Police Sport UK Sailing Section Meetings held during 2017


Minutes of the PSUK Offshore Consultative Meeting 2017.

Minutes of the PSUK Dinghy Consultative Meeting 2017.

Minutes of the PSUK Sailing Section AGM 2017.





PSUK Offshore Sailing Championships

Consultative Meeting

Thursday,  15th June, 2017

Held on the Quayside in Rothesay, Isle of Bute, Scotland

  1. Welcome by Sailing Secretary John Oldham

  2. Apologies from Sara Thornton –Sailing Section Chair.

  3. Attendance. Forces represented were. The Met, Scotland, Cleveland, PSNI, Lancs, Devon and Cornwall, South Wales.

  4. Minutes of previous meeting approved for accuracy and agreement proposed.

  5. The current PSUK offshore event was discussed and the Scottish organising committee was officially thanked for running both the North British Championships and the PSUK offshore event together. The event is a complete success.

  6. Future events: At the AGM it was agreed that CC Sara Thornton would approach the Fire brigade to run the 2018 offshore championships jointly with their national event. They agreed in principal. The issue may be that the Fire brigade event is already well attended so the Sunsail fleet may not be able to accommodate any extra boats. It was agreed that further discussion will occur at the AGM. It was pointed out that the North British event may struggle for numbers if it is not held jointly with the Offshores. PSNI pointed out that Ireland was not an option due to lack of charter boats. Scotland also is difficult for racing type boats.

  7. Other events. All were encouraged to check the Police Sailing website for details of further events. The next national event being the Dinghy nationals on the 26th June.

  8. Close and formal thanking of those in attendance, next meeting is the AGM in London (Date to be confirmed- dial in available)





PSUK Dinghy Sailing Championships

Consultation Meeting

28th June 2017 10:15am - 10:40am
Stokes Bay Sailing Club

The meeting was held prior to the two day event commencing as the wind was light and racing was delayed. It was an opportune moment to get interested parties together and was chaired by Nick Mason (NM) from the Met (Rtd) on behalf on John Oldham (PSUK Sec) who was unable to attend due to operational reasons.

In attendance:

Nick Mason - NM (Met)
Rob Jonhes - RJ (Hampshire)
Bob Lowrie - BL (A & S)
Jeff Stratford - JS (A & S)
Darren Crew - DC (A & S)
Phil Busvine - PB (A & S)
Jeff Hines - JH (A & S)
Jim Shaw - JS (A & S)
Malc Dykes - MD (A & S)
Simon Hawkes - SH (A & S)
Gary Cooper - GC (A & S)
Steve Butler -SB (A & S)
Ian Ingram - II (West Mids)
Lee Hill - LH (Leics)
Tony Onions - TO (Leics)
Sean Moore - SM (Leics)
Bob Trevis - BT (Sussex)
Rich Bates - RB (Sussex)
Fran Gifford - FG (Met)
Pete Walker - PW (Met)


  1. NM opened the meeting and thanked JC and his team for taking on the task of organising the 2017 PSUK Dinghy Championships. It was recognised that Stokes Bay Sailing Club is an excellent venue and the competitors were grateful for the event being hosted there.

  2. Apologies: Received from John Oldham, Stuart Jenkins, Roger Glass.

  3. There was early discussion and as a group the meeting felt that the one area that required discussion was the Organising of the event in the future, if it should indeed continue and if so who would be willing to host / organise for 2018. A summary of this discussion is as follows;

Other venues.
Some discussion focused around 'Piggy backing ' the event onto another organisations Championships as has been proposed with the PSUK Offshore fleet attending the Fire Service Championships. It was generally agreed that if at all possible the group would like to remain independent, though if numbers continued to dwindle perhaps in the future the Civil Service Championships maybe an option.

Length of event
Discussion took place regarding the length of the event. Three days caused more work / cost for organisers and with numbers dwindling and the difficulties for serving officers to get leave was 3 days, and in particular the single handed event still viable (given that only 7 boats entered the 2017 single handed Championships). NM proposed that a vote should be taken as to whether the single handed day should be scrapped and the results for this event extracted from the two day handicap event. There was a unanimous vote that the one day event should no longer take place though prizes will still be presented as detailed above. It is proposed that the PSUK Championships should now be a 2 day handicap event.

