Police Sport UK Sailing Section Meetings held during 2016

Minutes of the PSUK Offshore Consultative Meeting 2016.

Minutes of the PSUK Dinghy Consultative Meeting 2016.

Minutes of the PSUK Sailing Section AGM 2016.





No formal Offshore consultative meeting in 2016




PSUK Dinghy Sailing Championships

Consultation Meeting

16.30 - 17.30 hours - 22nd June 2016

Poole Yacht Club



John Oldham, Metropolitan Police (Chair)

Tim Shaw, Avon and Somerset Police

Pete Muggleton, Leicestershire Police

Andy Williams, Hampshire Police

Shaun Welsh, Hampshire Police

Robert Gillespie, Dorset Police

Paul Smith, Dorset Police

Barbara Bradley, Avon and Somerset Police


1 . Welcome by the Chair:

Welcome by the chair. All forces taking part in the current championships were represented at the meeting.

2. Apologies for Absence:

 Dick Sivers, Northants Police

3. Minutes of the Dinghy Consultative Meetings 2015:

Circulated and reviewed.

Minutes Agreed

4. Matters Arising:

From the previous meeting linked actions were raised 

The main action from the previous meeting was for the PSUK committee to be asked if they would allow non police staff or officers to take part in PSUK events. This matter had been fully explored with the PSUK committee and then refused by them.  This is the second time in recent history that this matter has been raised with the PSUK and we have been rejected firmly both times. The sailing section knows that we are far from alone in making these requests to the PSUK committee. This decision was met with disappointment.

5. Review of Event

Poole sailing club and Dorset police hosted an excellent event with second to none facilities and very safe and competent race organisation. All were enjoying the event. However numbers were down.

PSUK Single Handed Dinghy Championships - 10 Single Handed Dinghies entered the event. (One down from last year)

PSUK Dinghy Championships - 23 Mixed Handicap Dinghies entered the 2 day event (Ten down from last year)

General discussion on how to increase numbers at the events.

A long discussion was had into why turn out was so low. The date seems to fit with most people’s available time, the weather warm and the location good.

John Oldham was tasked with conducting research into all the PSUK sports sections that have sailing sections to survey what could be done to increase attendance.

ACTION: Update: Circulation through Ian Campbell (PSUK secretary) to all police sports clubs with a call for information

6. Future Events:

Idea muted previously by Dick Sivers that there should be a national organising team for the events. Meeting felt that without a specific force driving the events there would be a lack of connection and commitment.

The meeting was reminded about the upcoming MPS regatta and further force regattas, all of which can be found on the Police sailing website.

The intention next year is for the National Dinghy Championships to be held at Stokes Bay Sailing Club by the MPS.

7. Next Meeting Consultative Meeting:

 AGM NCC office Victoria London, date to be set, dial in facilities will be made available. If forces are sending representatives please advise John Oldham.

8. AOB:


Meeting concluded.










Police Sport UK

Sailing Section AGM

Tuesday 20th September 2016 10:00

NPCC HQ Victoria



1. Welcome - Sara Thornton – Chief Constable NPCC. The meeting was physically attended by Sara Thornton and John Oldham and on the conference call was:

Owen Poplett -Sussex -OP

Richard Bates -Sussex - RB

Richard Sivers -Northants retired. - RS


2. Apologies for Absence: Nick Mason MPS, Stuart Jenkins MPS, Nick Shaw Treasurer Nottinghamshire retired.

3. Minutes from 2015 AGM and 2016 consultative meetings

Minutes agreed and all actions accounted for, none taken forward.

4. Urgent Matters: None notified to the meeting

5. Election of Officers: The following people were re-elected.  

Chairperson: CC Sara Thornton (NPCC) - Note possible successor is ACC Roger Bannister.

Secretary – DCI John Oldham (Met) Proposed ST seconded RS

Treasurer - Mr Nick Shaw (Nott’s) Proposed JO second RB

6. Correspondence:

John Oldham: Matters arising from PSUK governing committee are that there has been a review of business at the May PSUK AGM. Funding of sections in particular has been reviewed and sections have been asked to reduce costs. Event should be organised centrally to reduce travelling and PSUK sponsored events reduced to a minimum. Most of these changes affect the field sports clubs. The championship running expenses also must be kept to a minimum and follow the PSUK championship rules (PowerPoint previously circulated)

Next PSUK council meeting is 13th December 11.30 Tally Ho West Midlands. Either chairman of secretary to attend (or rep?)

7. Treasurers Report covering 2015/16

The 2015/16 bid was reduced by the PSUK to £2975 this year, funds in the bank £539 giving £3514.

