Police Sport UK Sailing Section Meetings held during 2020


Police Sport UK Sailing Section AGM 2020

Sailing Section AGM

Tuesday 6th October 2020 09:00am

NSY and on MS teams




  1. Welcome – DAC M Twist – MPS

Chair noted that this was a very unusual year due to Covid 19 and this had led to a lack of sailing.

  1. Apologies for Absence: Marie Bond, West Mids, Ian Goodman NCA, Dick Sivers Northants, Gareth Granville Met.

Attendance – DAC Twist (Chair) John Oldham (sec) Richard Bates, Nick Shaw (Treas), Henry Scutt, Owen Poplett, Andrew Buchanan

3. Minutes from 2019 AGM: All agreed – update from Secretary was that the 2019 Coppers cup in Croatia resulted in a sixth place from the UK crew ( Met) Event won by Slovenia

4. Urgent Matters: None notified to meeting

5. Election of Officers: current list 

Chair: DAC M Twist (Met)

Secretary – D/ Supt John Oldham (Met)

Treasurer - Mr Nick Shaw (Nott’s)

Website – Mr Richard Sivers (Northants)


Proposal and agreed for 2020:

Chair: DAC M Twist (Met)

Secretary – DC Gareth Granville (Met)

Treasurer - Mr Nick Shaw (Nott’s)

Website – Mr Richard Sivers (Northants)


6. Correspondence and Secretary update:

Significant amount of Covid related correspondence has been circulated over the year from the PSUK general secretary Ian Campbell – there is no change to current guidance already circulated. The secretary John Oldham attended (virtually) the PSUK AGM. The PSUK continues along the path of “Team Police" sponsorship deals, more information will be available soon. The PSUK guidance to sections is that we should follow the guidance of the sport governing body - in our case the RYA. Full guidance is available from the RYA website. Chair thanked retiring Secretary John Oldham who had been in post since 2010.

7. Treasurers Report covering 2019 / 20

Mr Nick Shaw provided final details of expenditure

The 2019 AGM agreed the projected expenditure as below:

Absolute - RYA affiliation


Web fees -

Offshore regatta management

*Offshore 2020 winner: towards national /international event 2021

Dinghy regatta management 2020:

*Winner dinghies 2020: towards national international event 2021


(* agreed if the PSUK reduce the income the reduction will come out of these funds)


Total projected expenditure: £ 2625



The grant award from National PSUK was reduced from the applied for amount of £2125 to £1875. Additionally, the RYA increased their annual membership fee by £5 to £130 after the grant was applied for. This meant the AGM proposals were once again reduced. Also, the limited amount of activity meant that the Dinghy Champs award 2019 was not claimed.

The closing bank balance at 31 Dec 2019 was £528.83


Actual expenditure was as below:



2020 payments



RYA (due Dec 2020)



Web fees (Dick Sivers)



Offshore 2019 winner



Total expenditure






Bank balance 31.12.19



PSUK grant 2020




less expenditure




Bank Balance 31.12.20





8. The National Dinghy Championships 2020

Unfortunately due to Covid restrictions this was not held

9. The National Offshore Championships 2020.

Unfortunately due to Covid restrictions this was not held

10. General PSUK Dinghy Events held 2020

Events held and information - due to Covid restrictions no events have been held.

11. The Scottish Police North Brits 2020This event was not planned this year and there is no intention to run another – Therefore this event is formally closed as a national sponsored event

12. The Metropolitan Police offshore regatta 2020

Not sailed this year unsure if a further event planned.

13. New PSUK Dinghy Open events proposed for 2021

No events planned as yet awaits Covid restrictions being lifted, forces asked to keep an eye on the website.

14. The PSUK National Dinghy Championship 2021

Avon and Somerset agreed to host the cancelled 2020 event however the appetite for the national championships has diminished. It is suggested that any funding be given to any open meeting planned for this coming year. Should Avon and Somerset wish to run an Open this would attract such funding.  Future National championships may be in conjunction with other law enforcement agencies.

15. The PSUK Offshore Championships 2021

Proposal is that the NCA continue to host this event under their banner once restrictions are lifted. Note: important for crews to register an interest as soon as Notice of Race is published otherwise spaces will go to the NCA or other law enforcement agencies. The proposed dates are either the 20th or 27th September 2021


16. Awards of Excellence

None brought forward due to lack of events –

17. Proposed budget and expenditure for 2021

The only definite expenditure is £130 for RYA affiliation and an honorarium for Dick for website maintenance. The honorarium has been estimated but as per last year, this figure was agreed at the AGM.


Agreed expenditure is as below:


RYA affiliation

Approved maximum amounts.

Web fees - Dick Sivers:

Offshore regatta management 2021:

Offshore 2021 winner: towards national /international event 2022:

Dinghy regatta management 2021:

Winner dinghies 2021: towards national international event 2022:  

Total projected expenditure: £2730


Nick informed the committee that due to COVID-19, we have massively underspent this year and suspected most sections of PSUK will be in a similar position.  Rather than return the money to PSUK and start again in 2021. He proposed that he asked for a reduced grant amount of £1500 expecting a 10% reduction from the National Committee. This will allow us to meet the above proposed expenditure with a small credit balance. This was agreed.

With the exception of the RYA fees, the above figures will not able to be confirmed until the actual grant amount is received.

The crew of the national event (World police sailing championships) were sponsored by a grant this year however the event did not take place being deferred to next year. Therefore the funds where not asked to be returned but rolled forward for next year’s event.


18. Date and place of Next Meeting

Proposal is first week in October 2021


Formal minutes of the meeting can be obtained on request to admin@policesailing.uk