Police Sport UK:





The Championships shall be known as the Police Sport UK National Dinghy Sailing Championships (hereinafter called “The Championships”).





The Championships shall be arranged annually by a Committee appointed by the host Force (hereinafter called “The Sectional Committee”) approved by the Police Sport UK Sailing Committee.

The venue of the Championships and the class dinghy shall be approved by the Police Sport UK Sailing Committee.  The hosting of the event shall be subject to approval of the Host Chief Constable.




The constitution of the Organising Committee shall be at the discretion of the host Force which may co-opt non police members of any local sailing club or association and it will always have an identified Safety Officer competent in the role, approved by the Police Sport UK Sailing Committee.




Competition shall be confined to members of affiliated clubs, who have been sworn in as paid constables, paid police support staff, paid Cadets, retired police officers or retired members of police support staff, as defined in Rule 39 of the Police Sport UK Constitution and shall be declared as such on the entry form for the Championships.  There shall be no limit to the number of boats entered per force.




All craft entered in the Championships shall be mono-hull dinghies, OR two man keel boats having an overall length not exceeding 22 feet and have a recognised Portsmouth Yardstick.




A venue shall be chosen able to accept such craft where possible but inability to cater for keel boats should not necessarily preclude a Force or venue from being chosen to host the event.




All boats in the Championships shall be insured against third party risks, such indemnity being the responsibility of the competitor.  Evidence of such insurance shall be produced if required.




An entry fee of an amount prescribed by the Organising Committee, to cover the full cost of mounting the Championships, shall be required to be paid in respect of each competitor.  Competitors shall be responsible for all personal expenses incurred by them in relation to the Championships.




The Championships may be decided by such race or races, as may be approved by the Organising and Police Sport UK Sailing Committees.




Any race forming part of the Championships shall be sailed under the International Sailing Federation Rules and prescriptions of the Royal Yachting Association for the time being in force.




The sailing instructions shall be of the host club i.e., the sailing club or association providing facilities for the Championships.  A copy of the sailing instructions shall be provided or available to each competitor prior to the commencement of racing.




The Organising Committee shall ensure that adequate rescue facilities are provided at all times whilst racing is in progress but it shall be the responsibility of each competitor, in the knowledge of his/her own skill and capabilities, to decide whether he /she shall race.




Personal buoyancy shall be worn by all competitors at all times whilst afloat.  A wet or dry suit does not constitute personal buoyancy.




A Royal Yachting Association Qualified Race Officer shall be appointed by the Organising Committee for the Championships.




Such trophies as may be approved by the Sailing Sectional Committee and by the Police Sport UK Council shall be awarded and held by successful competitors until required for the next Championships.




Plaques shall be awarded to winners and runners-up in the Championships.  Where the number of entries in the Championships is six or more, third place plaques shall be awarded.




The Police Sport UK Sailing Committee shall have in place a procedure for dealing with matters of complaint, discipline or grievance, arising out of the activities of the Sailing Section.  Such matters shall always be notified in writing and any aggrieved person shall have a right of personal hearing before a panel, comprising not less than three members of the committee before any final decisions are made.  In all cases the rules of natural justice shall apply.




Any dispute arising from any matter in connection with the Championships, which is not provided for in these rules shall be notified to the Chairman of the Police Sport UK Sailing Committee within seven days.  The decision of the Sectional Committee shall be final.



The Council of Police Sport UK has taken a limited liability Personal Injury Policy of Insurance to cover any Competitor, Official or Committee Member of Police Sport UK aged between 16 and 65 years, who is participating or officiating at any Championships organised on behalf of the Police Sport UK, and who as a result of receiving serious bodily injury, dies or is permanently disabled resulting in their being retired from their Force.  A condition of the Insurance Policy is that notice must be given to the Insurance Company of any Injury which might give rise to any claim, as soon as reasonably practicable and in any case within 21 days of the occurrence.  In order to comply with requirements both the organisers of the National Championships and the Police Sport UK Office must be informed of any such incident immediately.  These conditions must be brought to the attention of all Competitors by their inclusion in Entry forms for the Championships.  Competitors requiring additional Insurance cover are advised to consult their own Insurance Companies.



The approval of the Police Sport UK Sailing Committee and the Police Sport UK Council shall be required for any amendment, decision or addition to these Rules.