weekend arranged at Netley this time on 28th and 29th July. Previous dates of 30th June and 1st July have had to be cancelled due to other events at Netley. Details are on our web site. If you're interested, then contact the organiser who is Andy Taverner on 07753 716583.

Charter Availability
Due to the change of date for the dinghy days, there are yacht charter dates available for the weekend of 30th June and 1st July. Full dates are of course shown on the internet site.


Dateline: 10-5-07

From Phil Onslow:

Competent Crew/Day Skipper
There are still opportunities to do a Day Skipper practical with vacancies as soon as 20th May and 1st July. Others also shown on the site for later in the year.

Exam Prep
There is still a vacancy to do an exam prep course for coastal or yachtmaster. Just one space left from 9th to 16th September.

Santander or Bust
I can't believe that there aren't more of you wanting to take up the opportunity to sail to or from Spain on a big steel boat. It's only a week(ish) 16th to 25th July and 25th July to 1st August and is exceptional value at 350. A wonderful opportunity to experience some long distance sailing and get a few miles under your belt.

Anyone interested then contact the clubline 020 8643 4292 asap.

New Boat
Blue Flame has been sold and we have taken possession of our new Starlight 35 names 'Sovereign of Broadway'. She is in service and available for charter. If you see me fussing around her with my feather duster it is only my effort to keep her looking (and working ) good. When all said and done she is a yacht and is there to be sailed. A picture of her with sparkling teak decks is on the front page of our internet site.

Most of the cruises are now full right up to August but there are still places on the Brest cruise in early September, and the winter wash up 26th to 28th October.

I suppose I have to include something about the 'Dark Side'. After a problem with the RIB early in the season she is now fully up and running with a programme of courses and as usual she is available for charter. With her new (and expensive) finger mooring, she is much easier to get in and out and this can be done at all states of the tide - takes all the fun out of it.

Last but not least don't forget what many people call 'real sailing' and that's the dinghy activities we've arranged. Details are on the web site but there is a programme of training suitable for beginners, and opportunities to practice on our own club dinghies to supplement the training. A good opportunity for families.

Dateline: 18-4-07
Dates of the Metropolitan Police Offshore Sailing Championships 2007 are now published. Details, Notice of Race & Entry Form can be viewed via the Met's Offshore page on this website. Further info and details regarding the club's activities can also be viewed on their own website, as above.

Dateline: 18-2-07
Bill Holley died on 10th February. Comment and funeral details can be viewed via 'Barnacle Bill'.

Dateline: 17-1-07
Circulation from Phil Onslow:-
We have a new and exciting programme this year with a number of short cruises which are ideal opportunities for a bit of social sailing and to increase experience. There are also longer legs for mile building or just a bit of boozing and cruising including:-

7th to 11th May - Cross Channel -
1st to 5th June - Hamble to London -
7th to 11th June - London to Hamble -
7th to 15th June - London to Holland -
15th to 22nd June - Holland to Hamble -
7th to 15th September - Hamble to Brest -
15th to 23rd September - Brest to Hamble -
For cost see the MPSC 'site.

Coupled with this, we still have vacancies on our ocean qualifying legs to and from the Azores also to and from Spain in Boldexplorer - a 44ft steel yacht. This is an outstanding opportunity which is unlikely to be repeated in the near future.

Another new event this year is at the end of Cowes Week where we have organised a cruise to enable you to see the fireworks and the start of the Fastnet Race.
10th to 12th August - Cowes Week Fireworks -

Boat owners are not forgotten and we are again repeating the Vice Commodore's Rally over the early May Bank Holiday, so come on you boat owners why not join in. Must be worth it for the free barbeque. Members are also able to book places on our club yachts.

Charter - New Yacht
We hope to take possession of our new yacht named 'Sovereign of Broadway' complete with teak decks and electric anchor winch at the end of March and to put her in service around the end of April.

She will be available to charter in the usual way with full availability on the MPSC internet site.

