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Below are Reports on the recent PSUK EGM & AGM - both held on 20th February, 2009

PSUK Sailing Section


10.00hrs 20th February, 2009 Thames Valley Force HQ, Kidlington Hall


– These are not the Minutes….

Members present were pleased to welcome the Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police, Sarah Thornton as the new Chair for the Police Sport UK Sailing Section.

This first meeting - the EGM - regarding the proposed Constitution also the Draft Competition Rules for the PSUK Offshore Championships:-

Constitution - Introduction
For some time the Sailing Section of PSUK has operated with a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, and co-opted members from each of the organising committees of the current and following year’s Championship events. There have also been other meetings carried out along AGM lines: one for Dinghy & Laser Section, the other being Offshore, each with a Chairperson and Secretary. It has now come to the office-bearer’s attention that this current structure does not comply with the management structure laid down by the parent body, Police Sport UK.

This means that to continue as a part of PSUK our Section Constitution and Rules must be amended, and the following new Section Constitution was passed.

PSUK Sailing Constitution (amended 2009)

Objects of PSUK Sailing Section

The Function of the Sailing Section of Police Sport (UK) shall be
• to encourage Police sailing within affiliated Forces,
• to select competitors for National or other Representation,
• to ensure compliance with Police Sport (UK) policy, Constitution and Rules,
• to amend or create Competition Rules if deemed appropriate, and ensure Rules of the appropriate sport governing body are followed.

Management of PSUK Sailing Section

The Police Sport UK (PSUK) Sailing Section, hereafter referred to as “the Section”, shall appoint a Committee which shall consist of a Chair appointed by PSUK Council, a Secretary and Treasurer who shall be elected by the members present at AGM. Also appointed to the Committee, should be a representative of each PSUK Region. At both Championships there will be a Consultation Meeting organised by the host force where views will be obtained and passed to the Committee.

Co-opted Members of the Section Committee may include of the Organisers of Dinghy and Offshore Championships for the current year and the next year. A member of the team selected to represent the Police Service in an appropriate Designated event may also be a co-opted member of the Committee. The committee may also co-opt any member of the constituent PSUK Forces if deemed necessary for the benefit of the Section. (explanation: this last part to cover our Archivist/ webmaster Richard Sivers, Northants Ret’d)

The Committee may appoint members of the Section to organise PSUK National or Regional events. (this to cover the fact that each force takes a turn at Organising PSUK National events instead of the Section Committee)

The Committee shall meet at least once per year, and hold an open Annual General Meeting, with a period of any Notice of meeting being at least 2 weeks, to allow items to be placed on the Agenda. Any rules or changes to the constitution have got to come to the AGM but for other committee meetings, a quorum shall consist of 4 members.

A ‘consultative meeting’ will now take the place of the AGM’s previously held during each Championship. This in order to provide the opportunity to gain feedback from members taking part in the event including any suggestions, etc to be put to the PSUK Sailing Section Committee at their AGM. The Organising Committee will now arrange for the consultative meeting to take place during the Championship to ensure that there is an opportunity to bring matters forward for discussion at the AGM.


It shall be the role of the Treasurer to maintain accounts for the purpose of audit and presentation to the Section AGM, and operate a bank account with at least two signatories. The Treasurer should also present to the Section AGM a budget indicating disbursement of finance.

Minutes and Record Book

It shall be the role of the Secretary of the Section to maintain correct meetings minutes (AGM & Committee) of all proceedings, and to submit details and results of all events promoted by the Section to PSUK Council.

Also dealt with at the EGM were the Draft Competition Rules

These Rules for running both Championships are currently being amended with a view to combining both disciplines into one set of rules as follows:


These rules pertain to the Police Sport UK Offshore Sailing Championships & the Police Sport UK Laser & Dinghy Sailing Championships and are referred to collectively below as ‘the Championships’ with differences between to the two disciplines highlighted in bold.

