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Held Wednesday, 13th April, 2011

After recent days of balmy weather the cold snap came as a bit of a shock for travellers to the first regatta of the police sailing season. The forecast was for fresh winds developing during the day and so it turned out with winds climbing to 25mph but at least the rain held off. 11 boats turned out with a preponderance of Phantom helms - but not necessarily sailing Phantoms. The Race Officer, Mark Reddington set some excellent courses using most of the lake which made for exciting racing.

Bartley SC

Race One: 3 0 C 2 5 8
The wind blew down the reservoir making Buoy 3 the windward mark for the day. After the five minute countdown most boats opted for a start in the middle of the line set between buoy 8 and a pin end flag with only the Radial hugging the starboard end. All went well at first in the gusting breeze as boats headed for the windward mark. Then came a downwind leg which caught out the RS400; the first of a number of boats eventually capsizing as the race continued. By this time Hawkes had established a healthy lead which he maintained to the end of the race. On corrected time Glen in a Solo claimed second place with Mason in his new Phantom third.

Race Two: 3 0 C 2 5 8
The second race after lunch had a change of course inviting lots of reaching across the lake. At the start, most boats opted for the starboard end, but it was again the Radial which got ahead starting from the port end of the line. By now the wind was at its maximum for the day. The Picos were coping well in the conditions but as the race developed there were a number of capsizes persuading some to call it a day. Hawkes again came first with Mason not so far behind and the Radial picking up third place on corrected time.

Race Two: 3 0 C 2 5 8
The third race went ahead back-to-back with just six boats taking part. From the start Hawkes had picked up the best tacks and by the windward mark had established a clear lead ahead of the fleet which slowly spread out in a procession with little in the way of capsizing changing the order on the water. On corrected time Hawkes was first, with Mason a distant second and Glen in the Solo picking up a third place.


West Midlands Police Regatta, 2011
(3 races; 2 to count)

Helm/Crew Force Class Race
Points Final
Simon Hawkes Avon & Som. Phantom 1 1 1 2 1st
Nick Mason Met. Phantom 3 2 2 4 2nd
Alistair Glen Met. Solo 2 5 3 5 3rd
Richard Sivers Northants Laser Radial 5 3 dns 8 4th
Andy Carter West Mids. Laser 4 4 4 8 5th
Steve Elliston/Phil Baker West Mids. GP14 7 6 5 11 6th
Jenny Li West Mids. Laser Pico 9 7 dns 16 7th
Ken Daniels Met. Phantom 6 dnf dns 35 8th
Ian Ingram/Marie Bond West Mids. RS400 8 dnf dns 37 9th
Rob Castle West Mids. Laser Pico 10 dnf dnf 39 10th
Malcolm Dykes/Andy Butler Avon & Som. Laser Bahia dnf dns dns 58 11th

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Further Information and Regatta Contact :
West Midlands Police Sailing Secretary: Marie Bond
Tel: 0845 113 5000 x 7800 2726
Mob: 07990 645178
Email: m.bond@west-midlands.pnn.police.uk




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