Once again we are offering our full range of practical and shorebased courses with full details on the internet site.

There is still an opportunity to complete a shorebased Day Skipper course if you opt for the intensive 5 days at Hamble. The price for members and family includes not only the normal RYA practice charts and books, but an additional day sailing and accommodation in the adjoining mobile home/caravan centre.

There are also opportunities to complete the following courses before we suspend them for the summer whilst we go sailing.

Diesel Engine - Date 31st March

Sea Survival -  Date 18th March

Radar - Date 5th May

SRC Radio - Dates 31st March or 1st April

We have a full programme of practical RYA courses this year from Competent Crew to Yachtmaster.

There are other vacancies so if you are interested in completing your Coastal or Yachtmaster exam and don't want to wait till the autumn then do give us a ring. We can also help and advise you on whether this course is suitable for your experience.

As well as our usual programme of RYA practical courses, we are again offering 2 day modules to help build up the skills. We have courses in electronic Navigation which would benefit all of us, close quarters boat handling which not only builds confidence in those tight situations under sail and power, but can save your damage liability. New for 2007 is the Day Skipper refresher. This is ideal for those of you who may have completed a practical course but want to build up your skill a little before you charter.

There are now some new opportunities to learn dinghy sailing through the club. We've arranged with Datchet Watersports to lay on some dedicated dinghy sailing courses which cover a variety of skills many suitable for the beginner. See the internet site for details or phone the club line.

Dateline: 26-11-06
Circulation from Phil Onslow.
Working Parties wanted  - paint brushes supplied- Give a day at weekends during December to March.

We have the use of Boldexplorer for one more season and have organised Ocean passages to Santander in Spain and the Azores. They are exceedingly good value and are not likely to be repeated. Full details are on the Met's web site.

Some big changes to our cruising programme for 2007. We've retained the short weekend and extended weekend cruises, which seem to suit many people, but added some new venues for the longer cruises. There are also cross channel passages which are ideal for mile building and improving your passage making navigation and other skills, cruises to London and back because the tell me that you don't fall off the end of the world if you travel east past Chichester - and cruises to Holland, which I remember some years ago with very fond memories, as well as Brest. Some new and exciting ventures there.

Plus - we've arranged a short cruise over the weekend of 10th to 12th August at the conclusion of Cowes Week. This is a good opportunity to see the firework display and the Fastnet yachts over the start line.

There's a full programme of practical courses at Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper and Exam Prep courses which are now available to book.

You can still do some shorebased courses with Day Skipper courses being run as 5 day intensive or as weekend study courses.

There's a new Coastal Yachtmaster shorebased being held over weekends starting in January on the following dates 6th & 7th Jan, 3rd, 4th, 24th, 25th Feb & 11th, 12th March.

There are opportunities for Radar, Sea Survival and Diesel Engine courses too.

As always full details including dates and prices are on the internet site at or phone the clubline on 020 8643 4292 for more details.

Dateline: 8-11-06
Circulation from Phil Onslow.
Club Social Evening - Thursday 23rd November
The club have arranged a social evening on Thursday 23rd November at NSY where there will be a presentation on the experiences of Richard Lett and Justin Rowley who successfully completed this year's Round Britain Race and did very well. It promises to be an interesting talk.

Winter Working Parties
It's that time again and the boats come out of the water on 14th November. We're looking for volunteers for working parties on 19th November and 25th November. If you are able to come then please, please do. If you ring on the Clubline if you're able to help on either of those dates so we know who to expect of your choice.

Dateline: 18-10-06
Circulation from Phil Onslow.
A reminder:  - Monday, 13th November is the MPSC AGM. It's the first opportunity to book for next year's practical courses and charter, but details of a few opportunities for this year and next year's shorebased classes are shown below.

Still a couple of places on the weekend cruise 27th to 29th October

Due to a cancellation, there is one vacancy on the Day Skipper shorebased course from 11th to 15th November. Cost 190 which includes accommodation.

