Police Sport UK Sailing Section Meetings held during 2011

This page comprises:

Minutes of the PSUK Offshore Sailing Championships Consultation Meeting, 2011

Minutes of the PSUK Dinghy Sailing Championships Consultation Meeting, 2011

Minutes of the PSUK Sailing Section Annual General Meeting, 2011


PSUK Offshore Sailing Championships

Consultation Meeting

6pm 10th May 2011

Cowes Yacht Haven IOW



In Attendance

Sara Thornton

Louise Nixon

Helen Neaverson

Stuart Jenkins

John Oldham

Henry Scutt

Pete Walters

Tony Riordan

Chris Jellis

Ian Ingram

Welcome by the Chair:

Sara Thornton opened and welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Apologies for Absence:


Minutes of the PSUK Offshore Consultation Meeting 2010:

Proposed Louise Nixon

Seconded Pete Walters


Matters Arising:


PSUK Sailing Section Regional Representatives (Vacancies/Amendments):

Helen to speak with the skippers of the boats to try and fill the vacancies. Stuart Jenkins/John Oldham to email Helen an up to date email contact list of competitors.

Treasurers Report:

Louise Nixon put in a request for extra money for the event this request wasn’t granted and we were allocated the usual sum of £5,900.

Louise Nixon stated that fewer forces were entering the event as they couldn’t afford it. Sports and Social clubs are cutting costs allocated to sections.

Henry Scutt stated that Warwickshire are a tiny force and that they could afford to come and would support any future events.

Stuart Jenkins Stated the Met are self funded and that they had entered 5 boats into the event this year. A comparison should be looked at between the Sailing Section and other sporting sections. PSUK should be approached.

Louise Nixon confirmed that the Sailing Section for this event get £5,000 every year where as other sections receive more. PSUK publish a report which she has a copy of showing which sections get what amount allocated.

Sara Thornton made the suggestion that should we look again at the amount of money that was allocated to the winners of the Offshore Event for future British Police representation. No arguments rose against taking money from the winning boat we should ask for more money from PSUK.

Helen to contact PSUK and make enquiries about how much money each section gets allocated. Sara Thornton to write a letter if necessary.

It is to be broken down into capital rather than funding. People are not paying into Forces Sporting Clubs any more. If we asked for more money it would result in supporting more people to attend the event.

Louise Nixon to give Helen Neaverson a copy of PSUK funding report.

Louise Nixon will try and attend the PSUK AGM which is due to be held in Liverpool on

Secretaries Report:

Update of events over the last year read out by Helen Neaverson.

Laser Master National Stokes Bay 2nd-4th July 2010. Graham Cook (Met) representing PSUK and finished a respectable 42nd overall.

Phantom Nationals 2010, Stone Sailing Club 23-25th July 2010. Simon Hawkes represented PSUK and finished 5th overall.

Cowes Week 2010 Pete Walters representing the British Police (PSUK) entered the J109 fleet and finished 10th overall.  


Richard Sivers received a copy of the PSUK Trophy Folder from Helen Neaverson. This has been scanned onto the website and the folder returned to Helen. At the end of each future event both Richard and Helen will update the website and folder in an attempt to keep an up-to-date record of trophy location, thus easing the pressure of finding “lost” trophies for future host teams.

Issues of the week:

There have been collisions between teams entering the event. Nott’s B team have had their boat damaged. Turns were done by the offending team and as a result they weren’t disqualified from the race.

Previous collisions at events have resulted in teams finding themselves taking a case through Small Claims Court. This is making a very awkward atmosphere between teams.

Sunsail want money quickly in order to carry out repairs for any damaged caused during the Charter of their boats. They have a business to run and require boats in the water not out of it.

Pete Walters asked it there could be instructions or a rule written down about damage being caused.

New Boats have AIS fitted, resulting in the boats track through the water being recorded. The Coastguard monitors it. This could result in a legally binding document being raised at Court.

In future do we enforce entrants to take up additional insurance?

John Oldham stated that if we enforce rules we will be dragged into Courts and that’s not for us to be doing. It could cause issues for the hosting teams in the future.

Helen Neaverson is to have a look through the rules, see if they are legally enforceable and get advice from PSUK as to their view on it.

