Team Racing Report

In the week preceding the Trafalgar 200 celebrations, the MPSC were invited to compete against the Royal Navy Sailing Association in a team-racing event at Whale Island, Portsmouth.

Royal Navy vs. MPSC - Team Racing Event
22nd June, 2005

Both the MPSC and the RN fielded two teams of three boats who raced against each other in a 'round robin' event. The team that wins the most heats is the overall winner of the competition. The normal racing rules apply, as amended by Appendix D of the ISAF rules enabling boats to undertake one or two more 'aggressive' manoeuvres than are generally permitted in racing.

The event was sailed in Bosun dinghies in an area of Portsmouth Harbour adjacent to Whale Island. The day was graced with bright sunshine, light winds and the excellent organisation one would expect from the Royal Navy. The event commenced with Met A vs Met B and RN1 Vs RN2. Both heats confirmed the validity of the team designations with Met A and RN1 winning. The races were short and sharp, each lasting about fifteen minutes, with an exchange of boats at the halfway mark to ensure there was no unfair advantage of having a fast Bosun in your team (if there is such a thing). The order of the day was competitive and friendly sailing with all penalties (well most of them) being taken on the water rather than in the protest room.

Helms and crews swapped places for the final race of the day back to Whale Island. This was a tricky course, once around a windward mark and home in a dying breeze, made more fickle by the towering aircraft carriers casting their wind shadows across the harbour.

After berthing our boats under the watchful eye of the RN Bosun (who must pay for damage from his own pocket) we adjourned to the clubhouse for sandwiches, beer and a brief results ceremony.

The day's honours fell to the MPSC who achieved 1st and 2nd in the team event as well as an individual win in the crews' race.

Roger Glass presented Paul Goldman (RN) with an MPSC plaque as a formal thank you for an excellent day sailing before we set off for home in the hope that this may become an annual event.



Roger Glass Andy Rowell
Graham Cook Trevor Tull
Frances Gifford Tom Davidson

Met 'B'

Andy Taverner Nigel Foster
Gary Walters Kevin Green
Dean Ingledew Simon Ingledew

Crew Race - 1st Andy Rowell