New dates for Day Skipper shorebased are as follows:-
Weekend at NSY - 27th & 28th Jan, 3rd & 4th Feb, 17th & 18th Feb
5 day at Hamble - 24th to 28th March

Our radar courses on 18th or 19th November still have vacancies - of all the electronics this is the most important to be trained on. Incorrect interpretation can lead to a collision in poor visibility. All our yachts have radar and there is a duty to have someone on board who can operate it properly. These 1 day courses will show you how.

SRC radio courses are being held on 11th and 12th November and also still have places.

See MPSC website for full update of all courses.

Clubline 020 8643 4292

Dateline: 18-09-06
Circulation from Phil Onslow. Shorebased classes start next week. There are still spaces on the SRC Radio & Radar courses. Charter availability can be viewed on the Met's own Internet site. This autumn will be the last chance to sail Blue Flame before she is sold.

Date for your diary - Monday, 13th November is the MPSC AGM

Dateline: 18-08-06
The MPSC Yachting Championships take place 4-6 October. It's getting late to book - Karoline has extended the closing date to 10th September. But get in touch now!

Dateline: 30-05-06
Metropolitan Police Offshore Championships, 2006. Full details including the Notice of Race and a downloadable Entry Form are now available via the Met's Offshore section of this website.

Dateline: 15-05-06
Recent circulation from Phil:
Courses - A few cancellations, there are places for Day Skipper and Competent Crew on the following dates-:
4th to 9th June
25th to 30th June
2nd to 7th July
16th to 21st July
There are places on a non assessed Coastal course 25th to 30th June.

Azores Cruise
As some of you may know, there are a group of members leaving for the Azores around 19th May. The journey takes nearly two weeks each way and you can follow their progress at Note that there is no www.

If all the communications work, we hope to bring you a daily position, diary entry and the odd photo. Additionally if you want to send a message to us if you send it to the club email address at it will be forwarded on to us. I'm sure as we're watching the sun rise and the dolphins swim by we'd love to hear from you.

Yacht Charter
On the charter front, there are still spaces in June and August (and a bit in July) in particular during Cowes Week! There are some weekends and the August Bank holiday. Full details on the (Met) website which is now back up and running.

There was an interesting Vice Commodore's Rally last week with our club yachts and members boats. We've a busy schedule of cruises, most of which are full but there are still spaces on the Channel Islands cruise (last 2 legs) - again full details of dates and costs on the Met website.

Dinghy Days
Don't forget the dingy days on 24th and 24th and 25th June. We've some great dinghies and it's a good way for those who cruise yachts to have a go at something different as well as those who are new to sailing to have a go. These are really great for the family and there's a bbq in the evening. Full details on the Met's website dinghy page.

RIB Charter and Courses
The RIB is up and running. Steve Stevens (Rear Commodore Power) has put a lot of effort into improving things and we've had lots done from engine servicing, to hull cleaning to reupholstered seats so lets make best use of it in the summer. It's only a phone call away and you can often get it at short notice. As with everything else, availability is shown on the Met's website.

Most of the level 2 places are filled till the end of August, but if you want a course before then do drop me an email and when we get a couple of people interested, we can usually arrange something.

Dateline: 02-05-06
Recent circulations from Phil:
A few places on practical courses for Competent Crew, Day Skipper and Coastal Skipper are still available and whilst we don't have dates for Sea Survival, Radio or Diesel Engine courses, opportunities for these should be organised shortly.

Some slight problems updating the MPSC site just at the moment, so keep an eye out for delayed updates.

RIB courses remain very popular - few places left.

Due to a few cancellations, there are still charter dates in June and July including some weekends, some of which hasn't been advertised before. Because of the current difficulty updating the MPSC website, these are produced below.