  1. The Championships shall be arranged annually by a committee appointed by the host force (hereinafter called ‘The Organising Committee’), in liaison with the PSUK Sailing Section Committee (hereafter called the “Section Committee”).
  2. Participants – as defined in Rules 35 and 36 of Police Sport UK Constitution and Rules.
  3. The venue of The Championships shall be selected by The Organising Committee and shall be subject to ratification by the Section Committee. The hosting of the event shall be subject to approval of the host Force Chief Constable. Where appropriate the Chief Constable of the area in which the Championships is being held, should be informed.
  4. The venue of the Championships and the class(es) of Yacht or Dinghy shall be approved by the Section Committee. 

Offshore Championships – The organising Committee shall be responsible for providing information on the Charter firms who can supply suitable boats in the area of the event.

  1. The constitution of the Organising Committee shall be at the discretion of the host Force which may co-opt non police members of any local sailing club or association and it will always have an identified Safety Officer competent in the role, approved by the Section Committee. A Royal Yachting Association Qualified Race Officer shall be appointed by the Organising Committee for the Championships.
  2. The Championships shall be sailed under the International Sailing Federation Rules, prescriptions of the Royal Yachting Association for the time being in force, the Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions. The Sailing Instructions will be determined by The Organising Committee and a copy shall be provided to each entry prior to the Championships.
  3. The craft to be sailed in the Championships are as follows:

Dinghy Championships – All craft entered in the Championships shall be mono-hull dinghies, OR two man keel boats having an overall length not exceeding 22 feet and have a recognised Portsmouth Yardstick.

Offshore Championships - All craft in The Offshore Championships shall be of a mono-hull design. Such boats will be of a type selected by The Organising Committee.  Any Handicap System implemented shall be of a recognised Handicap System. All boats will comply in respect of their fixtures, fittings and equipment as required by the class rules or handicap ratings, or as stated in the Sailing Instructions. The Organising Committee may at any time during The Championship inspect any boat entered.

  1. Championships may be decided by such race or races, as may be approved by the Organising and Section Committees. Scoring for the Championship will be decided by the Organising Committee, subject to the conditions laid down by the ISAF.
  2. It shall be the responsibility of each competitor, in the knowledge of his/her own skill and capabilities, to decide whether he /she shall race.

    Dinghy Championships - Personal buoyancy shall be worn by all competitors at all times whilst afloat.  A wet or dry suit does not constitute personal buoyancy. The Organising Committee shall ensure that adequate rescue facilities are provided at all times whilst racing is in progress.

    Offshore Championships - All boats racing in The Championships will be equipped to ISAF Offshore Special Regulations Category 3, including a life raft with a stated carrying capacity of at least the number of crew. The boat will also be fitted with an inboard engine. Each competitor shall be individually responsible for wearing a personal flotation device, adequate for the conditions. Crew numbers, including the skipper shall be a minimum of 5 and a maximum of that permitted by the Handicap Certificate plus 1.

    1. Such Trophies as may be approved by the Sailing Sectional Committee and by the Police Sport UK Council shall be awarded and held by successful competitors until required for the next Championships. Prizes shall be awarded to winners and runners-up in the Championships.  Where the number of entries in the Championships is six or more, third place prizes shall be awarded. The holder will be responsible for any engraving and ensuring proper care of such Trophies.
    2. The Sailing Committee shall have in place a procedure for dealing with matters of complaint, discipline or grievance, arising out of the activities of the Sailing Section.  Such matters shall always be notified in writing and any aggrieved person shall have a right of personal hearing before a panel, comprising not less than three members of the Sailing Committee before any final decisions are made.  In all cases the rules of natural justice shall apply. Any dispute arising from any matter in connection with the Championships, which is not provided for in these rules shall be notified to the Chairman of the Sailing Section Committee within seven days.  The decision of the Section Committee shall be final.
    3. The Council of Police Sport UK has taken a limited liability Personal Injury Policy of Insurance to cover any Competitor, Official or Committee Member of Police Sport UK aged between 16 and 65 years, who is participating or officiating at any Championships organised on behalf of the Police Sport UK, and who as a result of receiving serious bodily injury, dies or is permanently disabled resulting in their being retired from their Force.  A condition of the Insurance Policy is that notice must be given to the Insurance Company of any Injury which might give rise to any claim, as soon as reasonably practicable and in any case within 21 days of the occurrence.  In order to comply with requirements both the organisers of the National Championships and the Police Sport UK Office must be informed of any such incident immediately.  These conditions must be brought to the attention of all Competitors by their inclusion in Entry forms for the Championships.  Competitors requiring additional Insurance cover are advised to consult their own Insurance Companies.
    4. The approval of the Police Sport UK Sailing Section Committee and the Police Sport UK Council shall be required for any amendment, decision or addition to these Rules.  