The met Organising team will have a chat with the offending team in relation to the Nott’s B boat collision.

Rules to be looked at before AGM.

Each team to ensure they are protected against damage.

Met Team congratulated for hosting the event this year.

Future Events:

2012 Cleveland (Tony Riordon)

2013 Hampshire (Steve Morecross)

2014 Free

2015 Free

Tony Riordon is planning to hold the event during the 2nd week of May 2012. Looking at the same fleet in the Solent although Sunsail have said costs will be 5% higher than this year.  Tony has looked at the possibility of a mixed fleet in the Scottish boarders. He suggested that due to rising costs of Chartering hosts might have to look at the possibility of returning to a handicapped fleet.


Financial bid to PSUK stating event may fold if we don’t get more money.

Case for making it into a 3 day event rather than 5. One of the disadvantages to this would be some teams would be travelling a long way for a short event and could decide not to bother entering at all.

Option to drop the event to 4 days and remove the passage race.

It was highlighted that the event in the past was originally held over 7 days and it has already been cut down to 5.

Handicapped Fleets have been used in the past, same fleet is better as you know where you finish once you cross the line. If a Handicapped Fleet used a band system needs to be used to help the Race Officer and this can be complicated.

Pete Walters prefers one design fleet. He agrees that Sunsail dominate the event due to the number of available boats they have and this seems unfair.

Devon and Cornwall would like to host the event in the future. Boats would need to be sought; they have had a handicapped fleet in the past.

Dinghy Championships:

2011 Rutland Water Leicestershire Police (Johnny Monks)

2012 West Midlands can’t do this event due to leave for the Olympics being blocked by the Chief Constable. Officer’s also lost due to A19.

2013 Dorset?


Helen Neaverson to contact Richard Sivers. As a result of West Mids not being able to host the 2012 event an email to be circulated and appeal to be put on the website in order to try and find another host team.  If no volunteers found suggestion made to avoid 2012 and pick up again in 2013.

Email to go out to find hosts for 2013 and 2014.


The Met run an offshore event every October. There is a proposal to make it a PSUK event which would hopefully attract sponsorship. Helen Neaverson suggested John Oldham email Neil Braithwaite in time for the AGM. Strathclyde Police have been allowed to use the PSUK name for their Annual event.

Ian Ingram suggested that we didn’t want to have too many PSUK events as this could have a possible adverse effect on money allocation.

The date of the 6th October clashes with the Met event. Helen to contact Nichola to see if the date can be changed successfully. If it can’t then the meeting would stay on the 6th October. Date for the AGM to be circulated on the sailing websites.

 19:08 hours meeting closed.


PSUK Dinghy Sailing Championships

Consultation Meeting

Wednesday 14th September 2011

Rutland Sailing Club



In Attendance

Sara Thornton (TVP)

Stuart Jenkins (Met)

Pete Walters (Notts)

Nick Mason (Met)

Richard Sivers (Northants)

Andy Taverner (Met)

Peter Walker (Met)

Bob Trevis (Sussex)

Nick Hunt (Cleveland)

Ian Ingram (West Midlands)

Simon Hawkes (Avon & Somerset)

Bob Lowrie (Avon & Somerset)

Alex Piggott (Notts)

Paul Welch (Cheshire)

Tim Mercer (Merseyside)

Jeff Stratford (Avon & Somerset)

Jerry Summers (Leicestershire)

Johnny Monks (Leicestershire)

Welcome by the Chair

Sara Thornton opened and welcomed everyone.

1. Apologies for Absence

Roger Glass (Met)

2. Minutes of the PSUK Offshore Consultation Meeting 2010

Proposed Stuart Jenkins

Seconded Nick Mason


3. Matters Arising


4. Minutes from PSUK Sailing AGM 2010

Stuart Jenkins (Met) update the meeting on what was discussed at the AGM. Simon Hawkes was given financial support to compete in the Phantom Nationals 2011. Simon was present and updated the meeting on his successful campaign – 10th out of 81. He also stated that without financial support from PSUK it would make it impossible to compete with the semi professional sailors in the Class. He thanked PSUK and the sailing section for their support. Andy Taverner was given financial support to enter the Laser Master Nationals. Andy was unable to compete in the event due to the London Riots. His allocation of money would be carried forward to 2012.