Expenditure for 2016 was reduced marginally from the forecast amount. This was due to a saving of £100 from the dinghy championships and an increase to £125 (from £120) for RYA affiliation. The closing bank balance at 31 Dec 2016 will be £239.91

Actual expenditure was as below:

RYA affiliation

Web fees

Offshore 2016:

Dinghies 2016:

Winner offshore:

Winner dinghies:

Total expenditure:



8. National Dinghy Championships 2016 -

This event was held on 21st-23rd June at Poole Yacht Club and is reported on elsewhere. The Single-hander Day attracted 10 boats which is about average. The two-day Dinghy Championship attracted 12 boats; distinctly below numbers anticipated. This was a successful event however. A full report is published on the sailing website. Official thank you to Dorset for running this event at the excellent setting of Poole yacht club.

RS raised an issue of missing trophies.

Action:  To JO and RS to trace attribute and collate all Dinghy and offshore trophies.

9. National Offshore Championships 2016.

Not held this year

10. PSUK Dinghy Events held 2016

Events held and information - Mr Dick Sivers updated the meeting as the following:


Met Police Dinghy Regatta
Planned for Stokes Bay S.C. on 11th June, the regatta was cancelled due to lack of committed support.


Sussex Police Open Dinghy Regatta
This event took place on 10th August at Lancing Sailing Club. In order to make the event viable, the regatta invites members of the host club to take part. Thus the results are recorded in two divisions; ‘Open’ and ‘Police’. An overall total of 9 boats took part; 5 of which were ‘police’. One was from the Met and the rest from Sussex Police. Police support for the event was just slightly below previous years.


Avon & Somerset Constabulary Open Police Regatta

Held on 7th September at Chew Valley Sailing Club.16 boats competed in this year’s regatta, 5 of which were from other Forces. The event was won by Shaun Welsh (Hampshire Police). Avon were pleased with the turnout and this annual event should continue in the future.


10a PSUK Dinghy events proposed for 2017

The last regattas held by Cheshire (2014) and West Midlands Police (2012) would indicate that they are unlikely to renew in 2017.

Dorset, who held the Dinghy Nationals this year will hold a regatta next year ‘potentially’. Arrangements are not yet certain as their secretary is about to retire. Sussex has a strong Sailing Section and should continue to hold their annual regatta at Lancing.

Please follow the Sailing website for latest news and updates for coming events


11. PSUK National Dinghy Championship 2017

Discussion was held on proposed event to be hosted by the MPS for 2017, the intention is to run the event in June at Stokes bay (Solent) further details when finalised will be published on the website. Jason Cranmer from the MPS is the organiser

12. British Police Representation 2015 / 2016

Reports from the teams representing the police sailing nationally both in offshore and dinghy events

a. Dinghy - Francis Gifford and Simon Hawks

Fran Gifford attended the Penzance Merlin Rocket event (report on website) and Simon went to Austria for the D one National, detail to be published on the website

b. Offshore - John Oldham.

John Oldham attended the World police sailing championships in Croatia last week, the team came third (Some details and photographs on the website more to follow).

13. PSUK Metropolitan Police Offshore Championships 2017

There are no plans to hold this event in 2017 at this time however there is ongoing discussion within the MPS sailing committee. It was felt that as the event in 2016 was so close to the Worlds this effected applications. This clash will not occur in 2017. Please check the website for details closer to the event which if held will be October.

14. PSUK Offshore Championships 2017

No plans for this event as yet no force has volunteered to run the event. There was a suggestion from RB that we combine with the successful Fire brigade championships however this currently breaks the PSUK rules on championships. ST suggested that as collaboration is key to modern policing that she would speak to ACC Finnegan (PSUK) to explore a possible exception or rule change.

ACTION for ST to speak to PSUK Chair.

15. Scottish Police North Brits 2016 /17

This event has again proved very successful for 2016 (full details on the results on website). The planned event for 2017 is Monday the 12th June for a week from Troon on the Clyde. With the absence of a national offshore event it was agreed to award the funding reserved for the national event to Scotland. The intention being if they accept this is to encourage more entries by reducing their outgoings.

16. Awards of Excellence

Proposals discussed. None brought forward

17. Proposed budget and expenditure for 2017


In trying to estimate next year’s budget, we have allowed for funding for a potential official offshore championship. If they are held and a winner’s award is given this would be applied for in 2018 grant application.

Projected expenditure is as below:

RYA affiliation

Web fees

Offshore 2017:

Dinghies 2017:

Winner dinghies:

Total expenditure:


Nick will apply for the full amount as next year’s grant but again expect it to be reduced marginally; therefore, the above figures, with the exception of the RYA grant, are not able to be confirmed until the actual grant amount is received. A reduction in grant will result in the offshore and dinghy grant to be reduced proportionally.


18. Date of Next Meeting, This will be set in summer 2017 and circulated to regional reps. All feel that the conference call system works well.