    Changes to rules need to come up at the Consultation Meeting for forwarding to the Section Committee.

    There then followed the AGM postponed from November, 2008.

    PSUK Sailing Section

    2008 Annual General Meeting

    10.40hrs 20th June 2009 Thames Valley Force HQ, Kidlington Hall


This is a Report on the PSUK AGM held in February 2009 – and not the Minutes….

Chief Constable Sara Thornton (Thames Valley)
Helen Neaverson (Notts)
Alex Bissett (Strathclyde)
Richard Sivers (Northants)
Pete Walters (Notts)
Andy Diggle (Notts)
Stuart Jenkins (Met)
Terry Clothier (Sussex)
Freya Carter (Sussex)


John Oldham (Met)
Rob Gillespie (Dorset)
Louise Nixon (Strathclyde) 

Ø          Terry Clothier reported that he had received an application for a local Fire Service to take part in this year’s Offshore Championships. He had contacted Neil Braithwaite (Mgr PSUK) who had said that it was a matter for the Committee to decide whether to allow outside associations to race with the Police. Cycling and possibly other PSUK Sports Sections allow it. However there can only be a Police Champion even if the visitors finish ahead of the Police.
     The Fire Service hold their own championships and evidently include a class open to all ‘blue-light’ Services.
      The PSUK Rules currently preclude such entries. The Met Police already invite outside agencies to take part in their Offshore regatta who race in their own fleet. Stuart Jenkins confirmed that a number of MPSC members had taken part in previous Fire Service regattas but pointed out that we currently have a good police contingent taking part in the championships, to justify the events remaining ‘closed’, but also there were too few numbers at the meeting to make any decision on such a fundamental change. In any event the meeting was split on the subject. It was decided to seek views from the Consultative Meeting held during the Offshore Championship to identify the views of police sailors.

Further research to be done.

There are additional comments on this matter in 'Barnacle Bill' - Date reference: 06/03/09

Ø       Awards of Excellence
    Stuart Jenkins pointed out that the Sailing Section had never applied for the grant of an Award of Excellence and
proposed that Pete Walters (Nottinghamshire) should be conferred a PSUK ‘Award of Excellence’ for his successes in both Police Offshore and Dinghy events over the years. Such a proposal requires the completion of a form from PSUK.

Ø       Regional Representation.
    The composition of each National Sport Committee should include a representative for each Region. The management of PSUK is looking for more representatives to be present at our meetings. A number of Regional representatives were identified at this meeting.
East  Midlands: Pete Walters
South East: Terry Clothier
Metropolitan: Stuart Jenkins
Scotland: Alex Bissett
Representatives for Regions absent from the meeting were suggested for nomination. Accordingly, Helen will be contacting other Police Sailing Sections regarding this matter

The meeting was then closed.

The content of the above reports taken by the author
is not intended to be the official minutes of the meetings,
but published merely to provide prompt information for those interested in such matters but unable to attend.
R.S. 4/3/09


Secretary, Police Sport UK Sailing Section:
 Dc 2330 Helen Neaverson
Crash Investigation Unit
Rennie Hogg Road

Phone: 0115 9672225
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