Bob Lowrie (Avon & Somerset) stated he hadn’t been notified about the PSUK Sailing Section AGM.  Sara Thornton asked if any other regional reps hadn’t been notified. All those present stated they had. Action: Sara Thornton to speak to Helen Neaverson to ensure all reps had been notified.

5. Review of PSUK Dinghy National Sailing Championships 2011

Johnny Monks – Event Organiser (Leicestershire) thanked the Leicestershire Dinghy Organising Committee for all their hard work to make the event a success. He updated the meeting on how they had prepared for and funded the event. Entries were up - 15 Laser this year (10 in 2010) 35 dinghies for the Championships (28 in 2010).

Jerry Summers (Leicestershire) raised the issue that most competitors didn’t enter the event in advance which made it difficult to plan the event in relation to catering, safety boat cover etc. This is an annual problem. There was then a general discussion on the issue and it was agreed that future organisers need to be aware of the issue. It was recommended to future organisers that they target the previous years competitors by e-mail to get an indication / verbal commitment they will attend the event.

Jerry Summers (Leicestershire) stated that the PSUK Program Printers had gone bankrupt and that this year Leicestershire had to print their own programmes. Action: Dick Sivers (Northants) to contact Neil Braithwaite at PSUK to find out which company is now providing this service.

Pete Walters (Notts) asked why racing had finished so early in the day. Johnny Monks stated that the Race Officer felt under pressure to get the racing finished early so that the Consultation Meeting could take place. Stuart Jenkins (Met) stated that competitors were at the event to sail which should be the priority.

6. Future Events:

2012 Leicestershire (Johnny Monks)

2013 Dorset

2014 Nottingham  (Alex Piggott)

Stuart Jenkins (Met) stated that for various unforeseen reasons West Midlands were now unable to host next year’s event. To address this he had approached Leicestershire Police to host the event for a consecutive year as they had a tried and tested template to work from The venue was in the centre of the Country and would give the event every chance of success.  Johnny Monks (Leicestershire) stated they would host the event but had concerns about going back to the sponsors to ask for more money in 2012. Stuart Jenkins (Met) stated that he had discussed funding with Sara Thornton (Chairman) and in principle the Sailing Section would provide additional funding to raise the total funding allocation to £600 in 2012. There was general concern that if the event did not take place it would be the end of police dinghy sailing. Johnny Monks stated Leicestershire would run the event in 2012 subject to approval of the funding and his Chief Constable’s approval. 

7. AOB

Nick Mason (Met) stated that this year in the PSUK Laser Nationals competitors were allowed to sail with 47 and radial rigs. He asked if the event was now a Laser handicap event or for solely Laser full rigs. There was then a discussion on the pros and cons. It was agreed and is recommended to the PSUK Sailing Committee that the PSUK Laser Nationals remain a non handicap event but allow competitors to choose the appropriate recognised rig – standard rig, radial or 4.7 and no others.

Paul Welch (Cheshire) raised the issue that a large number of police staff were being made redundant and as a result were not eligible to compete in PSUK events. The rules at present state that to compete in PSUK events you need to be a serving police officer or member of police staff or in receipt of a police pension. The subject was discussed and it was agreed the issue would be raised at the PSUK Sailing Section AGM for debate around options for the Sailing Section. Once discussed Neil Braithwaite at PSUK would be liaised for their view.

Options discussed included:

Allowing all ex police officers and member of police staff who had served at least five years in a Police Force. Condition - They had not been dismissed from the service.

 Jerry Summers (Leicestershire) asked if the ‘Spirit of the Event’ Trophy is a PSUK Trophy as it affects who wins other trophies. After some discussion it was agreed  and recommended to the PSUK Sailing Committee that the ‘Spirit of the Event’ Trophy is an award and should not be a recognised PSUK Trophy when deciding winners of other trophies. Action: Dick Sivers to amend guidance document.

Johnny Monks (Leicestershire) raised the issue about the condition of the trophies. Agreed Stuart Jenkins and Dick Sivers would identify works needed on all trophies and get quote for the works which would be brought to the PSUK Sailing AGM in October. Action: Stuart Jenkins & Nick Mason to source quote for AGM.