Organising Committee 2018
NM asked the meeting for a volunteer to organise the 2018 Championships. Following a period of deathly silence II (West Mids) and RJ (Hampshire) both stepped up to the mark and said they would make requests to their force. II stated that if the West Mids were to organise then it would be an Inland event, most likely at Draycott Water. RJ stated there were now a couple of other officers sailing with him in Hampshire so he would have others around him to assist in organising the event, Netley SC would be the favoured venue for a Hampshire event. NM asked that II and RJ approach there forces and come back with a decision reporting directly to the PSUK Secretary John Oldham.
NM highlighted to the meeting that with increasing budget constraints and dwindling numbers an organising Committee for this event could no longer be expected to provide a social evening with a live band etc. The social side of the event could take on a more informal structure. This has worked particularly well at Netley SC in the past with its BBQ facilities and on site Bar / Camping /Shower facilities plus other accommodation available half a mile up the road. Members of the meeting were in agreement.


Wednesday, 16th August - Sussex are hosting their annual dinghy event at Lancing SC..

Wednesday, 6th September - Avon and Somerset are hosting their annual dinghy event at Chew Valley SC.

Civilian Crews - From the floor it became apparent that entries were down not only because of increased pressure on officers time but also due to not being able to use 'Civilian' Crews. A number of forces reported that members could not attend as it was there son/daughter/partner who would crew for them and this was banned under current PSUK rules. As a group the meeting asked that PSUK consider relaxing the rules to allow non Police crews to sail with 'Police helms'.........NM stated he would forward this for consideration.

Meeting closed at 10:40am and everyone went for a drift - in the rain.









Police Sport UK

Sailing Section AGM

Monday 2nd October 2017 10:30 am

NPCC HQ Victoria



1.      Welcome - Sara Thornton – Chief Constable NPCC (Chair)

Attendance – John Oldham (Met) Secretary,

Dial In – Marie Bond ( West Mids) , Laura Davidson (Scotland), Jon Bancroft (Devon and Cornwall), David Old (Lancs), Richard Sivers ( web site) Owen Poplett (Sussex)


2.      Apologies for Absence: Noel Lightfoot, Barbara Bradley, Richard Bates, Nick Mason

3.      Minutes from 2016 AGM and 2017 Consultative meetings:

Minutes read and agreed by Richard Sivers and John Oldham.

All actions completed and matters raised are covered in the sections below.

4. Urgent Matters: None notified

5. Election of Officers:

Chairperson: CC Sara Thornton (NPCC)

Secretary – DCI John Oldham (Met)

Treasurer - Mr Nick Shaw (Nott’s)


All proposed and with none contested by Dick Sivers and Marie Bond

6. Correspondence:

John Oldham raised the issue of a letter from Rashi Masih from the Indian Punjab police who wished to enter PSUK offshores. He requested assistance to enter the UK and assistance with a crew. He was informed that his entry into the UK was not within PSUK gift and should be negotiated through his high Commission. It was advised that he should be entering the World police sailing championships- details passed to him.

7. Treasurers Report covering 2016 / 17

Mr Nick Shaw provided and a report as follows:

The grant award from National PSUK was reduced from £3225 to £2225. Therefore, the awards made by the sailing section were reduced accordingly.

The closing bank balance at 31 Dec 2016 was £239.91

Actual expenditure 2017 was as below:

Web fees

Offshore 2017:

Dinghies 2017:

Winner offshore:

Winner dinghies 2016:

RYA affiliation (due to be paid Dec 2017)

Total expenditure:        in the bank for next year.


8. National Dinghy Championships 2017 - Report By Dick Sivers

This event took place on 27th to 29th June at Stokes Bay Sailing Club. The Single-hander Day attracted just 7 boats which was below average of recent years.

