Barnacle Bill meets Alan Husk

Alan Husk joined Essex Police in January 1980 and was posted to Southend Division. He moved to Traffic in 1992 and is currently serving at Brentwood patrolling the M25 Motorway. In August 2000 he was passenger in a motorway patrol car which was hit by an articulated lorry on the hard shoulder from the rear. This kept him out of sailing for 6 months. He has now returned to full fitness.

He has 2 daughters who also sail a Solo and a Europe. Alan has a Westerley Centaur cruiser that he frequently uses for pleasure sailing. It is moored at Southend and gives him access to the Thames Estuary and East Coast, also trips to Holland and France.

He has been a member of the Halfway Yacht Club for 12 years and the Commodore from 1997 -2000. He travels all over the country to sail taking part in competitions in England, Wales and Scotland.

 Alan Husk

Alan at the Phantom Nationals, 2000

Barnacle Bill, 2001

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