Pete Walters (Notts) raised the issue about some trophies haven’t been awarded for a numbers of years – Langton Bell and the Mark Peers Trophy. Action Stuart Jenkins and Nick Mason to review and recommend at a ne  allocation – options winner of a particular race or winner of the largest fleet competing.

Bob Lowrie (Avon & Somerset) asked if Simon Hawkes had received his PSUK Award of Excellence. Sara Thornton stated the papers has been submitted late after a delay with PSUK confirming Simon was eligiable for the award. She stated they would be resubmitted. Action: Sara Thornton to speak to Helen Neaverson re submission of the papers.

Meeting closed.

Police Sport UK

Sailing Section AGM

1100 hrs Thursday 6 October 2011

Thames Valley Police Headquarters



1 Welcome

Everyone welcomed by Chief Constable Sara Thornton to Thames Valley Police Headquarters.  Those present were thanked for making the journey.


Sara Thornton              Thames Valley (ST)

Richard Sivers             Northants                     (RS) Archivist

John Oldham               Met                              (JO)

Nick Mason                 Met                              (NM)

Wendy Yeadon            Ex Leicestershire         (WY)

Johnny Monks             Leicestershire               (JM)

Louise Nixon               Strathclyde                   (LN)


2 Apologies

Apologies were received from Alex Piggott (Notts), Helen Neaverson (Notts), Ian Ingram (West Mids) and Nick Hunt (Cleveland), Stuart Jenkins (Met).


3 Minutes of AGM 2010

Previous minutes were circulated at the meeting and agreed.  No matters arising.

It was agreed that further representation of the different regions need to be included on the distribution list.  Secretary to arrange for the next meeting.

ST asked if RS had prepared an aide memoire for the web-site.  RS reported that he had prepared an information pack for the offshore events and had liaised with the organisers but had not loaded onto the web-site as this was not for the benefit of the public.

JO was present at the previous meeting however his name was incorrectly spelt.    


4 Election of Officers

Chairperson, Sara Thornton.

Secretary, Stuart Jenkins proposed by ST and seconded by LN.

Treasurer, Louise Nixon proposed by WY and seconded by RS.


5 Treasurers Report

LN circulated and discussed treasurers report.  There is currently £3,140 in the bank.  LN had identified amounts for the web-site and PSUK organisers and wished to discuss the amount payable for the PSUK winners 2012 Cowes week and PSUK Dinghy Winners.  It was the preference of the AGM that as the winners and runners up were unable to submit a crew to the 2012 Cowes week (due to operational restrictions on leave because of the Olympics) the £2,000 would be used to support the offshore championships hosted by Cleveland in 2012 (rather than rolling over to 2013 as had been previously suggested).  ST agreed to write to both Ian Ingram and Pete Walters to confirm that they would not be participating in Cowes 2012, once this had been confirmed then the cheque would be raised for Cleveland.  As there is only one Dinghy entry for 2012 LN will raise a cheque for £250 for Leicestershire and update Neil Braithwaite accordingly.  It was agreed that the rules would be made clearer for the future. 

ST discussed the allocation for 2012 and the bids to be submitted.  It was agreed by the AGM that we should apply for the same bid as last year with an increase of £100 for the organisers of the National and Dinghy event as follows:

£2,600 – for the organisers of the Nationals and Dinghy event (LN to collate supporting data from both the Met and Cleveland for this application)

£4,200 – Cowes week 2013 (LN to provide supporting data)

£400 – British representation at the Phantom Nationals

£400 – British representation at the Laser Nationals

£550 – web-site


6 Consultative Meeting – Offshore

Minutes were discussed and matters arising as follows:

ST highlighted a discrepancy with the total allocation which should read as £5,590.

Trophies – to be discussed at item 14

The recent collision between Nottinghamshire and Devon and Cornwall was discussed at length and it was agreed that it would be inappropriate for organisers to become involved in a financial dispute.  There are sailing rules and Cleveland should ask all entrants to ensure that individual liability for damage is highlighted to crews who all have a responsibility in the event of a collision.  

Upgrade offshore event – to be discussed as AoB.

