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National Police Dinghy Sailing Championships



Lasers - Wednesday, 16th June, 2004
All Dinghies - Thursday/Friday, 17th-18th June, 2004
Venue: Worthing Y.C.
Hosts: Sussex Police


Alan Husk takes the Dinghy Regatta once more.... Graham Cook wins the Laser Nationals

Reports, Results and pictures below:


This year’s national Laser championship was held on the sea at Worthing. The weather was sunny with predominately light winds for the first two races, and a good blow for race 3. There were 15 entries representing 6 different forces. There were 7 boats from the Met, 4 from the local force, Sussex, and one each from Essex, Greater Manchester, Hampshire and Northants. Three races were held on the old Olympic type courses, controlled by the race officer in a committee boat. One discard result was allowed.

It was the Met sailors that came out top in the overall results, taking the first five places. Graham Cook was the champion, winning the first two races and coming 2nd in race 3. The runners up were Nick Mason (he won race 3) and Stuart Jenkins. Cook and Jenkins were sailing new Lasers.

Graham Cook stamped his authority on this event right from the start. He usually does well in an old boat. In a new Laser there was no stopping him, and he virtually led race 1 from start to finish, lengthening his lead all the time, leaving in his wake Nick Mason, Andy Taverner, Stuart Jenkins and Roger Glass. Cook finished the race about 2 minutes ahead of the next boat.

In race 2 it was the ancient mariner from Essex, Tony Britten, who made a flying start and led the fleet around the first mark. However, at the start of the first ‘sausage’ leg he had been overtaken by Graham Cook and Andy Taverner. At the start of the second ‘triangle’ Roger Glass, Nick Mason, and Dick Sivers had also passed the luckless Britten. At the finish Cook crossed the line first, about a minute ahead of Taverner, Glass and Mason.

In race 3 the wind had changed direction to south-west and increased in strength to force 4. It was ‘big boys’ weather’, and Nick Mason’s extra weight paid off handsomely. He led the fleet from start to finish, with Graham Cook hanging on to his heels, but unable to catch him. They finished the race in that order, with Stuart Jenkins and Rob Jones (Hants) 3rd and 4th. There were numerous capsizes and seven of the fifteen competitors retired.


National Police Laser Sailing Championships,
16th June, 2004
(2 races to count - 1 discard)



Force Race
1st Graham Cook Met. 1 1 2 0
2nd Nick Mason Met. 3 4 1 3
3rd Stuart Jenkins Met. 2 6 3 5
4th Andy Taverner Met. 4 2 6 6
5th Roger Glass Met. 5 3 5 8
6th Richard Sivers Northants 7 5 rtd 11
7th Rob Jones Hampshire 10 9 4 13
8th Dean Ingledew Met. 6 10 rtd 16
9th Tony Britten Essex 9 8 rtd 17
10th Mike Scrivener Sussex 12 11 7 18
11th Phil Mears Sussex 11 13 8 19
12th Gary Walters Met. 8 12 rtd 20
13th Paul Heath GMP rtd 7 rtd 24
14th Jim Shaw Essex 13 14 rtd 27
15th John Lelliot Sussex 14 rtd rtd 32
The Race Officer indicates RTD/DNS as Entries plus 3pts

Pictures of the event


Police Sport UK National Dinghy Sailing Championships, 2004....

