Police Sport UK Sailing Committee Meetings held during 2005





Tuesday 17th May 2005

The Offshore Chairman Matt Colston, opened the meeting at 1904 hrs.

Attendance See below.

Apologies Alex Bissett.

Minutes of the previous meeting

Copies of the minutes of the 2004 meeting were distributed to those present and were agreed as an accurate record.

Proposed: Dave Casper / Seconded: Chris Jelliss

Matters arising from these minutes

John Burbeck explained the funding available to organisers to assist in funding for the Championships, each section could have £250.

Election of Officers

Chairman: Matt Colston
- Arron Beck / Seconded - Ray Lawry

 Michael Corrigan Secretary explained that he will retire from the two post of secretary of Full and Offshore Sailing Sections at the 2006 Offshore event.

 Secretary: Michael Corrigan
- Dave Elliss / Seconded - John Burbeck

Offshore Sailing Championship 2006 

Warwickshire will be the organisers using the Sunsail fleet in Port Solent. The proposed dates are 22 to 26 of May 2006.

The intention is to take the fleet out of The Solent, and therefore a 2nd person in the crew will have to have Dayskipper qualification at least.

Only Sunfast 37 supplied by Sunsail will be allowed to enter.

The format of the event format may change with the presentation been held on the Thursday night.

Future Offshore Events

2007 Dave White, Cleveland will look into the possibility of holding the event on the Solent. Sussex Alan Costello offered to be the reserve.

2008 Notts: - John Neaverson would look into the possibility of organising the event.


Anv other business

John Burbeck thanked Andrew Clarke the organiser for a great event, which all present agreed with.

Pete Walters Notts asked about the handicap given to the Sunsail 37 yachts for this event. This was for the chatterer to discuss with Sunsail and bring it to the race officer's attention, not for this meeting to discus.


Cleveland                Tony Riordan   Strathclyde Daniel Mc?
Cleveland                 David White   Sussex Alan Costello
Devon & Cornwall Trevor Bardwell-Jones   Sussex Lee Floyd
Devon & Cornwall Chris Jelliss   Sussex John Kennett
Devon & Cornwall Ray Lawry   Sussex Steve Rigby
Devon & Cornwall Andy Munday   Sussex Alan Westeu
Dorset Bryan Tucker   Sussex Terry Withier
Dorset Malcolm Palmer   Warwicks John Burbeck
Herts Bob Gabbey   Warwicks Henry Scutt
Herts Stephen Lerpinage   West Mids Carl Barrington
Lancs Andy Cuddon   West Mids Aaron Beck
Leics Tony Onions   West Mids Marie Bond
Leics Pauline Thornton   West Mids Matt Colston
Lothian & Borders Andrew Clarke   West Mids Michael Corrigan
Lothian & Borders Stewart Stratton   West Mids Paul Deakin
Notts Helen Neaverson   West Mids David Ellis
Notts John Neaverson   West Mids Karen Hastings
Notts Paul Pilsworth   West Mids Ian Ingram
Notts Pete Walters   West Mids Dick Oxley
Strathclyde Alan McLean   West Mids Viv Rivett
Strathclyde John Morgan   West Mids Chris Vyse
Strathclyde Douglas Reed   West Yorks David Casper
Strathclyde John Love      






In attendance

Stuart Jenkins (SJ) Met (PSUK Dinghy Sailing Secretary)
Pete Walters (PW) Notts
Dick Sivers (DS) Northants
Andy Taverner (AT) Met
Steve Brisley (SB) Cleveland
Peter Walker (PW) Met
Michael Corrigan (MC) West Midlands
Geoff Norman (GN) Notts
Kevin Green (KG) Met
Roger Glass (RG) Met
Nick Hunt (NH) Cleveland
Dave White (DW) Cleveland
Len Gooch (LG) Met
Rob DeGrove (RD) Met
Alan Husk (AH)
Michelle Farrant (MF)


1. Welcome by the Chairman

Stuart Jenkins opened and welcomed everyone to the meeting of behalf of the Chairman.

2. Apologises for absence

John Burbeck, Warwickshire (PSUK Sailing Chairman)
Dean Ingledew, Met (PSUK Dinghy Sailing Chairman)

3. To approve the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held 15th June 2004

Proposed - AT / Seconded - RG

4. Election of Officers

4.1 Election of Chairman

Nominee Dean Ingledew Met - There being no other nominees Dean Ingledew was duly elected Chairman for another year.