7 Consultative Meeting – Dinghy

Issue raised over a partner who was a police member of staff who has been made redundant and under the pension rules she is unable to claim her pension until the age of 65 and the PSUK rules state that you cannot be a member unless you are in receipt of a pension.  ST also identified another category of police staff who are out sourced.  JO will raise the criteria for Police Staff and Officers membership at the PSUK council meeting on 8 November, specifically about police staff being made redundant without pension and police staff who are out sourced.

8 National Offshore Championship 2011

JO provided a report containing financial information with the remainder going to charity.  JO raised an issue over the cost of Cowes Yacht Haven which he has already discussed with Cleveland.  ST commented about the concise report prepared and stated that the event was very well organised.  ST asked for the information to be loaded onto the web-site, to include the money raised for the Anthony Nolan Charity, RS to deal.

9 National Dinghy Championship 2011

An oral report was received and the final report will be circulated in due course JM provided an update for the AGM.  The event was well attended, 33 boats and 44 competitors.  WY stated that they had a small surplus of £103 and are currently struggling for sponsorship for next year.  WY requested the AGM to consider agreeing to the £103 surplus being combined with the carry forward of £250 from 2011 with the £250 for next year.  LN agreed that the £103 could be a carry forward.  The AGM agreed that it was acceptable to carry forward the £103 to next year.  RS agreed to provide support next year for the scoring figures. 

10 British Police Representation 2011 and 2012

ST provided an update which had been prepared by Pete Akers and Pete Waters.  Overall Nottinghamshire came 15th out of 30 competitors at Cowes week and Simon Hawks came 10th in the Phantom Nationals held in Lyne Regis.  Andy Tavernor did not participate due to operational demands.  Simon Hawks is eligible to go forward to the Phantom and Laser events in 2012.      

11 National Offshore Championships 2012, 2013

This will be held between 13and 18 May 2012 from Port Solent and negotiations are in hand with the Corinthian Yacht Club.  They have also stated that they will have an Olympic themed event, no further details known at this stage however they are conscious that as this is being held in the year of the Olympics and there may be a lower entry hence they are concerned about their funding.  They have asked that PSUK buy some race flags at a cost of approximately £300.  ST agreed that the flags used by the Met last year should be considered. It was agreed that an action for the secretary would be to contact Hampshire to confirm the 2013 event.

12 National Dinghy Championships 2012, 2013

The event in Rutland 2012 was discussed and it was agreed that crews were required for the safety boats NM was happy to supply the support of two safety boats which would be double crewed..  

It was agreed that the secretary would contact Dorset to confirm the dates and time of year for the 2013 event as in September there would be better winds and it is also after the main leave period. 

ST thanked Leicestershire for a second year.

13 Award of Excellence

Simon Hawkes was previously put forward previously and it was agreed that ST would deal.

14 Trophies

There are currently 17 trophies which are in need of repair due to damage over the years.  Some of the trophies have no space for future winners and others have not been engraved with winners details.  A discussion ensued over whether to buy versus the cost of having the trophies repaired, re-silvered and engraved.  It was agreed that the trophies would be repaired and only engrave the 2011 winners. In future a contribution would be requested for the engraving and the sailing section would be responsible to fix and engrave the trophies.

The allocation of the trophies were considered and it was agreed that there would be a race winner and the Race 2 in Dinghy could be used as a third prize.  RS suggested that the Lancon-Bell should be presented to the Best Sailor of the Host Force.          

15 Police Sport UK Council Meeting

Discussion ensued over eligibility and membership as there was an issue over professionals entering due to PSUK rules.  JO asked the definition of “professional”.  JO agreed to contact Neil Braithwaite over the definition of amateur and also relaxing the criteria over membership to increase and encourage participation as currently the amateur definition could preclude a number of competitors who teach and are paid to race boats

16 Any other business

JO asked if the Met championship event could be recognised as a PSUK event as with more sailing events it would encourage future sponsorship.  The AGM were all in agreement with this proposal and ST stated that Strathclyde are already holding additional events. 

There being no further business the meeting concluded at 1323 hrs.

Date of next years AGM, 1100 to 1300 hrs, Thursday 4 October 2012, Thames Valley Police Headquarters