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book01 - CHALLENGE - Lone Sailors of the Atlantic

April 2010 - OUT to BF
Book Ref:  01

CHALLENGE - Lone Sailors of the Atlantic

So who was the first person to sail across the Atlantic single-handed?

The author's compulsively readable text tells the life stories of these lone sailors and relates the exploits that have earned them their place in sailing legend.

The book is lavishly illustrated with colour and black & white photographs which capture superbly the grandeur and challenge of the Atlantic Ocean

book02 - Sailing - A Course of My Life

Book Ref:  02
Edward Heath - SAILING

He was once the Prime Minister . . . More relevantly he was once an Enterprise sailor. He also sailed Snipes and Fireballs. He took part in the Sydney-Hobart classic and won it.

Besides his participation in the America's Cup he tells of the 'Morning Cloud' yachts including the fatal sinking of Morning Cloud III.

book03 - Come Wind or Weather

Book Ref:  03
Clare Francis - Come Wind or Weather

Clare Francis tells the story of her entry in the Whitbread Round the World race, when in the 65-foot ADC Accutrac, she competed against fourteen other yachts in a bid for the coveted Whitbread Trophy.

book04 - The Brendan Voyage

Book Ref:  04
The Brendan Voyage - Tim Severin

This is a quite extraordinary adventure of how a crew of four sailed a medieval boat, made of leather, across the Atlantic, via the 'Stepping Stone Route' (Hebrides, Faroes, Iceland and along the coast of Greenland)

The author poses the possibility that St Brendan was but one of a number of medieval Irish monks who ranged far into the Atlantic.

book05 - Coasting

Book Ref:  05
Coasting - Jonathan Raban

The author sets out alone in a 30-foot ketch to sail round the British Isles.

His aim appears to have been to observe Britain not only from a geographical but a political perspective.

book06 - ICE BIRD

Book Ref:  06

"Not just another single-handed first, but the greatest small boat voyage into ice since Shackleton's" says the blurb.

Mountainous seas, constant gales, snow storms, capsizes in freezing temperatures - the author sets off from Sydney for Cape Town leaving Antarctica to starboard!

April 2010 - OUT to BF
Book Ref:  07

BEN AINSLIE's -  Laser campaign manual

A thoroughly comprehensive book on the art of getting the best out of your Laser.

This book is for racers and includes chapters on fitness & training, go-fast techniques also the psychology of winning.

book08 - Regatta Sailing

Book Ref:  08

To race with any success, it is necessary to understand the theoretical and practical effects of controllable features on a boat and their relation to tactics.

This book is for racing dinghy and keelboat sailors who are progressing from fairly simple rigs & sails.

book09 - The Complete Sailing Handbook

Book Ref:  09
The Complete Sailing Handbook

Well, almost complete (the RYA Racing Rules were re-written in 1997 but the substance remains the same). Nevertheless this 340-page book is perfect for an introduction to the world of sailing.
Sections on boats of all kinds from multi-hulls to windsurfing, boat engines, sailing theory & practice, safety, racing, navigation, the weather - even a glossary of sailing terms and commands - make this book a must for anyone thinking of taking up the sport.

book10- Wind and Sailing Boats

Book Ref:  10
Wind and Sailing Boats

Written by a meteorologist, Alan Watts, this book covers the structure and behaviour of the wind as it affects sailing craft. He was at one time an adviser to the British Olympic Yachting Team on wind and weather phenomena.

book11 - Sailing to the Edge of Fear

Book Ref:  11
Sailing to the Edge of Fear

For many decades Frank & Margaret Dye have been famous for their travels along the world's coastlines in their beloved Wayfarer dinghy. Published in 2000, this book covers the years 1988-94 when Frank travelled along the Eastern Seaboard of North America ending up on the Great Lakes.

Book Ref:  12
2005-2008 The Rules in Practice

The rules affect both dinghies and keelboats. The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) is the international governing body and updates the racing rules every 4 years. This takes place during each Olympic year and these rules came into force on 1st January, 2005. There are a number of small changes from the previous set of rules including the Two-turns rule and 'outside help'.

book13 - Small Boat Racing with the Champions

April 2010 - OUT to BF
Book Ref:  13

Small Boat Racing with the Champions
Edited by Bob Fisher

Twelve of the most popular small boat racing classes - which includes Enterprise, Fireball & Laser - are discussed by previous winners in their respective classes. A large section of the book is devoted to all the champions combining to provide a dialogue on Racing Tactics.

book14 - Dinghy Racing

Book Ref:  14
Dinghy Racing - Wendy & Mike Fitzpatrick

The Fitzpatricks are well known in sailing circles. Mike has won the GP National Championships while Wendy shocked the dinghy world some years ago by winning the British Laser Champs. Chapters include The right boat, boat preparation, hitting the road & race day preparation.

book15 - The Offshore Race Crew's Manual

Book Ref:  15
The Offshore Race Crew's Manual

This book explains the role of each crew member from bowman to helmsman. It is a book written for either sex, any age and any level of experience. It covers every situation likely to be encountered during a race at sea along with practical advice on improvements to technique.

Book Ref:  16

It's the inspiring and personal story of how Tracy Edwards, then a 27 year-old, took a yacht and the first all-female crew ever to race round the globe.

Tracy relates the triumphs and traumas of skippering Maiden in a challenge extending over nine months and 33,000 miles of the world's toughest oceans.


Book Ref:  17
Practical Sailing

'Practical Sailing' is an essential text book for the beginner and the experienced enthusiast alike. The book provides a thorough grounding in all the principles and techniques of sailing the modern cruising yacht.


Book Ref:  18
The Sailing Handbook

Sailing remains an ever-popular hobby which provides a source of unlimited interest for the enthusiast.

This practical and informative book is a comprehensive guide for the novice and also supplies many tips for the more experienced sailor.


Book Ref:  19
Sailing Alone Round the World

This is an old book. The original print was in 1900. These days there are so many competitions and individual efforts to circumnavigate the world that it is hardly of note except to those who take the same path.

This journey took from 1895 to 1898; 3 years. It was the very first lone sail around the world and for that, the author remains an icon to ocean going yachtsmen.

Referring to a good Atlas could be useful.

April 2010 - OUT to BF
Book Ref:  20

The New Laser Sailing

The authors are North American - where the concept of the Laser dinghy first appeared in 1970. Since then, the sail numbers have currently reached 175,000. There are good reasons for it's popularity and this book provides yet another view on how to sail one of the most successful single-handed dinghies on the Police Sailing circuit.


Book Ref:  21
The Handbook of Sailing

There is a wealth of advice and information for would-be dinghy sailors right up to mid-ocean sailing. The book presents a great attention to detail with many, many diagrams and illustrations.


Book Ref:  22
The Small Offshore Yacht

This book covers all types of sailing yacht up to 30ft in length, ranging from traditional cruising yachts to dedicated racing machines. There is guidance on assessing a boat before buying, deciding on suitability for one's needs, equipping the boat, navigation, sailing techniques, etc. The writer assumes that the reader has some sailing experience.


Book Ref:  23
Close to the Wind

In 1996 Pete Goss became a hero after rescuing a French competitor in the Southern Ocean during the Vendee Globe.

He shares his adventures, thoughts, hardships and philosophy - and the lessons learnt.


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