(Results of the Europol Coppers' Cup, 2007 can be viewed via the ECC page on this website)

Europol Coppers' Cup 2005

The Europol Coppers' Cup, formerly known as Interpol Coppers' Cup, is an international sailing regatta for members of law enforcement agencies. Since it's existence (1989) eight regatta's have been successfully organized.

The regatta takes place every two years on the IJsselmeer in the Netherlands.The centre for the event is Medemblik.

Paul Smith is a Detective Constable working with the Dorset Police Major Crime Investigation Team. Below is his account of Dorset's participation in this years event.


The 9th Biennial Europol Coppers' Cup took place between 17th and 23rd September, 2005 on the IJsselmeer (the former Zuiderzee) in the Netherlands. The event saw 30 teams compete from 10 European countries and a guest team from New South Wales, Australia. The teams from the UK were: Hampshire Constabulary, Dorset Police (2 teams), Lancashire Constabulary and the Police Service of Northern Ireland (3 teams).

 The Dorset Teams were: -

Team 1 ( 'Offbeat')

Ivor GRAHAM (Skipper)
Paul SMITH (Navigator & tactician)
Andrea POWER (Crew member)
Ian JARRED (Crew member)
Dave PRIDDLE (Crew member)
Team 2 ('Offbeat')

Malcolm PALMER (Skipper)
Andy WELCH (Navigator & tactician)
Dave NORMAN (Crew member)
Mark SAMUEL (Crew member)
Alex MEARS (Crew member)

The lack of wind, for the six day's sailing, did not dampen the spirits of the competitors who spent a great deal of time basking in the unusually hot weather for the time of year. The Dutch hospitality was second to none with different Dutch dishes offered at each evening's meal, not to mention of course the dancing…..

The event was a fantastic opportunity for officers of different cultures to mix and enjoy each other's company. I can still hear the impromptu singing led by officers from the Garda Siochana with 'Wild Rover'. Although of course the German teams gave them a run for their money demonstrating their own vocal capabilities! An event not to be missed in 2007.

Oh and by the way, the winning team was the German team, 'Schleswig-Holstein'.

Pictures from this year's regatta can be seen in the 'Photo-gallery' below:-

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Europol Coppers' Cup, 2005::
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The following list indicates the selection of teams which were taking part in this year's event:

Force/Service Representing:
Europol Europe
New South Wales Police Australia
Police Antwerpen Center / DW Belgium
Maritime and River Police Antwerpen Belgium
Maritime Police Rijeka Croatia
Danish Police Denmark
Copenhagen Police Denmark
Lancashire Constabulary United Kingdom
Dorset Police 1 United Kingdom
Dorset Police 2 United Kingdom
Hampshire Police United Kingdom
Bundes Kriminal Amt (BKA), Meckenheim Germany
Police Nordrhein-Westfalen , Düren District Germany
Bundes Kriminal Amt (BKA), Berlin Germany
Police Schleswig-Holstein Germany
Bundes Kriminal Amt (BKA), Wiesbaden Germany
An Garda Siochana - Irish Police Force Eire
National Police Agency - Waterpolice Netherlands
Regional Police Force, Amsterdam-Amstelland Netherlands
Regional Police Force, Amsterdam-Amstelland e.a. Netherlands
Police Information Management Department (CIP) Netherlands
Northern Ireland Police Service 1 Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland Police Service 2 Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland Police Service 3 Northern Ireland
Vestfold Police District Norway
Waterpolice, Oslo Norway
Sondre Buskerud Police District Norway
Göteborg Police Forensic Unit Sweden
Lidköping Police Sweden
Swedish Customs Sweden

Previous winners of the Copper's Cup are: -

Paul Smith
(Dorset Police)

Paul Smith has been a keen sailor for a number of years certainly since since early teens, predominantly in dinghies (Wayfarers and Enterprises) but got into cruisers about eight years ago. He jointly owned a 'Cheetah 30', which is an American built Sports Boat, with bowsprit and Asymmetric spinnaker - a very fast boat with a massive I.R.C. handicap to suit. The boat, although a lot of fun, was not an easy boat to sail and sadly got replaced by his wife's VW Beetle! Paul now sails with Ivor Graham on his Dehler 36 from Poole Yacht Club, where they are both members. He sails throughout the year together with other members of the Dorset Police Sailing Section.

A full report and results still await from the organisers but you can learn more about the event by visiting their website at: http://www.europolcopperscup.org .