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5th-10th June, 2011


This yearís event has again been an absolute pleasure to organise and witness from the committee boat crewed by myself as event organiser/race officer, Arthur Munn assistant race officer and my wife Lynsey.

May I take this opportunity to thank all who attended and took part in the event which has now achieved a larger entry than the PSUK for a second year running. I would also like to thank Kay and Louise the treasurer and secretary of the sailing section for their assistance.

This year we had an entry of 23 yachts, sadly one dropped out due to illness.

All yachts gathered at Troon over the weekend of 4th and 5th June, 2011 sampling the hospitality of the Marina and surrounding town.

The racing has been very close with the fleet being split into fast and slow fleets from the onset. The committee has witnessed some outstanding performances, indeed only a ľ point separated the winner of the main trophies from second place.

This is the first year we have lost a yacht to damage with Contessa Royal losing her mast during the second race. There were thankfully no injuries and the matter is in hand to repair the damage. We also lost Meercat after one of the crew became ill and was admitted to hospital. She is home recovering and her condition continues to improve.

Monday 6th June dawned bright with some breeze the course was set and the yachts set off through the start line. Some heading out towards Arran and others inshore hoping to find the best of the wind.

The breeze faltered some time later and Butterfly resorted to engine and a short time later the breeze filled in, as it tends to do. The fleets enjoyed the better winds and had close competition around the back of little Cumbrae and through the gap towards the shortened course finish at Cumbrae Watersports Centre. Charlie Donít Surf making the best of the conditions to take line honours for the fast fleet followed closely by Leomaris and Contessa Royal. Meercat took the line for the slow fleet followed by Somerled and Swashbuckler. Handicaps conspired to change these positions.

The yachts then made their way to Inverkip Marina to their overnight berths and a welcome buffet in the Chartroom. The crews then had the chance to meet friends old and new, a good night was had by all.

Tuesday 7th June was grey and cloudy with some rain, but good breeze. A course and start line was set and the  yachts gathered outside Inverkip Marina. A good clean start by all yachts as they set of towards the first mark at Warren Bank before heading off to Loch Long. Both fleets kept close in the steady breeze with everybody finding someone else to close race with. The committee boat went to Rothesay Bay to set the finish line and whilst doing so fouled a rope and buoy providing some excitement and the need for the later attentions of a diver. However a line was set despite these problems. It was at this time that Contessa Royal lost her mast in gusting conditions causing her to retire. Meercat took the line followed by Somerled and Te Luath in the slow fleet and Butterfly followed by Leomaris and Charlie Donít Surf in the fast fleet. The yachts then went into Rothesay harbour for the night and the delights of Rothesay.

Wednesday 8th June, was bright with some sun and the yachts motored through the Kyles to Kames where the start line was set for the race to Tarbert. Both fleets were sent on separate courses and set off after a faultless start in good breeze with Somerled popping their kite on a very tight reach. This led to problems further up the West Kyle.

Again close racing in both fleets with Dipper snapping at the stern of Charlie Donít Surf for a good part of the early racing. The committee boat motored ahead of the fleet as the breeze began to fail in expectation of a shortened course. Then the breeze returned stronger giving interesting conditions for the yachts as they approached Tarbert.

Charlie donít Surf took the line followed by Leomaris and Dipper for the fast fleet, Te Luath followed by Starkle and Rainbow and a short time later by Salamander in the slow fleet. Salamander won on handicap after the performance of the week. He started at Kames nearly 15 minutes after the others. Berthing was in Tarbert overnight with a chance to sample all the town has to offer.

Thursday arrived Cloudy and bright with good breeze, courses were set and a start outside Tarbert harbour was again faultlessly executed by the yachts with Salamander crossing the line just ahead of Leomaris as the yachts set of on their fleet course.

As the yachts progressed the winds became very gusty giving crews a testing time and everyone learned something during the course of the day. Again close racing was the order of the day in the testing conditions.

Leomaris took the finish line outside Portavadie Marina followed by Charlie Donít Surf and Dipper in the fast fleet. Somerled took the line for the slow fleet followed by Swashbuckler and Starkle.

The fleet then entered Portavadie Marina for overnight berthing. An excellent buffet was provided in the newly installed marquee followed by the presentation of trophies.



TROPHY                            YACHT                           SKIPPER                              FORCE

Entertainment  Plate.         Quay West                    John OíHagan                          PSNI

Invitation Plate.                   Avocet                            Andy Clark                               Loth & Borders

                                             Razorbill                         Stephen Holderness               West Yorks

Porthole                               Somerled                      John Morgan                            Strathclyde

Anchor Trophy                    Charlie Donít Surf          Phil Quinn                                PSNI

Galbraith Trophy                 Swashbuckler                Keith Addie                             PSNI

Lynsey Gilmer Wheel         Dipper                            Ben Frank                                North Yorks

PSNI Trophy                        Valenor                          John McVey                             PSNI

Bell Trophy                           Salamander                  Bob Stone                                Strathclyde

Resource Fast Handicap   1. Leomaris                   Ricky Gray                               Strathclyde

                                               2. Charlie Donít Surf    Phil Quinn                                 PSNI

                                               3. Valenor                     John McVey                              PSNI

Resource Slow Handicap    1.  Somerled                   John Morgan                         Strathclyde

                                                2. Swashbuckler              Keith Addie                          PSNI

                                                3. Starkle                         Alan MacMillan                      Loth & Borders

Strathclyde Championship    1. Somerled                      John Morgan                      Strathclyde

                                                 2. Leomaris                       Ricky Gray                          Strathclyde

North British Shield.             1. Somerled                         John Morgan                      Strathclyde

                                                2. Leomaris                          Ricky Gray.                        Strathclyde.  


Regatta Results

May I end this report by again thanking everyone who attended, you make the event a pleasure to organise and run.
I would also like to thank the Resource Group for the two new trophies they gifted to the event along with the engraved glasses presented to the recipients.

Also a big thank you to Alan MacMillan who gifted the Bell and Starlight trophies to the event and the gift to Lynsey and I.
May I also express my sincere appreciation for the items presented to my wife and I along with the sentiments expressed during the presentation.

I would also like to say to those who couldnít attend, you missed very a good event and I hope to see you all next year along with some new faces. If you have never entered please contact me and I am sure I can convince you to come along and enjoy a great week of sailing and friendly competition.

Best wishes, until next year. - Colin Gilmer, Event organiser.



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