Police Sport UK -
National Police Dinghy Sailing Championships, 2006


Lasers - Wednesday, 14th June, 2006
All Dinghies - Thursday/Friday, 15th-16th June, 2006
Venue: Notts County S.C.
Hosts: Nottinghamshire Police


Frances Gifford makes it two years in a row.... Simon Hawkes returns to take the Laser event

The following events were held at Notts County Sailing Club, Hoveringham village near Nottingham between Wednesday, 14th and Friday, 16th June, 2006.


The Laser Championships were held on the Wednesday with 11 competitors taking part in 3 races. The wind was quite light but it was warm enough with the first race getting off on schedule at 11.30am.

This race was led from start to finish by Simon Hawkes; this being his first competitive racing event for 9 yrs He last won this event whilst sailing at Deal in Kent. He had borrowed a Notts County members boat for the whole regatta and proceeded to show the rest of the Laser fleet how to sail. He went on to finish 1st in all three races - just shows sailing is like riding a bike, you never forget!

Dick Sivers also showed a turn of speed in the first race coming in 2nd but failed to maintain the performance in the following races eventually finishing 5th overall.

Andy Taverner from the Met Police improved from his 4th place in the first race to finish with two 2nds in the final two races to take 2nd overall in the event. Paul Franklin from Leicestershire Police had a 3rd , 6th and a 3rd to give him 3rd place overall. The evening was spent at the bar discussing the days racing with the organiser Pete Walters and team taking entries and booking people in for the following two days racing in the Dinghy event.


National Police Laser Sailing Championships,
14th June, 2006
(2 races to count - 1 discard)



Force Race
1st Simon Hawkes Avon & Som. 1 1 1 3
2nd Andy Taverner Met. 4 2 2 4
3rd Paul Franklin Leics. 3 6 3 6
4th Roger Glass Met. 5 3 4 7
5th Richard Sivers Northants 2 5 7 8
6th Stuart Jenkins Met. 7 4 5 9
7th Gary Phillips Met. 6 7 6 12
8th Robert Bruce Kent Dsq 10 8 18
9th Andy Cuddon Lancs Dsq 9 9 18
10th Tony Britten Essex Dsq 8 Rtd 19
11th Neil Johnson Avon & Som. Dsq 11 10 21
All Ratings were off scratch.

Pictures of the Laser Day

Police Sport UK National Dinghy Sailing Championships, 2006....

Thursday - I would not like to have been in Ian Johnson's shoes, the Race Officer on Thursday morning. On the Wednesday, the forecast had given 6mph of wind for Thursday's racing and even less wind for the Friday. He had changed the Notice of Race on Wednesday evening to try and get 4 races on Thursday, in case we would not be able to race on the Friday.

The forecast was incorrect. We had nothing, then something coming from different directions in different parts of the lake. You may have considered rolling a dice to decide the winner but last year's champions Francis Gifford and Pete Walker from the Met Police showed us all how to do it by winning the first three races, but failed to maintain the performance on the first race on Friday by getting a 6th place. With the discard now in, this could be ignored giving them first place overall.

The fleet of 6 RS 400's mostly managed to get first over the line but with the handicap they could not beat the National 12 of Francis and Pete. The line honours were generally split between Pete Walters and Lindsey Ogden from Nottingham, and Nick Hunt and Paul Heath from Cleveland. Both taking three 2nds between them over the series. The final positions being decided on count back, Pete Walters having two 2nd places against Nicks Hunts one. Both scoring 8 points and achieving 3rd and 4th overall. 2nd Place overall went to Graham Cook and Gary Walters from the Met Police in their RS200, achieving a 4th , 2nd and a 1st giving them seven points to count.

We managed to get three races in on Thursday with the 4th race being postponed until Friday. We were tight for time as a number of the competitors had indicated that they would like to see a certain football match and most boats were off the water by 4.45pm. Pete Walters had managed to borrow a TV projector to watch the match on a 6ft by 6ft screen The club room was full with the bar doing a brisk trade. At 5.45pm (half time) the AGM took place in the conservatory with a fair number of the competitors being present. The meeting ran on into the 2nd half but persons held their seats until a large roar went up as a certain team scored a goal! As it was, the meeting had almost come to a finish. The 'any other business' must have been the shortest section of the meeting of all time !

Friday, 16 June 2006.
The race officer had brought the race forward from 10.30 start to 09.30 start to try and catch up with the lost race on Thursday. At 6am the lake had ripples all over it with a nice gentle breeze blowing, but by 9.15am it had swung 180 degrees and gone back into patchy mode with different directions and strengths as the race went on.

We started at 0930 with the breeze dying, four different RS 400's led the race at some point or other with the RS200 also taking a turn at the front. At the end of the 2nd lap the Race Officer shortened the race. At this time it was Pete Walters' turn to lead the fleet over the finish line and achieve a 2nd place, being beaten on handicap by Graham Cook who finished less than a minute behind. The champion Francis Gifford finished 10 minutes later scoring a 6th Place.

We then went off the water for coffee. The wind had become even lighter and the Race Officer postponed the decision to race until midday in order to allow the breeze to fill in. Unfortunately it failed to do so.

At 11.45am racing was abandoned for the day the event being over, with a total of 4 races completed.

The Prize giving was held at 1.15pm with the prizes being presented by Nottinghamshire Chief Constable Steve Green. By 2pm, the competitors were on the road home.