 Report, Results & Pictures below -

At this time of the year we associate cramming with school and college exams. But for the 37 helmsmen or crews (representing 15 different forces) that met to do battle at this year’s national police championship it was a case of cramming two days sailing into one. Plan A was to hold three races on Thursday and two more on Friday, and start the racing at 11 o’clock on Thursday morning. The race officer and his team went afloat and set the course for race 1 in spite of the very brisk breeze and choppy sea. The competitors were on the beach in plenty of time, their sails crackling in the wind. I should think that most of them were praying that the westerly wind, blowing about force 5 to 6, would abate somewhat. Two or three of the crews had reefed their mainsails, but most boats were sporting their full rig. Eventually the braver souls took to the water and promptly had their crafts flooded by the pounding surf. It took a volunteer beach party to hold the boats steady whilst the helmsman and crew got aboard and readied themselves for the off. Capsizes were inevitable for the less initiated, and even for some more skilful competitors. The Albacore of the unfortunate Dave Gough and Ian Tribick (Leicestershire) turned upside down before they could get out into the deeper water and their mast was pounded into the gravel beneath the waves and ended up broken into three pieces. Len Gooch and Clive Bishop were having some difficulty with their Albacore. They were keeping upright but, like others, found it impossible to tack through the wind, so they lowered their mainsail and started sailing back to the beach under foresail alone. It was just as well they did because on the way they discovered that the collar holding the spreaders to their mast had split. They were fortunate not to lose their mast. By the time they got ashore well over half the fleet was parked on the sand. The race officer had wisely cancelled race 1 before it had even started. A little while later he abandoned racing for the day.

The competitors spent the rest of Thursday resting, sunbathing or making repairs to their dinghies. The ‘Social’ for this event was held in the clubhouse of Worthing Yacht Club. It consisted of watching the England versus Switzerland European Cup football match on TV, followed by a barbecue. Switzerland scored first and the glum faces of the 40,000 English spectators at the Portuguese stadium said it all. However, their spirits, and those of the sailors at Worthing, were soon lifted when England equalised and eventually went on to win 3:1. The barbecue went down well, and Bob Trevis and his team are to be congratulated for overcoming the smoke and the swirling wind to feed the hungry competitors. The sailors were advised to have an early night, as the race officer was planning to start racing early the next day to make up for lost time.

The weather for Friday was much more user friendly, and allowed the race officer to bring into play plan B to save the championship. Four races were to be held back to back, starting the first race at 0930. The race officer and his team were out early laying the 4-mark course. It was essential for all competitors to pass through a ‘gate’ set in this course to allow the race committee to ‘average lap’ the slower boats and finish the races as quickly as possible. Each race was to take about an hour to run. The wind did pipe up to about force 4 partway through race 2, which made conditions more interesting, but it dropped off again in race 3. After being out on the water for four hours or so the competitors sailed back to the beach tired but happy that they had been able to show off their boat handling skills and that a result had been obtained for this championship.

It was the modern flying machines, such as the RS 600 of Rob Jones (the sole representative of Hampshire) and the RS 400s of Peter Walters and Simon Judge (Nottinghamshire) and Ian Ingram and Andy Carter (West Midlands) that led the fleet on the water in all the races, but it was the Phantom of Alan Husk (Essex) and the Lasers of Graham Cook and Andy Taverner (both Metropolitan) that came out well on handicap, with Husk winning three of the four races. Cook won race 3 and came 2nd in races 1 and 2. Rob Jones in the RS 600 came 3rd overall, and Andy Taverner was 4th. See the list of results below for the individual performances. One discarded result was allowed out of the four races.

It had been a tough time for the organisers and particularly for the Race Officer, Dave Winrow assisted by Adrian Fenton and Claire Winrow.

Unfortunately the official results were not ready by the time the Sussex ACC arrived for the prize-giving, and so that ceremony had to be postponed. It is probable that the trophies will be awarded at a Police Sailing regatta later in the season. Confirmation of details will be posted here when known.


Update, July, 2004: The main presentations will take place at NSY, MPD on a date to be fixed. Any further details from Stuart Jenkins.

