Police Sport UK Sailing Section Meetings held during 2018


Police Sport UK Sailing Section AGM 2019

Held at New Scotland Yard, London on the 2nd October 2019


1.    Welcome – DAC M Twist – MPS.  New Chair for the section (introductory meeting).

1a. Persons present: John Oldham –Secretary, Gareth Granville MPS, Noel Lightfoot South Yorkshire, Owen Poplett Sussex (dial in), Ian Goodman NCA Dick Sivers, Northamptonshire (dial in) archive and Web. Senan Lynch (dial in) Leistershire. Henry ScuttNCA (dial in) Chris Lialo NCA (dial in)

2. Apologies for Absence: Marie Bond, Ian Ingram (West Mids.), Davis Anderson PSNI Richard Bates, James Shaw Avon and Somerset, Nick Shaw Nottinghamshire (Treasurer)

3. Minutes from 2018 AGM: approved no amendments.

4. Urgent Matters: None notified to meeting

5. Election of Officers:

Chairperson: DAC M Twist (Met)

Secretary – D/Supt John Oldham (Met)

Treasurer - Mr Nick Shaw (Nott’s)

Website – Mr Richard Sivers

6. Correspondence:

Secretary John Oldham: Matters arising from PSUK governing committee:  Letter from Ian Campbell on running PSUK events (guidance) has been circulated to members running events.

John reported that he attended the PSUK AGM where the discussion was on sponsorship. He has received confirming correspondence from the PSUK governing body on raising the profile of Police sport. The proposal is to work with a sponsorship company very much like the Army and produce the Team Police brand. All recognised the huge possibilities of a well-run fund raising campaign and the benefits of extra funding.

7. Treasurers Report covering 2018 / 19 and plan for 2019/2020

Mr Nick Shaw provided the following update:


The grant award from National PSUK was reduced from the applied for amount. Therefore, the awards made by the sailing section were reduced accordingly across each area as agreed by the Chair. The final proposed payment to the dinghy section was reduced as the event organisers reduced their costs. There are separate accounts for this event.


Expenditure was as below:

Web fees

Offshore 2019:

Dinghies 2019:

Winner offshore2018:

Winner dinghies 2018:

RYA affiliation (due to be paid Dec 2019)

AGM proposed that the winner of the Dinghy nationals should receive financial support and the winner of the offshore regatta receive financial support from this year’s finance to deposit a down payment for a national / international event. This will be Simon Hawkes and Nick Mason respectively – they to inform the secretary as to their proposed events ASAP.

This will leave a small closing balance in the bank – It was appreciate the RYA fees for next year will have to come out of this year’s allocation so the release of funding for the winners will be delayed until new funding comes through.


2020 proposed budget

The only definite expenditure is £125 for RYA affiliation and an honorarium for Dick for website maintenance. The honorarium has been estimated at £500 but as per last year, this figure was confirmed at the AGM.

The AGM agreed the projected expenditure as below:


RYA affiliation

Agreed at AGM

Web fees - Dick Sivers

Offshore regatta management 2020:

*Offshore 2020 winner:  towards national /international event 2021

Dinghy regatta management 2020:

*Winner dinghies 2020: towards national international event 2021


(* if the PSUK reduce the income the reduction will come out of these funds)

Total projected expenditure:

Nick to apply for the funding from the PSUK to support the above figures. All funding with the exception of the RYA fees, are not able to be confirmed until the actual grant amount is received

8. National Dinghy Championships 2019

This was hosted by Avon and Somerseton the 12/12 June combining their Open event with the Nationals. A full account is on the Website. Dick Sivers provided a short update and there was general thanks to Jim Shaw and the team for an excellent event. The event was won by Simon Hawkes from Avon and Somerset.

9. National Offshore Championships 2019.

This was hosted by the NCA in the Solent on the 22-26thSeptember the PSUK crews were as follows (from a total of 18 boats)

Tony Riordan

Cleveland 1

Graham Higginson

Devon & Cornwall 2

Senan Lynch


Chris Breeze


Andrew Buchanan


Alwyn Evans


Nick Mason


The PSUK Trophy was won by Nick Mason (MPS) who came third overall. Henry Scutt (NCA) winning the event. A full report is being compiled for the Website.A full thanks to Ian Goodman for an excellent event.


10. PSUK Dinghy Events held 2019

 Dick Sivers updated the meeting, all matters are covered on the website. However only the Devon and Cornwall offshore Open occurred this year on the 18th May. (Winner Graham Higginson sailing a Hunter Sonata.

11. PSUK Dinghy events proposed for 2020

No events planned as yet – members to watch the website for information

11. PSUK National Dinghy Championship 2020

Discussion on proposed event was held. Avon and Somerset were asked again to host the event and they are debating this with their committee. John Oldham approached the Civil Service but could not get a suitable contact. Ian Goodman suggested that he could introduce John to someone who could assist within the Civil service. They may be interested in letting PSUK members take part. Watch the website for updates

14. PSUK Offshore Championships 2020

Proposal is that the NCA continue to host this event under their banner. The format will remain unchanged and the dates similar (20-25th Sept). (Meeting acknowledge some clashes but these dates fit around the NCA requirements). There is a proposal next year to have a quest speaker and possibly a race training talk. The PSUK crews will try a PSUK gathering one evening to ensure the PSUK teams are not lost within the other teams.

15. Scottish Police North Brits 2019

This event was not sailed this year – awaits update from Scotland, the section has gone very quiet.

16. Metropolitan Police offshore regatta 2019

Not sailed this year, it was decided that because this event has not now been sailed for four years and there are no plans in the MPS to continue the event that this event is discontinued.

17. Awards of Excellence

None brought forward this year – Winners from Last year, Fran Gifford and Peter Walker, will receive their trophies at the MPS AGM on the 23rd November, Little Ships Club, London – visiting forces welcome - contact John Oldham for details.

18. International events 2019/ 2020

The International Coppers Cup was held in Croatia on the 28th to the 5th of October 2019. The results will be posted on the website when known.

The World Police Sailing Championships (Bi-annual event with the Coppers Cup) will be held in Croatia again next year following the same successful format. These events have been well attended and the event is growing in numbers. Details are on the website.

19. Date and place of Next Meeting

The date around October will be set early next year. It is expected to take place in New Scotland Yard.





Formal minutes of the meeting can be obtained on request to admin@policesailing.uk