The two-day Dinghy Championship attracted 16 boats; 6 of which were from one Force (Avon and Somerset). Numbers were an improvement on the previous year. Racing took place on the first of the two days but racing was abandoned on the second day due to no wind. The series of races was therefore not completed and for the first time in the history of the event, there was no result declared.

In all, 6 Forces were represented in the championships,
General report on the regatta appears on the website

9. National Offshore Championships 2017.

A very successful event was held on the Clyde in Scotland by Police Scotland with organiser Laura Davidson. She was formally thanked at the meeting. I full debrief in available on the website.

10. PSUK Dinghy Events held 2017 – report by Dick Sivers

Met Police Dinghy Regatta
Originally planned to be incorporated into this year’s PSUK Dinghy Championships.  The results were to taken from the first day of the championships – report on web site

Sussex Police Open Dinghy Regatta
This event took place on 16th August at Lancing as part of the local sailing club’s Summer Regatta. The club now annually invites members of the Police to take part. This is in order to make the event viable for Sussex Police Dinghy Section. Although an overall total of 11 boats took part; only 2 were ‘police’; both Sussex boats. There were no visiting police entries.

Avon & Somerset Constabulary Open Police Regatta
Held on 6th September at Chew Valley Sailing Club, 16 boats competed in this year’s regatta, Only 1 competitor was from another Force. The event was won by Simon Hawkes (Avon & Somerset Police). Avon remains an active sailing section and this annual Open event should continue in the future.

10a PSUK Dinghy events proposed for 2018

The record of attendance at police dinghy regattas would indicate that they are becoming less likely to attract travelling competitors.

We lost another popular regatta this year – Dorset - as their secretary retired with no-one else taking up the reins. Avon & Somerset Sailing Section should continue to hold their annual regatta at Chew with Sussex and the Met being possible for 2018. At time of writing, there is no sign of any other Police dinghy regatta taking place next year.

Results of the events held & any reports received are viewable on the police sailing website.

11. PSUK National Dinghy Championship 2018

Discussion on proposed event to be hosted in 2018. The two contenders were possibly West Mids and Hampshire. Hampshire being the more available force due to West mids sailing club suffering from lack of staff.  The meeting proposed that next year the championship was a two day event only incorporating all classes of dinghy.

Action: to John Oldham to ask Hampshire.

12. British Police Representation 2017

Reports from the teams representing the police sailing nationally both in offshore and dinghy events

a. Dinghy - Francis Gifford and Simon Hawks

b. Offshore Nick Mason (Met). – Coppers Cup in Croatia

Details on website.

13. PSUK Metropolitan Police Offshore Championships 2017

This event was not held in 2017

14. PSUK Offshore Championships 2018

The proposal post some discussion was to ask the NCA to join with their regatta which is normally last week in September using the Fairview fleet out of the Hamble in the Solent.

Action for John Oldham to approach the organisers.

15. Scottish Police North Brits 2018

It is unlikely that this event will be held in 2018 Laura Davidson is moving to Devon and Cornwall and no other has stepped up to organise.

16. Awards of Excellence

Action to John Oldham to discuss with PSUK as to the criteria for awarding this prize - a possible being Fran Gifford.

17. Proposed budget and expenditure for 2018

Following some discussion the following projected expenditure was agreed.

RYA affiliation

Web fees

Offshore 2018 – no funds due to amalgamation with NCA

Offshore 2017 winner:        to be awarded to the Met boat winning in Scotland for competing in the World Police sailing championships (Nick Mason)

Dinghies 2018:

Winner dinghies 2017: nil due to lack of winner.

Total projected expenditure:

Treasurer to apply for the full amount as next year’s grant but again expect it to be reduced considerably; therefore, the above figures, with the exception of the RYA grant, are not able to be confirmed until the actual grant amount is received then reduced proportionally.

18. Date of Next Meeting - Awaits but will be October 2018

19. AOB

Jon Bancroft stated that Devon and Cornwall ran a very successful sailing event last weekend in Brixham utilising local skippers who needed crew. He intends to develop the idea further into a bigger event. Discussion ensured and insurance issues were raised which need to be overcome.