PS(UK) National Dinghy Sailing Championships,
17th-18th June, 2004
(3 races to count - 1 discard)
Helm/Crew Class Force Race
1st Alan Husk Phantom Essex 1 1 4 1  
2nd Graham Cook Laser Metro 2 2 1 4  
3rd Rob Jones RS600 Hampshire 4 3 2 9  
4th Andy Taverner Laser Metro 12 8 3 3  
5th Pete Walters/
Simon Judge
RS400 Notts 5 5 6 5  
6th Frances Gifford/
Karen Cochrane
Nat 12 Metro 3 12 dnf 2  
7th Ian Ingram/
Andy Carter
RS400 West Mids 6 4 dnf 8  
8th Paul Heath Laser GMP 8 7 5 7  
9th Kevin Reed/
Dave Hargreaves
Wayfarer Devon & Cornwall 10 9 7 6  
10th Dave Rhodes Blaze Suffolk 7 6 13 22  
11th Nick Mason Laser Metro 9 11 10 11  
12th Paul Miller/
Alan Costello
RS Vision Sussex 16 13 8 15  
13th Steve Brisley/
Tony Riordan
Albacore Cleveland 11 21 19 17  
14th Richard Sivers Laser Radial Northants 20 16 12 12  
15th Dean Ingledew Laser Metro 18 10 18 13  
16th Len Gooch/
Clive Bishop
Albacore Metro 14 17 11 20  
17th Les Milner/
Sue Milner
Laser 2000 Leics 13 15 15 16  
18th Gary Walters Laser Metro 15 14 21 18  
19th Ken Daniels Phantom Metro 21 26 16 14  
20th Bob Trevis Laser Sussex 30 22 20 10  
21st Jeff Hines/
Pete Franklyn
Comet Trio Avon & Som 23 19 22 21  
22nd Pete & Jane Muggleton Fireball Leics 19 25 dnf 19  
23rd Roger Glass/
Stuart Jenkins
RS400 Metro dnf 20 14 30  
24th Phil Mears Laser Sussex 29 28 17 27  
25th Paul Pearson/
Steve Harris
Wayfarer + Surrey 27 33 23 23  
26th Geoff Norman RS300 Notts 24 31 25 26  
27th Pete Walker OK Metro 17 18 dnf dnf  
28th John Hickman Laser Cheshire 28 29 24 25  
29th Dave Green Gull Devon & Cornwall 32 36 19 28  
30th Chris Young Blaze Sussex 33 24 dnf 24  
31st Pauline Thornton/
Phil Tomaszewski
Laser 2000 Leics 26 30 27 31  
32nd Mike Godwin/
Keith Baldwin
Laser 2000 Sussex 31 27 26 33  
33rd Tony Britten Laser Essex 22 23 dnf dnf  
34th Jeff Stratford/
Bob Lowrie
Comet Trio Avon & Som 34 32 28 29  
35th Michelle Farrant Laser Pico Essex 35 37 29 32  
36th Tony Onions/
Geoff Ford
Boss Leics 25 34 dnf dnf  
37th Mike Scrivener Contender Sussex dns 35 dnf dnf  
38th Dave Gough/
Ian Tribick
Albacore Devon & Cornwall dns dns dns dns  
Discard race shown in light grey
The Race Officer indicates DNF/RTD/DNS as Entries plus 3pts


Sunderland Trophy 1st Overall Alan Husk Essex
Police Review Trophy 2nd Overall Graham Cook Met.
Merseyside Trophy 3rd Overall Rob Jones Hants
(Token award) 4th Overall Andy Taverner Met
Bala Trophy Winner of First Race Alan Husk Essex
West Midlands Trophy Winner of Last Race Alan Husk Essex
Lancon Bell Highest Placed GP14 Not awarded  
Mark Peers Trophy Highest Placed Enterprise Not awarded  
Laser Trophy Highest Placed Laser Graham Cook Met.
Maiden Trophy Highest Overall not having won a National Trophy Andy Taverner Met.
Spinnaker Trophy Highest Placed spinnaker boat Pete Walters Notts.
Seagull Trophy First slow handicap boat Frances Gifford Met.
Laurenson-Batten Trophy Highest Single-hander A. Husk Essex
Lakeland Trophy Highest Retired officer P. Miller Sussex.
"Spirit of the Event" Trophy awarded for Special Endeavour Tony Britten Essex

  9/7/04 - The preponderance of trophy winners being in the South, plans are afoot to present trophies at NSY in October - details to follow.


Pictures from Day One

Presentation of Trophies took place at NSY on 15th November, 2004


Sussex organiser for Police National Dinghy Champs, 2004 is:
Bob Trevis
Tel: 07986-304562

A reminder that the hosts, Sussex Police Sailing Section have their own website at: http://mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/sxpdsc .
(Nov, 04 - this is the new website address)





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Pictures of the event
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