4.2 Election of Secretary

Nominee Stuart Jenkins Met - There being no other nominees Stuart Jenkins was duly elected Secretary for another year.

5. Matters Arising

Action 8.1: Dean Ingledew - Police Sailing Website funding. To be dealt with as agenda Item 8

6. Minutes from the PSUK Sailing Committee AGM

MC Secretary of the PSUK Sailing Section in attendance. Only thing to report was funding for Police Sailing web site which will dealt with under Item 8.

7. Review of 2005 Championships

NH opened by thanking Scaling Dam Sailing Club for the use of their facilities and hospitality. He stated that the Championships had gone well with 30 boats at the PSUK Dinghy Championships and 11 boats at the PSUK Laser Championships. The event had also remained within budget and would not make a loss.

8. Future Events

2006 - PW confirmed Notts Police would host the 2006 Championships at Notts County Sailing Club. Provisional dates 14th 15th & 16th June 2006.
2007 - MC stated West Midlands Police were unable to run the Dinghy Nationals in 2007. Rob Gillespie Dorset Police had also agreed to run the event at Poole. PW raised concerns about the sailing area at Poole. Action 6.1 SJ and DS to liaise with Rob Gillespie re sailing area.
2008 - Clive Collier had offered to run the Dinghy Nationals in 2008. Action 6.2 SJ and DS to confirm 2008 position with Clive Collier.

9. Police Sailing Website

DS stated that at the PSUK Sailing Committee Meeting in 2004 it was agreed to pay him to assist and support the running of the Police Sailing website www.policesailing.org.uk. DS further stated that he was very grateful for the Sailing Sections financial assistance. DW asked about commercial sponsorship. DS stated he did not want it. NH stated that the website had been invaluable when advertising and organising this years event. PW stated that he would be using the website to advertise the 2006 Dinghy Nationals. DS was then formally thanked by all those present for all the hard work he does on the website and his assistance to Force reps organising dinghy events.

10. AOB

SJ stated that the rumour that Sunsail no longer wished to supply yachts for the PSUK Offshore Championships wasn't true and Sunsail were more than happy to continue to run Police events. DS mentioned that there was a need to replace some of the existing trophies with new ones. MC stated that this issue had been brought up the main Sailing Committee Meeting in 2004. It was suggested that one trophy be replaced each year. DS suggested a trophy for female helms; NH suggested a trophy for the first asymmetric dinghy; PH suggested a middle of the fleet trophy; and DW suggested a trophy for endeavour. It was agreed that SJ, DS and RG would review the existing trophies, seek funding at the main Sailing Committee Meeting and present the new trophies at the Nottingham Event in 2006.

11. Date for next meeting

Date to be fixed by Nottingham Police hosts of the 2006 PSUK Dinghy Sailing Championships which will be on the first evening of the main PSUK Dinghy Event.

Meeting closed at 1830 hours.




Annual General Meeting
10.30 hrs Monday, 21st of November, 2005
Warwickshire Police Headquarters

The chairman Mr John Burbeck opened the meeting at 10.48 hrs.

 1,         Attendance

John Burbeck
Michael Corrigan
Matt Colston
Peter Walters
Simon Judge
Nick Hunt
Stuart Jenkins
Richard Sivers
Chris Edmonds

2,         Apologies 

Dean Ingledew

Alex Bissett.
Brian Woodhall
Andrew Clark

 3,         Minutes of the previous meeting

Copies of the Sailing Section minutes of the 2004 meeting were distributed to those present and were agreed as an accurate record.

Apologies to Richard Sivers from missing his name off the attendance list.

Item No9 (Dinghy Sailing Championships, 2005), adjusted to show that the Dinghy Championships 2005 were being organised by Cleveland Police, not as shown. 

4,         Matters arising from these minutes

Stuart Jenkins to make enquires with Dean Ingledew in respect of the advertisement in Sailing magazines of Police events. 

The classification of the definitions of the ‘Core’ fleet in Offshore events to be monitored in future event.

5,         Correspondence to Secretary

PSUK letter dated 1/11/05 regarding PMAS sponsorship at national events.

Michael Corrigan has responded to the request in the letter for number attending National events.

John Burbeck fully briefed the meeting as to the advantages from the sponsorship from PMAS.


Copies passed to the organisers of the 2006 Dinghy and Offshore events.

A short discussion took place about other sponsorship is allowed.

Also there is no cost to the organisers of a Programme for the event prepared by James E James.