Blue Flame
4th to 9th June
11th to 16th June
30th July to 1st August
3rd to 4th August
20th to 22nd August
24th to 27th September
29th September to 3rd October
6th to 27th October
29th October to 30th November

Blue Spirit
16th to 18th June
30th July to 4th August
20th to 27th August
30th Aug to 1st September
4th to 8th September
24th to 29th September
6th to 15th October
20th to 27th October
29th October to 30th November

11th to 13th June
19th to 21st June
30th June to 2nd July
11th to 12th July
18th to 21st July
23rd to 26th July
30th July to 4th August
5th August
11th to 13th August (Daytime Charters)
20th to 29th August
3rd to 8th September
20th to 22nd September
4th to 5th October
15th to 27th October
29th October to 30th November

Base Working Party
Finally, MPSC are having a 'Bash and Burn' party to get rid of the old portacabin on Saturday 13th May so if you are able to help, the more the merrier.

(Don't forget to contact Phil Onslow if you wish to receive 'Jibe Ho!' and other MPSC circulations direct).

Dateline: 09-04-06
The latest edition of the Met's Jibe Ho newsletter is now available to view on this website.

Items include details of this year's 'Round the Island Race', lots of Dinghy news and the story of a hurricane experienced whilst sailing around Greece.

Dateline: 30-03-06
From Phil Onslow: 'We're looking for a working party on Saturday 13th May to break up and burn the old portacabin. If you are able please let me know on the clubline.'

Dateline: 14-03-06
There's a news page on the Met's own website where you can advertise things for sale or for extra crew to make that charter possible or advertise yourself as willing to crew.

A berth has unexpectedly become available on the club pontoon at Mercury Yacht Harbour.

There are still some places on the Vice Commodore's Rally and the Spring cruise. Both of these are of short duration and make an ideal 'holiday' as well as a way to gain more sailing experience. Later in the Summer there are the week long cruises to the West Country which are a chance to get out of the Solent build some miles and get away from some of the commercial crowd and enjoy some picturesque sailing.

Dateline: 27-01-06
Recent circulations from Phil Onslow to the MPSC members includes details of the Vice Commodore's Rally, 28th April - 1st May. Also the talk on Horatio Nelson in February, this year's Courses, Cruise RIB events and the charter availability of their yachts Blue Flame, Blue Spirit and Sapphire.

Dateline: 29-12-05
'Jibe Ho' -
The Christmas, 2005 edition of the Jibe Ho newsletter is now circulated to members. A copy of the newsletter's content is also viewable on this website.

Contents include:
OTHER NEWS - London Boat Show - MPSC raise funds for RNLI
Club Merchandise - Courses & Charter -
Day Skipper Shorebased Course - Cruises - Working Parties
- NSY 20th Feb. Details & Booking Form

Dateline: 16-12-05
MPSC - Dinghy Regatta, 2006
Confirmed for Thursday, 14th April at Datchet.

Dateline: 16-11-05
MPSC - Dates for your Diary, 2006
4th and 5th March 2006 - MPSC Instructor Training
28 April to 1st May - Vice Commodore's Rally
3rd June - Commodore's Cup Round the Island Race
10th & 11th June - Dinghy Days at Netley
5th & 6th Aug - Dinghy Days at Netley
15th Aug - MPAA Inspection Day
19th & 20th Aug - Open Weekend
4th to 6th Oct - Offshore Racing Championships
13th November 2006 - Annual General Meeting

Dateline: 09-11-05
MPSC courses , 2006
There are still places on the Shorebased Day Skipper courses also Yachtmaster Ocean - Astro Navigation courses.

Dateline: 09-11-05
MPSC website
As a result of the recent questionnaire, Phil Onslow has started  up the MPSC's own website which can be viewed at

Dateline: 02-11-05
MPSC Yachting Championships, 2006
From Karoline: Dates for next year confirmed as Wednesday, 4th to Friday, 6th October, 2006.