Reports by Pete Walters.

Police Sport UK National Dinghy Sailing Championships,
15th-16th June, 2006
(4 races to count - 1 discard)
Discarded race shown in Parentheses
Helm/Crew Class Force Race
1st Frances Gifford/
Peter Walker
National 12 Metro 1 1 1 (6) 3
2nd Graham Cook/
Gary Walters
RS200 Metro 4 (8) 2 1 7
3rd Pete Walters/
Lindsay Ogden
RS400 Notts (5) 2 4 2 8
4th Nick Hunt/
Paul Heath
RS400 Cleveland 2 (4) 3 3 8
5th Rob Jones/
Stephen Turner
RS400 Hampshire 6 3 (7) 5 14
6th Simon Hawkes Laser Avon & Som. 3 5 6 (11) 14
7th Ian Ingram/
Carl Barrington
RS400 West Mids. 8 (12) 5 4 17
8th Tony Critchley Supernova Lancs (16) 6 11 10 27
9th Stuart Jenkins Laser Metro 11 11 (13) 7 29
10th Andy Taverner Laser Metro (14) 9 12 8 29
11th Steve Brisley/
Tony Riordan
Albacore Cleveland (17) 7 15 9 31
12th Alex Piggott/
Paul Pilsworth
Flying Fifteen Notts 7 10 20 (25) 37
13th Les Milner/
Sue Milner
RS400 Leics. (24) 17 9 12 38
14th Richard Sivers * Laser Northants 9 (21) 14 15 38
15th Roger Glass * Laser Metro 10 14 (18) 14 38
16th Andy Welch */
Rob Gillespie
Osprey Dorset. 12 18 10 (32) 40
17th Gary Phillips Laser Metro (19) 15 16 17 48
18th Ken Daniels Phantom Metro 20 13 17 (22) 50
19th Geoff Norman * RS300 Notts 15 16 19 (27) 50
20th Andy Cuddon Laser Lancs 13 (25) 23 16 52
21st Peter Muggleton/
Jane Muggleton
Fireball Leics (29) 23 8 28 59
22nd Tony Britten * Laser Essex (39) 24 22 13 59
23rd Paul Franklin Laser Leics 18 20 dnf 21 59
24th John Allen */
John Neaverson
Flying Fifteen Notts 22 19 21 26 62
25th Robert Trevis Laser Sussex 21 27 24 20 65
26th Rob Bruce * Laser Kent 23 (DNF) 26 19 68
27th Len Gooch */
Clive Phillips
Albacore Metro 26 22 (28) 24 72
28th Jeff Hines */
Nick Shaw
Comet Trio Avon & Som. (31) 28 30 18 76
29th Andrew Hall/
David Wilson
RS400 Merseyside 27 26 25 (31) 78
30th Tony Onions/
Pauline Thornton
Laser 2000 Leics 28 (DNF) 29 23 80
31st Neil Johnson Laser Avon & Som. 33 29 27 (34) 89
32nd Phil Mears Laser Sussex 25 (DNF) 31 38 94
33rd Paul Welsh/
Rob Allen
Laser Vago Cheshire 30 (DNF) 33 37 100
34th Steve Payne/
Helen Neaverson
Enterprise Notts 32 (DNF) 32 36 100
35th Carl Stevens/
Andy Butler
Laser 2000 Avon & Som. 37 (DNF) 37 29 103
36th Jeff Stratford */
Bob Lowrie
RS Vision Avon & Som. 36 (DNF) 34 33 103
37th Matt Colston/
Stephan Regan
GP14 West Mids. 34 (DNF) 35 35 104
38th Simon Judge Contender Notts 38 (DNF) 38 30 106
39th Mick Williams/
Judith Nellist
RS Vision Cleveland 35 (DNF) 36 39 110
 * denotes 'retired' helms for Lakeland trophy


Main Trophy Winners

Sunderland Trophy 1st Overall Frances Gifford Metro
Police Review Trophy 2nd Overall Graham Cook Metro
Merseyside Trophy 3rd Overall Pete Walters Notts
Bala Trophy Winner of First Race Frances Gifford Metro
West Midlands Trophy Winner of Last Race Graham Cook Metro
Lancon Bell Highest Placed GP14 Matt Colston West Midlands
Mark Peers Trophy Highest Placed Enterprise Steve Payne Notts
Laser Trophy Highest Placed Laser Simon Hawkes Avon & Som.
Maiden Trophy Highest Overall not having won a National Trophy Alex Piggott Notts
Spinnaker Trophy Highest Placed spinnaker boat Alex Piggott Notts
Asymmetric Trophy Highest placed boat with asymmetric spinnaker Graham Cook Metro
Seagull Trophy First slow handicap boat Frances Gifford Met.
Laurenson-Batten Trophy Highest Single-hander Simon Hawkes Avon & Som.
Lakeland Trophy Highest Retired officer Richard Sivers Northants
"Spirit of the Event" Trophy awarded for the last boat which sailed all 5 races Neil Johnson Avon & Somerset


Pictures from Day One

Pictures from Day Two


Event Organiser:
Pete Walters  Nottinghamshire Police
Sherwood Lodge Arnold Nottingham NG5 8PP
Tel: 07771-987359


  Plans proceed to hold the 2007 championships in Poole, Dorset.




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Pictures of the event
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