John Burbeck was able to confirm that there is financial assistance available of £150 to organisers of ‘Regional’ events. 

6,         Treasurer’s Report

Report from Alex Bissett copies distributed to the meeting.

Stuart Jenkins asked about travel costing to committee meeting, this is covered and reimbursement is from the treasurer.

No final account has been received from the organisers of the offshore 2005 event, Michael Corrigan will make enquires to obtain a copy. (The accounts were sent via e-mail prior to the meeting, but the West Mids e-mail system failed).

Nick Hunt presented the final accounts of the Dinghy Championships 2005, the event broke even.

Stuart Jenkins would look into financial assistance for competitors to represent the British Police in recognised international Dinghy events.    

7,         Election of Officers

Chairman: John Burbeck

Proposed: Michael Corrigan

Michael Corrigan Secretary explained that he would retire from the two posts of secretary of Full and Offshore Sailing Sections at the 2006 Offshore event.

Enquires will be made by those present to find volunteers for the two posts of Sailing Section Secretary and Offshore Secretary. 

8,         Dinghy Championships

Stuart Jenkins distributed the minutes of the Dinghy Section meeting held on the 16th June 2005.


Nick Hunt presented a report of the Laser and Dinghy Championships 2005, which was held at Scaling Dam on the 15th to 17th of June 2005.


Pete Walters of the Nottinghamshire Police informed the meeting that the Laser and Dinghy Championships 2006 would be held at Notts County Sailing Club on the 14th to 16th of June. A social gathering is been considered for the evening of the 15th in Nottingham.


Stuart Jenkins confirmed that organisers have been arranging for the next 3 years of the event. 2006 – Nottinghamshire; 2007 – Dorset; 2008 – Devon & Cornwall

9,         Offshore Sailing Championships

Matt Colston distributed the minutes of the Offshore Section meeting at Tobermorey on Tuesday 17th of May 2005.

A report prepared by Andrew Clarke of Lothian and Borders, the organiser of the 2005 event, was read out to the meeting. Andrew Clarke was concerned over the one-design format restricting the event to the South Coast and benefits only a few crews. Also that there was no encouragement for crews to take part in Sailing thus losing some of the regular competitors.

Chris Edmonds informed the meeting that Warwickshire would be the organisers using the Sunsail fleet of Sunfast 37 in Port Solent. The proposed dates are 22th to 26th of May 2006. The intention is to take the fleet out of The Solent, and therefore a 2nd person in the crew will have to have Dayskipper qualification at least. The format of the event format may change with the presentation being held on the Thursday night.

Michael Corrigan asked could Chris Edmonds enquire with Sunsail if the diesel ‘full tank’ rule still stands.

General comment on the possibility of prices for a split fleet Gold/Silver/Bronze, also if support boats attend, a white fleet. Chris Edmonds would look into the matters.  

Matt Colston and Michael Corrigan will look into the condition of the trophies and new one for the 2nd and 3rd overall positions and personnel prizes for the winning crews.   

Future year’s hosts:

2007    Cleveland.

2008    Nottinghamshire, under consideration.
2009    Sussex, enquires with Alan Costello to see if they could consider hosting the event.

 10,       British Police Representation

Pete Walters of the Nottinghamshire Police asked the meeting was it possible for them to enter Cork Week 2006.

Michael Corrigan explained to the meeting that he had already on Pete’s behalf, spoke to PSUK and no objections had been raised.

The meeting agreed to Pete’s request to enter the Cork Week 2006 and wished him all success.

11,       Any other Business 

The meeting again thanked Richard Sivers for his continued support and management of the www.policesailing.org.uk web site. It was requested what were the costs incurred by him for running the web site. He was not able to put an exact figure but it is in the region of £350 with no cost in relation to the amount of time spent. 

Michael Corrigan will make enquires with PSUK web site to see if all our information could be incorporated on PSUK web site also do we have the right to update our section. This would reduce the time and costs to Richard Sivers.

 It was proposed by Pete Walters and seconded by Stuart Jenkins that financial support be made available to Richard Sivers to assist in his running costs.

 (Result of enquires with PSUK, they could not carry amount of information our web site holds. Also there are no objections to the costs incurred in continuing the current setting up of the website)

Michael Corrigan informed the meeting of the offer of a reduced charter fee from Sunsail for delivering the yachts from Largs to Cork in July 2006.

Richard Sivers said that the match-racing event proposed by the South Wales Police will not take place due to lack of response.

The meeting closed at approx 12.45pm