Dateline: 27-10-05
October issue of Jibe Ho
The latest issue of the MPSC Newsletter is now published. Items include a reminder regarding  the forthcoming AGM, the awarding of MPAA colours to two members, Two entertaining versions of a yachting expedition in the Adriatic last Easter, Dinghy Section news and details of forthcoming courses.

Dateline: 26-10-05
Pictures from Met Offshore Champs
Besides the recent report and results, there are two photo-galleries of pictures ('Day One' & 'Day Two') each comprising some 50 photos from the large - around 1,000 - collection taken by Boyd Page and Vic George during the event.

Dateline: 25-10-05
Course Booking Form updated
John Bailey has produced a new Course Booking Form for use in booking courses held during 2006

Met Offshore Sailing Championships 2005
The final results plus a report by Len Gooch appear in the 'Offshore Section'. A large number of pictures taken by Vic George & Boyd Page are on way to this website to be sorted, processed and displayed in a photo-gallery sometime during the week commencing 24th October.

Dateline: 3-10-05
From John Bailey:
The Executive Management Committee hereby give notice that the Annual General Meeting of the Metropolitan Police Sailing Club Ltd. will be held on:

Wednesday, 16th November, 2005 at 6.00pm
in the 5th floor briefing room at New Scotland Yard.

The meeting will deal with the usual business of the presentation of annual accounts, review of the past year, plans for future, election of directors, awards of life membership and club colours and any other business. Importantly it is also your opportunity to ask questions about the way the club is run by the directors and influence planning for the future.

At least seven days' notice shall be given in writing to the company secretary of motions to be included in the agenda of the annual general meeting or of persons wishing to stand for election to the Executive Management Committee.

In order that answers can be properly researched it would be appreciated if any questions to be asked of the Executive Management Committee were also notified to the company secretary with at least seven days notice.

Any notification as above must be sent to the Company Secretary, John Bailey, on or by post to MPSC, PO Box 308, Brockenhurst, SO42 7XR

Following the AGM there will be a free buffet and cash bar available. It will also be your first opportunity to book charters, practical courses and club cruises for next year, and to get your discounted Musto and Dubarry orders in for Christmas delivery.


Dateline: 3-10-05
A short notice crewing opportunity.

We are looking for someone to act as crew for a course of three students during their preparation course and exam. The start date is 5pm on Sunday 16th October and the finish is likely to be Sunday 23rd October. The cost of this will be 120.

You must be at least day skipper practical and is particularly ideal for anyone who is contemplating an exam in the future and wants to see what is involved.

Phone the clubline 020 8643 4292 if interested or email Phil Onslow a.s.a.p.

Dateline: 10-9-05
Phil circulates:

A number have returned the Questionnaires. A reminder to others to complete the form and have a say in how your club is run.

There is also a final opportunity this year to do a VHF radio - short range certificate. Practical Ability and Shorebased Courses availability has been updated. All of these can be viewed on the 'Courses' page

The Charter dates for the Met's yachts plus Broadsword has been updated.

Dateline: 10-9-05
Phil Onslow has circulated a questionnaire which the executive committee have put together to ascertain members' views regarding how the club could improve and move forward.

You can download the questionnaire - for printing off and posting to the Post Office Box address shown thereon.

It is important that you have your say in the club's future and whilst completing it may look a bit daunting at first glance, the tick box format should ensure that completion only takes a few minutes.

Dateline: 5-9-05
Karoline has 24 entries to date for the Met Offshores in October.

Dateline: 1-9-05
The Charter dates for the Met's yachts has been updated.

Also, RIB charter availability and the course availability for the yachts and the RIB level 2 and intermediate and the radio courses.

Don't forget the shorebased classes which start this September.

There is a new day skipper/competent crew scheduled to start on 6th November

All of these can be viewed on the 'Courses' page and booked via the Clubline.

An update on the Azores trip after the Boat Show - but things are looking promising at present.

There is also a wonderful opportunity for a crew required in a two-handed yacht race around Britain starting at Plymouth in July, 2006.


Club hotline: 020 8643 4292              Email: